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  1. spit balling here....

    when seattle comes into the league in 2020, could we not make a deal with them to sellect  


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    2. SabreFan1


      You beat me to the punch by a few seconds. ;)

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      his contract is front loaded. 10 mil the first 3 years. the last 2 years are quite a but less. 

    4. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      as far as expansion goes, its a good contract for Seattle to pick up. his AAV is still 6 mil but actual salary will be 4 so its good for floor teams. We might have to do a deal to ensure they take him but it could be a good contract for them to take. 

  2. imo, we have 1 true 1st line players, 2 2nd line players, 3 aging 3rd line players. and 9 4th/? players.

    1 #2 d-man, 1 #3 d-man, 2 4/5 d-men, and 4 #5/6/7 d-men

    2 #2 goalies. 

    pettersson and dahlen might make it to our 1st line eventually and gaudette, lind and gadjovich will hopefully take over the 3rd line 

    lets hope that holm, brisebois, chatfield and dahlin can improve the back end, 

    demko, dipietro.

    1. -AJ-


      I believe you've identified our key problem in that we lack a full complement of defensemen. Dahlin would immediately quicken things up, but I think there's hope that Juolevi can be a stable top 4 in the coming years.

    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      that and lack of foot speed and toughness. juolevi  may grade out as a #3 d-man. if tanev is traded, we'll need both a #1 and a #2 d-man. dahlin would be a #1 and someone from hughes, bouchard, boqvist or smith could be a #2. wish i still had my crystal ball. 

  3. i wonder if any of the trade possible players are held out of the game. it might be a preview of jim makes any trades.
  4. i'll be happy for picks for vanek and hutton and a trade for domi.
  5. successful lines. 

    i've always believed that each scoring line needs a scorer, playmaker and grit guy. 

    horvat and boeser and .....

    dahlen and pettersson and ......

    gadjovich and gaudette and lind 

    1. apollo


      If those pairs pan out... I smell Dynasty.

  6. Holm-Pouliot 3rd pairing at practice -- could be in at Vegas

    your a real holmer. hope he plays. could he be a d of the future for us. ? eagerly waiting for brisebois and chatfield to become nhl'ers
  7. how would this defense, excite you next season?


    edler... gudbranson

    holm... stecher.

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    2. ReggieBush






      would be my dream pairs for next season

    3. PhillipBlunt


      @ReggieBush Pretty much touch Dahlin and you're toast. I like it!

    4. apollo


      Us Canucks fans should know better by now than hoping for a lottery win and drafting Dahlin. 


  8. Canucks turned down offer of a 2nd and 4th for Gudbranson

    i think signed, he might garner a better return down the road. just guessing here.
  9. The Trade Deadline Plan?

    i wish someone ( not lazy like me ) could make a list of every draft pick, trade and free agent signing that JB has done and then we could grade each player and deal. some people are only too happy to dwell on the deals that didn't work out, while conveniently not mentioning the great, good and fair deals he made. then maybe could do the same with the jobs other gm's have done and compare them. off the top of my head, boeser, pettersson, dahlen, gadjovich, gaudette, lind, sutter, virtanen, juolevi, baertschi, goldobin, stecher, tryamkin, brisebois, chatfield, holm, gudbranson, demko, dipietro, vanek, gagner, ericksson, hutton, granlund, pouliot, dowd, del zotto, nilsson, vey. i can't remember them all. i see some good and some bad there. maybe someone can complete the list. i don't think there will ever be a GM, coaches or players, that this fan base will be approving of.
  10. in the ott/chi game, after 2 periods, ottawa only has one player without a shot on goal. 

  11. 2018/19 FWDS ..from TDL, pov

    you may be right but I've no experience rebuilding a team, so all i can offer is my opinions and they maybe all skewered. they may not be doing right, but i'll accept their plan and moves.
  12. 2018/19 FWDS ..from TDL, pov

    with pettersson, it about his weight. 165 pounds might be a little light for the nhl right away. in the best case look, pettersson, dahlen, gaudette and lind can crack the line up. my fear has always been having them rushed onto the team before they are ready to compete and play the right way.
  13. 2018/19 FWDS ..from TDL, pov

    that looks good but i can't wrap my head around, goldobin as a top 6 player yet.
  14. 2018/19 FWDS ..from TDL, pov

    just spit balling. i'm not privy to the war room. i think domi might be able to complete that line. rather him than kane. the other lines would just tread water until the calvary arrives.
  15. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    you obviously are very close the the linden/ sedin conversations. thanks for sharing your inside knowledge with us peons.