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  1. Burrows to meet with NHL re TooToo

    What about what TooToo said? What if he got personal first? Who said what, as well as who started it, should all be a part of this discussion. I don't know about you guys but if someone comes at me with personal insults the gloves come off and everything is up for discussion. Maybe not the most honourable way to behave but in the heat of the moment these things happen. If you've had a lot of embarrassing moments in your life, and you haven't come to terms with them, perhaps you might want to avoid trash talking your opponent as they are bound to bring them up and you're likely going to lose that battle. All that is left at that point is to go crying to your momma. Let's be honest, TooToo's closet was so full of skeletons at one point they spilled out into the bedroom and he needed to rent a storage unit so if he doesn't like things of a personal nature being brought up then he should probably just keep his mouth shut on the ice. Obviously this is speculation at best as we don't know who started it or what was said but for that matter it's all speculation at this point. There are a plethora of scenarios that may have occurred between these two that could put the the blame on either player or more likely make them both culpable. Perhaps we should all take a step back and wait to see what happens before we condemn either player.
  2. Burrows to meet with NHL re TooToo

    Maybe in the future you should look up the definition first, then post?    
  3. Burrows to meet with NHL re TooToo

    I too thought this was the case but someone forgot to tell the CFL's Edmonton E-words. As for Jordin Boohoo, suck it up
  4. NFL thread

    Don't forget Denver's D-line is one of the best in the league, maybe the best. They had Rodgers running for his life and he is more mobile than Brady. Dont know how Green Bay's O-line compares to the Pats but I wouldn't be as confident in the victory as some in here. 
  5. It is in my opinion and experience that most kids will live up to their expectations. Very few have the personal motivation to exceed them. If you lower the expectations they are bound to meet those too.
  6. NFL thread

    I don't like this new mobile site. Quotes not working.
  7. NFL thread

    Nice to hear the Patriots bandwagon is still going on strong. It's so loud you can hear it clear across the entire continent where the team is based.
  8. BC Lions

    Leone is the best punter in the league and the worst kicker at the same time. I know they are trying to save a roster spot but too many points are being lost and costing the Lions close games.
  9. Playboy Magazine To Stop Publishing Fully Nude Pictures

    Stupid Flanders...
  10. NFL thread

    No bueno Seahawks. No bueno
  11. NFL thread

    You do know for it to be an upset Seattle would have to be favoured?
  12. NFL thread

    There are many rules/penalties that are let go if they don't affect the play multiple times a game. In this case, if there was a Lion in the vicinity trying to make a play on the ball then it would have been an unfair advantage to the Seahawks and the penalty should have been called. As there wasn't any chance of a Lion recovery, the outcome of the play was not in doubt and thus the infraction should not be called. Like I said, on the Wilson fumble that led to to the Lions only touchdown there were two illegal contact penalties on Seahawks players that were let go. Apparently Trent Dilfer posted them on his twitter account. As Wilson had no chance to make the play they were not called. If the penalties were called the outcome of the game would never have been in doubt and the batting would never have been an issue. It's still a rule though, right?
  13. Good Woman with a Gun Shoots Up Home Depot Parking Lot

    Patrolling the local Home Depot parking lot for shoplifters?
  14. NFL thread

    I apologize if I mislabelled you. I guess I misread what you said about the Lions dominating the Seahawks. I overlooked the part about their defense in the second half which I would be inclined to agree upon. I assumed you meant the overall game as anyone who thought the Lions dominated any part of that game, with the exception of their defensive line, would have to be hating as the only real domination in that game was by the Seahawks defense. That being said I think there is still bias in your interpretation of the rule, and the outcome, and I still think it is you that is missing the point. Trent Dilfer said it best today when he stated that refs are there to enforce the Spirit of the rule, not the letter of it, right or wrong. They are given the mandate to make subjective calls as they see it. It happens every game, 30 times a game, when penalties are not called when they don't affect a play. He gave an example in this game as well. When Wilson fumbled the ball, and it was taken in for a score, there were two blatant illegal contact penalties on Seahawks receivers. As Wilson was under duress ,and never could have made a play anyway, the penalties were let go and the score counted. It happens every game, multiple times a game and as such you can't pick and choose when to enforce rules to the letter of the rule when they benefit your viewpoint. In the case of the batted ball, he suggests the ref knew the rule. He had his hand on the flag and even discussed it with the other refs. They decided that under the circumstances, the ball already heading out, no Lion being close to the ball, and KJ being easily able to recover or run through the ball knocking it out, that the rule being broken was not significant to the outcome of the play and the a penalty should not be called. And it was the right call in my opinion and many other non seahawk fans as well. As for you knowing the rule, I call BS. Your example is not even close as the ball was fumbled on the field of play and batted into the endzone. Everyone who follows the game knows that rule, as well as not being able to knock the ball forward ala the holy roller rule. This ball was already in the endzone and on its way out. Trent Dilfer didn't know the rule. Neither did Pete Carroll, John Gruden, KJ Wright, Steve Young, Ray Lewis, the announcers, the booth, or the entire Detroit Lions team. But somehow some random fan did because he is out east? Not buying it one bit. Please provide an example of ever seeing a play even close to comparing to this one if you can. I highly doubt you can without google. Maybe not even then. As I said, Earl Thomas did it last year and it wasn't called a penalty and was never discussed afterwards. As for the outcome had the penalty been called. Well I guess it's all speculation at best. Given the fact that the Lions offense could only muster one field goal all game, a touchdown was not even close to a guarantee. Not to mention the Lions had a chance to get the ball back with time on clock. Remember what happened then? A 50 yard pass to Kearse, that's what. I get it though. The odds would have been in the Lions favor and had they scored it most likely they would have won. It's all moot at this point. The right call was made and the better team won. Homer out. xD
  15. NFL thread

    Once again, I think you (and some other Hawks haters) and I have a much different view on what dominating is? To be honest I think that comment disqualifies your opinion. Making the call would have been ridiculous as it would have negated an unbelievable play by BamBam on a technicallity. The result would have been the same regardless of the "bat" as there wasn't even a Lion in the vicinity. What would have been ridiculous is if the ref had made that call. The spirit of the rules in the NFL is to prevent a team from gaining an unfair advantage. This was certainly not the case here. Futhermore, Nobody knew the rule except for some old school ref who brought it up 10 minutes after the game. None of the Lions coaches or players questioned the call. Neither did the announcers or anyone in the booth. Obviously KJ didn't know it either or he would have jumped on the ball. Earl made a similar play last year where he caused a fumble on the goal line and pushed it out of the end zone and no one even "batted" an eye. Why bring it up now? Two weeks ago the Hawks recovered a fumble against Green Bay after an interception, with the game on the line, and it didn't even get a review. Where was the outrage on that one? This is just another excuse for Hawks haters to piss and moan about a team that has been better than theirs as of late. Pats fans know what I am talking about. Then again, Pats fans that are outraged by the non call are probably just enjoying the negative attention being on someone else for a change. I for one am kind of enjoying it.