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  1. Creating a Story 1 word at a time

  2. boeser at it again. either has 2 goals and 1 assist or 1 goal, 2 assists, half way through game. 

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      6 goals and 2 assists in 2 games. 

    2. chon derry
    3. Roberts


      congrats on 100,000 profile views!

  3. Creating a Story 1 word at a time

  4. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    imo, the six G's will determine, who is up and who is down. gagner, gaunce, goldobin, granlund, gaudette and gadjovich. other guys vying for work up are, pettersson, dahlen, lind and leipsic. i don't see, archibald, boucher, motte, macewen or palmu starting up. these are good decisions to have.
  5. every time i think of trump, i think of a sinatra song. it goes, i've been a puppet, a poet, a pirate, a pawn and a king. should so say, a jerk.
  6. July 17: Ask Me Anything - My Answers

    rate the top lines in nhl history, if you feel up to it. if not just tell us your favourite line in nhl history. i'ld like to know where howe/lindsay and delvecchio rank on your list?
  7. Nikolay Goldobin | #77 | LW/RW

    i agree, but i'm ready to be proven wrong.
  8. Nikolay Goldobin | #77 | LW/RW

    bo, brock, baer, sutts, ericksson, beagle, schaller, roussel, virtanen, pettersson and gaudette. i really like leipsic too. i'm still not sold on goldy. nice offensive instincts but doesn't play with consistency. i'm waiting for him to prove me wrong.
  9. Nikolay Goldobin | #77 | LW/RW

    i have goldy as the 12th or 13th forward. beating out, leipsic, gagner, gaunce, granlund, archibald, boucher and motte.
  10. Now and then: CDC

    when i worked with young offenders, then were very immature. interestedly enough, several came back years later. they all remarked how much of jerks they were. we all learn at different times. thanks for the confession. i was immature as a teen, i probably still am.
  11. [Discussion] Quantity for quality

    would you trade boeser for 2 fourth liners and a bottom pair d man?
  12. [Discussion] all those players on your list

    i like your line up. hoping we can replace some d men with young guys.
  13. Battles at camp

    i would think if pettersson doesn't start at centre, that centre spot will be taken by gaudette, schaller, gagner or granlund. who do you see there?