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  1. Morneau is the most corrupt finance minsiter in the history of th country just proves liberals can do whatever they want and the media is blind
  2. [Report] Roberto Luongo out 6-8 weeks

    Cap penalty doesn't make sense. Florida is never up to the cap so wouldn't they just volunteer to take the hit. Penalize a team 10 years later is another reason the nhl is run pathetically.
  3. get this clown out of office; turning canada into downtown eastside. Lets his finance minsters company run the budget so they can claim maximum profit. Liberals are so full of corruption. i guess flood the immigration line so his party has a chance. Cant deport a terrorist because they probably are a liberal vote.
  4. The amount of killings involved with drugs in the Philippines was always high even before all this, not like your solving the problem with dealing it with the Canadian way
  5. So Duerte should open up corrupt trials and spend billions that the country doesnt have? A rich nation chastising another country with deep problems with no financial or other help seems useless to me.
  6. Drug epidemic is getting worse in Canada. Trudeau is doing nothing to stop it. If you ever been to the Philippines you would realize something needs to change. Trudeau methods in Canada is a disaster let alone if that nation did the same. Have you been outside in the city lately? Also trials in the Philippines are very corrupt so that isnt going to solve the problem.
  7. Why does Trudeau ask question to anyone when he and his government cant answer a question in their own backyard. Trudeau is an embarrassment, get this photo op drama silver spoon loser out of office. He supports Morneau and the rest of his corrupt cabinet.
  8. Olli Juolevi | D

    Goldobin Joelevi subban for S.Reinhart
  9. RODIN waived

    Gets paid $750K whether he plays AHL or NHL so why woulnd't he go down if he still wants to pursue the nhl Hopefully Dorsett is next on the waiver wire,
  10. Jordan Subban | D

    Trade him to nashville for emil pettersson reunite the brothers trade
  11. Jordan Subban for Emil Petterson
  12. If Dorsett doesnt have a good training camp, he should be waived and bought out
  14. Not sure why he was paid $4 million per season in the first place. Long term deal for what?
  15. Cant be worse then the nut job we have running the country now