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  1. Draft Poll (discussion)

    for me, it is, dahlin svechnikov bouchard/dobson/boqvist zadina tkachuk/hughes/wahlstrom
  2. Draft Poll (discussion)

    benning said, that had makar been available, they would have had a hard time making their choice.
  3. Do you buy into what management is selling?

    if the sedans replacements are pettersson and dahlen, i can see the them needing a year to grab full time slots. i can see the twins coming back for one more year but they should also be able to free up those spots for them when they are ready. taking the pressure of the young guys to have to come in and be competitive right away could be valuable to them. to bad they couldn't just sign them for 1/2 a season as players and then as strictly mentors. in a perfect world anyway.
  4. The Rifleman (Did you know?)

    no. i forget the other guys name.
  5. The Rifleman (Did you know?)

    lionel (big train) conacher was only of of two people to have their names on both the grey cup and the stanley cup. he excelled in many sports. a true legend. i guess if your a true sportsman, your good at several sports.
  6. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Vegas Golden Knights

    the team knows what they have to do, how to play. they just don't have the horses right now. the boys are trying. they are just outplayed by better teams. not all these players will be on this team next season. i say, thank you canucks for going out there, trying to win for us with a depleted line up and few goal scorers.
  7. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    scouts are saying, keep an eye on serron noel.
  8. poolman's brother was drafted by winnipeg and they have played together all the way through hockey. i could see him choosing winnipeg if they call. keeper is a physical 2 way rd-man, 6'2" 194. needs to be more in control of his emotions.
  9. confessions

    sounds like you have your priorities straight. sounds like the fellow that goes to the super bowl. he noticed the seat next to him was empty. he mentioned to the man, i can't believe someone has a seat for this game but didn't come. the man said, that is my wife's seat but she died. i can't believe you couldn't find a relative or friend to take the seat? i have but they are all at her funeral.
  10. can daniel catch boeser for the scoring lead this year? 

    1. -AJ-


      If he catches fire like he did earlier, he could; otherwise, it's a real long shot.

  11. confessions

    just remember to look them in the eye. your selling yourself. what are your best qualities? let them shine through. you'll do fine.
  12. who plays lw with bo and boes, next season?

    baertschi, leipsic. goldobin or pettersson?


    who flanks sutter on the checking line next year?

    gagner,dowd, granlund,motte,boucher,gaunce, virtanen or ericksson?

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    2. ReggieBush
    3. NUCKER67


      Earlier, I thought it could possibly be Kane, but it sounds like he's loving it in SJ and it's working out well for the team. I think he re-signs in SJ. I don't believe the Canucks have a real #1LW (other than maybe Daniel). Baertschi has filled in fine, Leipsic looks energized, but makes dumb mistakes (penalties), Goldobin still has some learning to do. I don't know if Pettersson would be ready for that role in 6 months. I'll throw it out there, I hope it's Jake. Imagine both Jake and Bo driving the net, creating havoc, with Boeser in the slot ready to fire.

    4. J-23



  13. [PGT] San Jose Sharks vs. Vancouver Canucks

    my question was, if you don't feel they are ready, who do you fill into their spots? i'm not saying anyone is ready yet.
  14. [PGT] San Jose Sharks vs. Vancouver Canucks

    if we don't care if they are ready or not, our line up next year, could be: leipsic, horvat,boeser. dahlen, pettersson, ericksson. gadjovich, gaudette, lind. archibald, sutter, virtanen. dahlin, tanev. juolevi, gudbranson. brisebois, stecher. pouliot, chatfield. demko dipietro if you believe in not rushing players into the line up, you'll have to fill players into their spots.