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  1. Cant be worse then the nut job we have running the country now
  2. Tanev for Eberle makes sense for both teams Baertchi Horvat Eberle Sedin Sedin Boeser Granlund Sutter Goldobin Eriksson Dahlen Virtanen Edler Stretcher Hutton Sbisa Joelevi Gudbranson
  3. Barnes for brek shea
  4. 6 years later, no progress Should be an International group working on a fix not just the Japanese.
  5. Should have gutted the team in 2012 after the poor playoff performance. Regression has been consistent ever since. No return on virtually anyone from the 2011 team. I see Mediocre or worse for another 5 years or more.
  6. Probably should have been a 5-7.5% tax instead of the 15. The government literally threw billions away in property transfer tax as well
  7. Gagner for $1.5 million 1 year would work ok if injuries happens can fill in nicely SEDIN SEDIN ERIKSSON RODIN SUTTER HANSEN BAERTSCHI HORVAT ETEM BURROWS GAGNER DORSETT GRANLUND/GAUNCE VIRTANEN-AHL
  8. who is the worst criminal? This guy or the 75 year old who killed an innocent 16 year old girl. Unfortunely it sounds like the 18 year man was clearly not an inncocent victim. Hopefully the Kamloops father gets no more then 3 months; why waste money on someone who was never known to police
  9. Break and entering: a night in jail murder on a trespesser: 30 years premidated murder: 10 years drunk driving murder: 30 day driving suspension. sounds about right with our justice system
  10. i think it's too early to judge of what happened but Obviously way too much force was issued.
  11. To Vancouver: Jacob Trouba 22nd overall To Winnipeg: 5th overall (Tkachuk) 2nd rounder 2017 Sbisa
  12. Trade Virtanen for 1 year of Shattenkirk. His cap hit isn't that great and will ask for 6 million plus because of his near ufa status No thanks
  13. Sedin Sedin Eriksson Hansen Stamkos Rodin Baerschi Horvat Virtanen Dubois Sutter Gaunce Vey Granlund Edler Tanev Hutton Gudbranson Hamhuis Tryamkin Larsen Markstrom Miller stamkos 5 years 9 million per eriksson 3 years 5 million per hamhuis 3 years 3.75 million per Dorsett, Higgins, Burrows, Sbisa bought out
  14. can they just shut the sedins down and save them for next season.