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  1. I will apologize for my part in derailing the thread as well. I just have to remember WWRD sometimes. What would Rupert do?
  2. There was no yelling before the incident in the audio I heard. Actually, it was a very softly spoken question that set him off. Someone already posted the eye witness report and it read more like a choke slam with some punches after for good measure.
  3. ??? Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate in Montana's special congressional election, has been charged with misdemeanor assault after he allegedly body slammed a reporter and broke his glasses on Wednesday night.
  4. You just made a joke about a victim of assault because it was committed by a republican candidate. How do you not see the hypocrisy in this?
  5. If only your parents had taken that advice, lol.
  6. There's the fake moral outrage we are so accustomed to reading. The joke was about trump supporters being outraged by a man sexually harassing girls given the fact that that is something Trump himself is prone to do, and you know it, so quit with the drama. The outrage from your side was because the man was Syrian. You support a racist, misogynistic, pathological liar. There is no moral high ground for you.
  7. You're morally bankrupt so who cares what you think anyway?
  8. Aww, and you support one for president, lol. At least your true colours are out for all to see. Condoning violence Stromey? Shame on you. I had you pegged from the beginning though. Fake news and fake outrage, the Trump way.
  9. What, no fake moral outrage this time? I guess it doesn't fit your agenda huh? A least we don't have to read three pages of you crying and whining about it so it ain't all bad I guess.
  10. Another dud hey Harv?
  11. So after exactly 1 minute of research I discovered that video from Seth's parents was posted over a month ago thanking people for donating to their go fund me page to fund their own investigation. Now it's being reposted as "proof" that they don't want fox to retract their story. Thanks fake news, without you Harv may have to actually begin to live in reality.
  12. Anyone else getting deja vu? Another one of Harv's bombshell deadlines, lol. How'd those other ones turn out anyway?
  13. I was there just last year. Didn't see any sea lions but there were plenty of small harbour seals. They actually sell fish to feed them there. I didn't like the idea of feeding wild animals but my kids wouldn't shut up about it so I gave in. It was all fun and games until my 5 year old got dumped on by a seagull with dysentery. That soured the mood pretty quickly. Still, there was a bunch of people taking chances leaning over trying to feed them by hand, all in the hopes of getting a great picture or video. It's just a matter of time for some folks.
  14. It's all too much. Did anyone post the Trump tweet about how disrespectful it was when Michelle Obama didn't wear a niqab when they visited Saudi Arabia in 2015? Neither his wife or daughter wore one. He is the most hypocritical douche in the history of douches.