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  1. must be a mistake..on the canuck site schedule...has canucks playing both games in minnesota...

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    2. smithers joe



      then the canuck site schedule is wrong, as it has us playing in minny on december 15th...

    3. Master Mind

      I see an away game Dec 15, and a home game Feb 15. We have 3 games vs them this year

    4. smithers joe

      i thought we only played every team outside our division twice....

  2. Benning Linden and Willie

    some fans are into playing musical gm's, coaches and players...their motto is,...what did you do for us last game...but hey, they are as welcome to their opinions, as we long as we all realize, that our opinions, are just opinions...
  3. CDC's List of Unique Experiences/Characteristics

    when i worked with young offenders, one fellow came there who hated people and all authority,,,,when he left 6 month later, he wrote    that i was like his grandfather...later he wrote, that his grandfather was the most important person in his life...i'll never forget that.
  4. CDC's List of Unique Experiences/Characteristics

    when i was 32, and almost died from a tumour in my large intestine, a fellow used to come and visit me every day...sometime later, this fellow went off the deep end, shoot and killed his wife and 3 of his 4 kid hid in a cupboard and lived...such a kind, caring man, could somehow do those things...
  5. cheech was saying that carolina scouts have been following the canucks around.....?

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    2. hatedkid666

      Thank god Vrby is playing well then


    3. Edlerberry

      maybe they're looking at why lack was so much better for us

    4. SaintPatrick33

      This means that the Staal bros will be canucks soon 

  6. [Proposal] Van/CBJ

    you mean it's not higgins and weber for johansen?....i'm sure our scouts know if we could trade players for him, that will help our team...and not make our team weaker.
  7. Solving the defence

    i don't know if shattenkirk is an answer or if we could get him, but like paul reinhart, he would give us an element we don't have right now...paul was my favourite canuck's d-man.
  8. Solving the defence

    this years defense is better than last years, but sbisa is the only hitter, and edler and weber are not giving us points from the point. hamonic could be one answer but maybe we have a d-man in the organization who is close to being another harmonic...i don't see offensive d, in the organization ....maybe subban....we have 2 d, who are calming, and steady tanev and hutton... if we can keep them and add a couple of strong d-men....we will be getting closer to the type of defense we need....benning will get that defense eventually....actually running and building a team is tougher than fans think...
  9. A year since Pat left us..

    pat was a hard nosed, honest effort player...along with kurtenback, they gave those early canuck year s fans, something to hold onto and enjoy...i would have loved to have seen, the scrap between pat and orland at practise back when...pat was as tough as nails and i have never heard of kurtenback, ever losing a fight...pat was a great player, coach and mentor to others....
  10. this is a board of opinions, this just happens to be my opinion..i believe that management has the players welfare at heart...but it is a business....
  11. why ask us... we don't have a clue ...none of us have ever managed an nhl team...  
  12. another you have your ancestors traced back?

    1. Chalky

      I don't have a ton of info but it's coastal, my Grandmother always said it was a Gitksan tribe, but my Great Uncle always said Haida....which makes more sense because he was involved in the expedition to bring the Totems to the Museum of Anthropology in the 50s. 

    2. smithers joe

      gitksan are up my way, while haida is coastal natives....

    3. Chalky

      It's a healthy mix regardless, I know some of my family came from even further North than Smithers.

  13. Why I'm Canadian.... Why are you?

    i was born in canada (vancouver), but i am of the world....i come from kings and queens of england, scotland, wales, france, spain, portugal, norway, denmark, austria, germany and the ukraine....and of course north american native tribes, cree, sauteaux, ojibwa, blackfoot, blood, kootenae and souix....and also druid kings...  have they ordered people to be put to death...all of them...
  14. How are you Joe? Good to see that you're still posting on here.

    1. Scottish⑦Canuck

      This shows up on the status feed now?! I feel violated.

    2. smithers joe

      i'm okay lad...hope all is well with you.....i'm still posting once in awhile.....still loving my canucks...what are you up to these days?

  15. Who will be the next coach of the Vancouver Canucks

    he is head coach...