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  1. there seems to be a lot of name calling and put downs on this board recently. lets remember that this is an opinion site. it is not a, i'm right and your wrong site. please respect that opinions, other than yours are allowed here. we are all canucks.

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    2. coastal.view


      nothing wrong with a 48 hour ban

      just to remind people to tone it down


      i know i need to remind myself constantly

      to focus on the discussion

      and screen out the put downs and to try not to respond to those


      i now often choose to not respond to any post directed to me

      if it contains too much of a put down aura

      i simply conclude it is not worthy of any further energy at that point

    3. Riviera82


      I agree completely. Attack the idea or the opinion if you must but personal jabs should be left out of it.

    4. Nuxfanabroad


      Humanity's so darned messed-up, I guess we'll never run outa' material! If humour's self-deprecatory, we can all be George Carlin for a bit :^)


      It's interesting that the traits we don't like within ourselves, are often the deficiencies/foibles we see in others.