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  1. I believe it was the media in general who were using the term to describe the fake stories etc. that were being spread on social media. Then, in predictable fashion, Trump accuses the opposition, of any kind, of doing the same thing and the simpletons lap it up.
  2. I don't know, what did Canadian intelligence officials tell JT in January? What did he tell the Canadian public? I'm speculating but I'd bet a great deal of our, and western intelligence in general, comes directly from the US too. I wonder how that was affected by Trumps stance? Trump didn't take any of this seriously. We all witnessed it. And now we are being told what a beautiful job he did, the best. Rinse and repeat.
  3. Imagine if he had taken this seriously from the start as his own intelligence agencies had suggested? How many countries would have followed suit? How many lives could have been saved? The victory laps he would be doing would be insufferable but deserving at least. Now we get to watch him do undeserved victory laps instead.
  4. Here it is. You have to watch till the end though. The sense of entitlement is strong with this one. Not sure which link works.
  5. I tried man, I cant find it. It was about people ignoring social distancing in White Rock. They interviewed 3 teen girls walking together and as you might imagine exactly zero f@%#$ were given. I'll post the link if I can find it.
  6. Oh boy, did anyone see that teen girl in White Rock interviewed on global? She probably should have declined that one.
  7. If everyone that is sick gets sick at home it can be treated and contained. Rather than spreading the virus while going on about their business up until they experience symptoms. If everyone that doesn't get sick, doesn't get sick while at home, rather than running around like a bunch of fools potentially catching and spreading it, then it is contained.
  8. I've been around here long enough to know what a waste of time any of that would be so I'll just say this. The bottom line is the longer these "healthy" fools run around spreading this virus the longer this all goes, and the longer those of us who are abiding by the recommendations have to suffer. Not sure why this even has to be explained at this point?
  9. Is this seriously what you've ascertained after reading this thread for past few days? Jebus man!
  10. Write in vote for Sharpshooter. Also :D, don't know if he was banned but man was he funny. He had some epic go rounds with Bertuzzi Babe back in the day too.
  11. Considering Kadri got 4 playoff games for the same thing it boggles the mind. The DOPS has lost any shred of credibility they had, which wasn't much anyway
  12. Well Chara just got a $5000 fine for cross checking Gallagher in the throat so anything is possible. Oh wait, Kassian doesn't play for Boston.
  13. I was going to post this last night. The most emotional respose I've ever had to a musical performance. Absolute perfection