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  1. Just for a moment, try and put yourself in someone else's shoes. Imagine you are someone who feels so strongly that they were born of the wrong gender that they would even consider gender reassignment just to feel normal. Imagine the difficulty they would have explaining that to their family and friends. Imagine the ridicule and distrust they would receive in public from those whose opinions, either religious or otherwise, oppose their lifestyle or even their existence. Imagine how hard their life might be. Now imagine being barred from the bathroom of the gender you identify with because the people in charge are ignorant of or refuse to recognize your plight. Just try and have a little compassion once in awhile and realize that these people just want to live their lives as normal as possible without being outcast and made to feel ashamed.
  2. Yup. It cuts off the end but I believe about 2/3rds of the parents volunteer to sign their kids up.
  3. It really is laughable isn't it? I read the other day that Trump has golfed 6 times already while Obama didn't play his first round of golf as president until April. Like you say, who cares, but when you just finished lambasting your predecessor multiple times for the same thing it's definitely worth mentioning. It seems his hypocrisy knows no bounds.
  4. Well for starters I don't believe the ceaseless warmongering will stop, regardless of American involvement, as someone else will step in to fill that void as well. And as far as that goes, given Trumps rhetoric, I'm not sure he has any intention of ceasing anyway.
  5. I think we are all in agreement with the positive aspects of draining the swamp. I think our trepidation comes from the fear of who will be appointed to fill that void once it's done.
  6. No you just support someone who does. Wait till you find out Trumps stance on torture, it's going to blow your mind!! Lol
  7. Law Abiding Citizen, it's a gooder.
  8. Doubtful as your posts are literally strewn throughout the page.
  9. Where was the outrage for your compatriot who defended Milo a few pages ago? Or your other Trump buddy who upvoted him? Don't tell me your political beliefs outweigh your morality? Say it ain't so Stromey.
  10. Your fake moral outrage is so endearing. You're such a man of the people Stromey!!
  11. And whatever you do don't ever punch a camera or old stromey will really lose his $&@?
  12. I did, but I felt really bad about it right after.
  13. I'm still trying to get over Bowling Green and now this? It's almost too much to bear.
  14. This is really good. Everyone should have a look. Does he still have a job at Fox?
  15. Lol, nice spin. Cornway coined that term to spin the fact they were being called out on false facts. In her world an alt exit would be more like an entrance, or maybe a cliff.