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  1. JoeyJoeJoeJr. Shabadoo

    Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    Before calling someone else naive don't you think you should at least learn how to spell it?
  2. JoeyJoeJoeJr. Shabadoo

    All eyes on Nanaimo UPDATE Sheila Malcolmson wins

    There was a clip someone posted here from the legislature a few years ago where the NDP brought up the housing crisis. The liberals flat out denied there was one and spent their time rebutting by childishly ridiculing the person who brought it up. It wasn't untill many months later, when public outcry began to put pressure on them, that they decided to do something about it (as minimal as it was) but by that point it was too late anyway. Hell it was already too late long before that but they weren't derailing that money train, not with "balanced" budgets and realtors providing some of their biggest campaign donations. That being said did you see the article a couple of years ago claiming BC was the wild west of campaign donations for many years under the Liberals? Did you see them do anything about it? I don't consider myself a political person at all, well at least I didn't until fairly recently. I've spent a lifetime assuming most politicians were unethical crooks and I believe that's served me well. What's funny is your last sentence is exactly how I pictured you when you posted about the NDP's stance on the site C dam. I don't know how much you know about it, but given your simplistic take on it I'm assuming very little, and yet you have a very strong opinion about it. Im currently of the opinion that the BC liberals need to be held accountable for a laundry list of missteps over the last 16 years. To keep voting for these crooks will do nothing but allow it to continue. I don't care what the NDP did 20 years ago, I want to see what they will do now and so far it's been okay. At least they're trying? I think the liberals gave up many years ago because no matter what they did they kept getting voted back in. Until I see some major changes to the old guard responsible for many of the messes we are dealing with now I could never vote liberal again.
  3. JoeyJoeJoeJr. Shabadoo

    Luxurious Trips, Lavish Spending Alleged By BC Legislature Report

    Thanks for this, ever since I heard a radio ad from the BC liberals a few weeks ago about how they're going to fix ICBC I wanted to see more about just how full of crap Wilkinson is. This podcast demonstrates it perfectly. McComb absolutely torches him on so many things. Like if he's so concerned why didn't he or the liberals do anything about it when they were in power for so long. Wilkinson went after Plecas and McComb points out that if not for him this would still be going on. The liberal party will need a complete overhaul if they want me to vote for them again. The current bunch are completely tainted. If anyone else here wants a listen you can find it here under Liberals want answers.
  4. JoeyJoeJoeJr. Shabadoo

    Home Security Systems

    A couple of friends of mine have the Arlo pro system. Totally wireless so it's easy to set up. It has a great picture and two way sound. The biggest downfall is the price. It's about $700 for a 4 camera system on sale but it has free video storage where a lot of the cheaper systems charge a monthly fee. From what I've heard you should avoid the Arlo pro 2. It's higher resolution but the reviews are not good.
  5. JoeyJoeJoeJr. Shabadoo

    Public vs Private School Education

    Because I can't use it. If it's not available to the general public then I don't care about the outcomes. I believe it should not receive public funding.
  6. JoeyJoeJoeJr. Shabadoo

    Public vs Private School Education

    If you say you are unfamiliar with most private schools you can hardly call someone else ignorant to the topic. I clearly said many , not all, and I know a great deal about the education system as I work in it. I agree that if private schools had to follow the same rules as public they certainly have a better argument for funding but can you agree that elite private schools should not?
  7. JoeyJoeJoeJr. Shabadoo

    Public vs Private School Education

    If a private school accepted everyone that applied I'd be on board. Instead many have entrance interviews and tests to make sure no behavioral or intellectually disabled kids get through and ruin their precious test scores. Kids with problems at home, mental health issues, ADHD, autism, money issues, guess where they go? If you factor in the cost of supports for kids with disabilities of anykind that many private schools never have to deal with it's an unfair system. If people want to send their kids to a school of the advantaged let them pay for it. The fact is they get government funding for a school that my own kid couldn't attend, doesn't seem right to me.
  8. JoeyJoeJoeJr. Shabadoo

    Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    These were a group of teachers at an elementary school not a halloween party. Did you miss the MAGA border wall costumes from the same school? Maybe the Mexicans we're going to try and climb it in the next photo, wouldn't that be fun? That's hardly offensive and totally appropriate for professionals working in an elementary school.
  9. JoeyJoeJoeJr. Shabadoo

    Lost Nuke found off B.C. coast.

