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  1. Fortunately most residents of Florida are perfectly safe.
  2. I've never seen inane stalk anyone, just the opposite actually.
  3. If you change "harrassed" to "opposed", and "took it in stride" to "threw a massive temper tantrum", I'm right there with you, lol.
  4. And given her penchant for dog whistles, entirely intentional.
  5. You mean like the girl who, in 2016, accused Trump and Epstein of raping her multiple times in the 90's when she was 13? This was all well before the 2019 arrest of Epstein and the widespread condemnation we see today. Her story was also corroborated by other victims but in the end it met the same fate of all of the other lawsuits against Epstein until his arrest in 2019.
  6. Glossed over the finger on the trigger part I see. From what I've read no one even stepped foot on their property. If they just stood there with their weapons in plain sight, still douchey but fair enough. Screaming at people walking by while pointing your weapon at them with your finger on the trigger, and mustard stains on your shirt. That's a whole other level of douche. And in most gun lubbin states, it's completely unlawful. I guess we'll see if Missouri is one of those states soon. I'm not holding my breath.
  7. So everyone is free to point their gun at anyone any time they feel threatened? I'm asking honestly, where is the line for you?
  8. What about the woman pointing her gun at people with her finger on the trigger? Is that okay? Where's the line for you?