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  1. Anyone remember these days?

    thats not even that old. i consider stuff pre 2000 to start being old. i.e...
  2. NHL 15 Thread

    they should reward a legend 3 player in eashl the have to option to play without a helmet if they wanted to, that would be a cool option feature in my opinion.
  3. NHL 15 Thread

  4. what are you doing this very second(?)

    luis suarez recommends italian.
  5. what are you doing this very second(?)

    think of a # between 1 - 3 and you'll know what i'm doing this second.
  6. did you know you can get banned from this forum for the word "penis"? me neither, well i'm back from over a one month ban because of that word. keep up the good work mods!

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      You used your penis, Ossi? No wonder you got a warning point.

    3. Gyllenhaal


      not his penis, a penis

    4. EmployeeoftheMonth


      I mean...spartacus?!?

  7. MDF: (1) Pittsburgh Penguins vs (2) New York Rangers

    the only way rags comeback is if nash manages to score. i see this ending in 5 or 6 for the pens.
  8. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    good away result. on a sidenote, don't forget that edmonton fc BEAT the montreal impact, LoL!
  9. The Official Transit Thread

    had a jumper today apparently on brentwood station... http://www.vancitybuzz.com/2014/05/commuter-hit-train-brentwood-station-systemwide-delays-skytrain/ MEDICAL INCIDENT AT BRENTWOOD STATION, SYSTEMWIDE DELAYS ON SKYTRAIN BY VANCITY BUZZ STAFF | 5 HOURS AGO | SPEAK UP 645 SHARES 2 inShare 0 A commuter has been hit by a train at SkyTrain’s Brentwood Station. Burnaby emergency crews are attending to the scene of the incident. SEE ALSO: Are glass sliding platform doors feasible for SkyTrain stations? Trains on the Millennium Line are affected. Commuters using the route during the evening rush hour should expect delays and consider making alternate travel plans. A bus bridge has been created between Holdom and Rupert Stations. Earlier in the afternoon, a cyclist was killed when he was struck by a car at Beta Avenue and Lougheed Highway near Brentwood Town Centre. UPDATE at 8:08 p.m.: Brentwood Station has reopened after a four hour closure. Full service has returned to the Millennium Line.
  10. PlayStation 4 Thread

  11. NHL 15 Thread

    based on fifa14 on my ps4, the game isn't perfect but far SUPERIOR to any sportsgame i played on the older consoles, i am very optimistic that EA will deliver on this one. seems like majority of the people that have their doubts are the ones that do GM / BAP modes, to me that doesn't apply as most of my game will be online 1 v 1 or EASHL. the silver lining on NHL14 not being on next gen for me is that i opted to get FIFA14 to get my sports fix on the ps4 and it is quite enjoyable but i can't wait to get my hands on NHL15. p.s. the one gripe i have in FIFA14 which was awesome to customize on NHL14 is that you can customize your camera angles way better than in FIFA, EA should address this, with next gen technology there shouldn't be a reason that you can't customize your camera angle to ANY view you see fit.
  12. NHL 15 Thread

    i wouldn't say "CERTAINLY" as FIFA14 was released on PS2...
  13. NHL 15 Thread

    looks good from the tidbit... finally new commentary and ofcourse next gen graphics. BRING IT ON! p.s.
  14. [BOXING]Related discussion here!

    i'm no boxing expert but i'd be a fool to bet against mayweather although i'd like to see him lose.
  15. PDSF: (2) San Jose Sharks vs (3) Los Angeles Kings

    honestly, this isn't funny anymore. for the past decade when i think sharks playoffs i automatically think choke job. they really need to blow shit up down there. so canuck fans, which piece would you like added to our roster?