    One day Canada will take over the world. Then everyone will be sorry!!!
  10. JoeyJoeJoeJr. Shabadoo

    Donald J. Trump, 45th US President of the United States

    Conservative politician wants a little girl kicked out of school for peacefully protesting = liberal propaganda nothingburger waste of a thread. Liberal politician wears an expensive pant suit, unelectable hypocrite. You can't make this stuff up.
  11. Not my strangest interaction by a long shot but I thought it was funny. I was in Cultas a few weeks ago. I rent a cabin on the waterfront so my kids can enjoy the lake and swim and whatnot. My youngest loves to jump off the dock in front, he did it everyday, but one day a bunch of early twenty somethings took over the dock and they were drinking, smoking and playing loud music with inappropriate words so I kept him off as long as I could waiting for them to leave. They were there for the majority of the day and after hours of whining I decided to take my kid out there because we only had one day left. He jumped off the dock for a bit when one of the guys in the group jumped off the dock at the end and swam around to the ladder I was standing by. As he's getting out I can see he's as red as a tomato from being out in the sun all day. He looks at me and walks over and says "how's it going" in a drunken slurred voice and shakes my hand. I say "good buddy, you? It looks like you got a little sun today?" He looks at me all confused and says "Sunday? No man it's Saturday". I replied with a big smile on my face, "actually it's Thursday" and repeated what I said before. He stumbled back to his group without saying a word and that was the end of our conversation. It would be funnier if I could convey the drunken confused voice he responded in but you'll just have to use your imagination.
  12. JoeyJoeJoeJr. Shabadoo

    Skytrain Manners - What bugs You?

    Not skytrain related but this happened to me once in a movie theater. I took my kids to see Rio 2 a few years back, we got there about 10 minutes before the movie started and to my surprise the theater was empty. I mean not a single person. Turns out it was because it was a god awful movie but I digress. Anyway we usually sit at the bottom to avoid crowds but since it was empty I let my kids pick anywhere they wanted so they ran about half way up the stairs and into the middle of the row and plopped their butts down so there we were. As time went on I couldn't understand why no one was there but I was glad, my kids were young and noisy and one has autistic traits that cause him to jump out of his seat and hop when he gets excited so I was happy that I wouldn't have to worry about him disturbing anyone. Then, just as the movie was about to start it happened. A woman walks into the theater with 5 pre-teen girls in tow. We watched them as they looked around deciding where to sit not thinking too much about it, I mean the whole goddamn place was empty. Sure enough the women leads the troop across the front and up the stairs to our row, walks all the way down and sits in the seat beside me. Normally I'm quite reserved and courteous in public but something boiled inside me. I looked over at the woman as she made eye contact and simply said "really?" She looked at me with disgust and said "what?" So I told her to "look around, we are the only people in here, why on earth would you sit beside me"? Anyway with eyes rolling, hissing and mumbling all the way she got her troop up and moved down a few rows where they were the noisiest bunch of primadonnas throughout the whole movie but why would I expect anything less right? The moral of the story is courtesy and common sense isn't always a natural response and must be taught. There's a plethora of people out there without these skills and they raise children too so it's never going to end unless we take matters into our own hands. It takes a village and whatnot.
  13. JoeyJoeJoeJr. Shabadoo

    Rate Last TV Show You Saw

    Does anyone here watch Preacher? I'm surprised no one has mentioned it yet. Solid 9/10 for me. Season 3 just started and it didn't disappoint.
  14. JoeyJoeJoeJr. Shabadoo

    CRA Tax Collectors $44 Billion Behind

    Yeah I figured I had to straighten out a couple of the others who responded to you.
  15. JoeyJoeJoeJr. Shabadoo

    CRA Tax Collectors $44 Billion Behind

    That's so funny. The last time I heard that I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my dinosaur.