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  1. Evander Evander Evander - Not Again

    Karma Kane
  2. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    Break shea $745,000 Juarez $619,000 Blondell $295,000 Felipe $400,000 Ghazal $700,000 Techera $415,000 Aja $250,000 Reyna $533,000 that empty $4 million salary can bring in some big names. All of those names are hopefully gone
  3. Canucks 4 Alternative Captains

    Who does bettman hand the cup to? Do they go up together?
  4. Kavanaugh Hearings

    How does out of 325 million people you end up with Donald Trump as president and Kavanaugh as a supreme court judge?
  5. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Hutton Tanev Edler Gudbranson Joulevi Del Zotto biega waive pouliot
  6. Asking for a more in depth vetting process is now racist? This guy slipped through the huge cracks of our immigration system.
  7. Girl in Burnaby murdered by Syrian refugee. Going to raise questions of the rapid vetting process.
  8. Why wouldn’t the federal government wait till this federal court case was completeted? (It was scheduled long before) They probably could have got the pipeline for a fraction of what they paid. The Kinder Morgan executives are laughing on their way to the bank at the expense of us all. $5 billion could have paid for a lot better things.
  9. [Signing] Jets re-sign Brandon Tanev

    Antoine rousell for 3x the price
  10. [Signing] Red Wings re-sign Anthony Mantha

    same cap hit as Baertschi for twice the player
  11. Greyhound is dead

    Greyhound was probably the worst run private company in Canada. Not sure why you need a major bus terminal in Langley, Coquitlam and other places when you can just set up a kiosk at a gas station or sky train station and save those costs.
  12. Charges Laid In Tragic Humboldt Crash

    Where do we draw the line? How many people rear end other cars without any real consequence. People have been ruined with broken backs and back/neck issues should the driver at fault have jail time?
  13. Charges Laid In Tragic Humboldt Crash Locked for life if he had intent then yes
  14. Charges Laid In Tragic Humboldt Crash

    Trucker is facing 14 years in jail. Might as well build more jails if they are going to throw everyone in jail for creating accidents. Not to condone what he did but throwing him in jail for over a decade is a ridicilious. Hundreds of drunk drivers who have killed/injuried havent spent a day in jail. Government officials who have created lax trucker driving regulations should be the ones in jail.
  15. Beagle for team captain?