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  1. So he's going to buy them cars? Chev or Corv? There's a big difference. Nothing funnier than calling someone else an idiot...
  2. You did. You lack the tact and knowledge to have a respectful conversation.
  3. Perhaps you guys should do a little more research in electronic voting machines before claiming the Dems are going to rig the election. I just did. Voting Machines Massive and Potential documented voting machine FRAUD has led the True Democracy Party to one Conclusion. You can not trust voting machines, period. There are 2 Main Voting Machine Companies: Diebold and ES&S. They are both owned by two men who are brothers and staunch Republicans. They both have refused to tell anyone how votes are tabulated/counted. And there is an overwhelming mountain of evidence of fraud and manipulation of these machines. HARVEY WASSERMAN: Well, that’s the key. The electronic voting machines are owned by private corporations, which are Republican in orientation, generally. And the courts have ruled that the source code on these electronic voting machines is proprietary. So, even the governments that buy or lease these machines have no access to a final verification process. Even Ronald Reagan said, "Trust, but verify." And we know that the vote count was flipped in 2004. We know it was flipped in Volusia County in 2000. The second one actually exposes fraud by both parties so it would seem the entire process is flawed. If I was Trump I would be worried too after alienating the majority of his own party. Maybe he wont get any votes.
  4. I think you should report it because it's already been posted in this thread. There should be zero tolerance for unoriginal content.
  5. I think the world would love to see Trump get in.
  6. I haven't posted much around here in past year or so but I enjoy this thread so I'm glad it wasn't locked. I don't even really follow politics as I've stated before. I'm not left or right, I'm all about what's right. This election has really peaked my curiosity though, for all the wrong reasons I'm sure. I enjoy reading mostly everything that's posted here from both sides. I could do without the personal attacks and such but I'm sure I'm guilty of the same. I just hope we can all hold it together long enough to see it through. And I never forget we are all here for the same reason and all share common ground as Canucks fans. All except for that dirt bag Buffalo guy! Just kidding bro, you're alright.
  7. Dude, I got it pvr'd
  8. Did you miss the jk? I don't care one bit. Chill out a little.
  9. You want to know what else is against board rules? Lol, jk bud
  10. I believe spamming is when you post article after article from sources without leaving so much as a link or a comment. Harvey had previously said that was his intent as he found it humorous and didn't take it seriously. Although I think that was bs based on some of his responses. No one complained or seemed to mind, other than a few jokes, but it is against board rules as far as I know. By the way Harv, the armrests were removable.
  11. I zeroed in on the guy looking for people who don't speak "American".
  12. If you mean tell my buddies I sexually assault women then yes, you would be correct in that assumption.
  13. You've told your buddies you like like to sexually assault women and they let you do it because you're famous?
  14. I'm sorry guys I'm with the Trump supporters on this one. As a child of the 80's I will never forget Reagan's miraculous rise to the presidency. Don't you remember when he hired the head of a white supremacist news agency to run his campaign? Or when he called Mexicans criminals and rapists? How about the time he personally attacked other republicans and belittled there spouses? Inciting violence at his rallies, insulting women and war heroes, the wall, no muslims, the inability to articulate any of his policies. The list goes on. Actually that last one might be true, I was pretty young. Although I remember Reagan being a great speaker except for overuse of the words huge, bigly, and tremendous just like Trump. Oh wait that was just Trump. But the other similarities are uncanny.
  15. You could assert that about the timing of the video where Trump makes the comments about assaulting women but at the debate he categorically denied ever actually doing what he said he does. These women are simply debunking those claims.