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  1. Quit spamming Harvey, you're going to put Salmonberries out of a job.
  2. Please feel free to explain your side of the matter. It is well documented that this is why he vetoed the bill.
  3. This is absolute nonsense. Obama is trying to protect Americans from themselves. If they make the Saudis subject to legal repercussions then they open themselves up to the same. Could you imagine if Americans were subject to legal actions for their transgressions abroad?
  4. Why didn't you just leave this in the election thread where it was already being discussed? Was it too summarily dismissed for your liking? Why is it every time Hillary is on tv some nut bar conspiracy arises from the depths of the internet? If she blinks, farts, or sneezes something must be wrong. The methodology of the "deplorable" fan base that idolize Trump is becoming increasingly transparent and annoying at the same time. If you can't win with substance and wit take the lowest road possible and attack anything you can. I was being facetious when I brought up Trumps sniffles. It was bandied about for a bit on some sites but most people just figured maybe he had a cold and moved on. Only the most naive of people are susceptible to conspiracy after conspiracy especially if it fits their narrative. The fact that it seems to have worked up until this point is the most frustrating thing about it. Hopefully the majority of people will come to their senses and judge the candidates on the merits of their platform and not fictitious rigging methods or health concerns.
  5. To be fair this has been discussed a great deal over the last few pages so I'm guessing the poster you are referencing assumed you read them.
  6. What I'm wondering is does Trump have a brain tumor that is pushing on his sinuses causing him to sniff uncontrollably? That might explain his inability to remain coherent and ramble constantly throughout the debate. That or he is on drugs. It must be one of those things because there is no way he is that stupid naturally.
  7. I read the article last night and it clearly stated that the majority of people polled were democrats. It also states that they were focus groups and not random online polls where people can vote over and over and skew the results. It also stated that the majority of people who identify as undecided or independent thought Hillary won the debate fwiw.
  8. You are the biggest hypocrite I have ever come across on this board and that is saying "alot"
  9. You know why? Because the alternative is unthinkable. On the other side we have an undeniable shyster, a bigot, and lyer who has been proven to be so with virtually his every breath. The damage this man could cause as the POTUS would be irreversible and is too much of a risk for anyone with a brain and a conscience to overlook. He make Duterte look like a puppy dog in comparison. We are supposed to take evidence from a republican witch hunt against Clinton as absolute truth of her misgivings and yet the evidence against Trump is not only much more well documented but more accurate and more damning Trump is irredeemable. You know what's funny. I googled Clinton perjury and I found a number of stories proving that not only Trump but Melania have both committed perjury. Either that or Trump flat out lied to his republican supporters. How anyone could defend or vote for this man is beyond me?
  10. Well you rarely come across that way.
  11. You're idea of facts and that of the generally educated public are vastly different.
  12. During which she was caught lying about her fathers policies. I guess the nut didn't fall that far from the tree?
  13. I slightly disagree. They are both dishonest. Only one is a nut bar.
  14. Succinctly said. When you have a doctor, an anesthesiologist nonetheless, who diagnoses someone from video evidence as having parkinsons and then offers political commentary you have to consider the motive. When you have another doctor who aligns himself with a far right wing movement, you have to consider the motive. Lawyers spend much of their time in court discrediting witnesses, why? Because their opinions could be bias and thus inadmissible. In the court of public opinion it doesn't matter much and that's what these people are counting on. If something aligns with ones political beliefs they are more inclined to believe it. It goes both ways though. It's up to the public to carefully consider each piece of information that comes their way to make an informed decision, democrat or republican. Sadly, many do not when making political choices. When strong emotions are involved it's sometimes difficult to incorporate rational thought.
  15. I've got one of my boys in the bathtub I'm saving for later in life for leverage. Never underestimate the power of blackmail.