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  1. If Kesler went about things the right way he would have been a Vancouver legend for life and he would have enjoyed all of the fanfare and endorsements that comes with it. Instead he hamstrung our team for his own selfish reasons and forever tarnished his reputation. Now that he is fading into obscurity he sees the error of his ways. Too little to late in my opinion.
  2. And the 10th and final investigator hated your brother, constantly accused him of stealing your phone, said he should be locked up, and still found nothing.
  3. The Republican run DOJ just completed their investigation and couldn't come up with anything on Hillary either. Who'da thunk it hey?
  4. I'm happy with it. It's still ridiculously overpriced.
  5. North Delta detached home -12%. Down 100k
  6. My point is you can't single out western media throw around terms like bogus and bias when your go to "news" source has it's own agenda. Just seemed a little hypocritical to me.
  7. OP probably should have googled this before getting on his soapbox.
  8. A quick look at craigslist will show that you are way out to lunch on that price.
  9. I think you can gauge your fandom by how much it ruins your day when your team loses. Or your week if we're talking about the nfl. Or your life if we are talking about the Bills.
  10. Great!! You should go back there. I'd drive you to the airport but I'm trying to do my part.