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  1. If that is the case let us hope he busts out like Schneider in the long run.
  2. Meh aside from this season his past seasons have been nothing but mediocre.
  3. Personally I can see FB last for about 10-15 years more.. The fad behind it is slowly disappearing as the emergence of Instagram (also Facebook owned) and twitter. I certainly don't believe it will last forever so to speak. For what I can recall its very popular with pre-teens and boomers. Anyone in-between don't really like/use it. Too bad Zuckerberg and his cronies had to sell out to the NSA and other government entities... but I guess that was inevitable. People don't realize they're selling their personal information for various private/government agencies to use at their whim.
  4. Is it me or that the more society gets complex the more nonsense we have to deal with?
  5. Goodluck on Vancouver becoming a host city lol.. I am sure it will be somewhere like Phoenix.
  6. This... I was shocked that even TOR is not secure without a third party VPN service; as I once tried to use it to bypass a faxing service daily send limit and it wouldn't work. Somehow the website was still reading my ip and/or personal information. Even though the TOR IP address had me listed in Germany..
  7. Being a person of color I sincerely hope that PC doesn't get out of control with race cards, etc... IMO there is a time and place to claim racism and this isn't one.
  8. 3 months in and the Corona hype is gone? What will happen to all those people with hoarded up cleaning supplies and toilet paper? 


    I am hoping phase 2 doesn't come in like the plague....

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    2. coastal.view


      the virus is not gone

      it is overshadowed by other issues

      it should still be a significant concern for everyone

      be smart, distance, wash hands, wear a mask if you cannot distance, try to avoid anywhere indoors where there are more then a couple of people


      not sure what you mean by phase 2 and plague"

      but i hope the second wave of the virus is not worse.. i'm guessing that is maybe what you meant to say

    3. Coconuts


      It hasn't just disappeared, it's concerning that people are speaking and behaving as if it has just because BC's done well. We still don't have a vaccine. If BC residents as a large group decide to stop taking it seriously it could very well get bad again. 


      Fully expecting a second wave. 



      All I can say is good thing we have Dr. Bonnie Henry,she single handedly saved countless lives by doing her job very well to look after the people of B.C.


      "Be Calm Be Kind Be Safe" ,words we should all remember when, not if, this stupid pandemic rears it's ugly head again.

  9. Will there be any Kyle Wellwood pot bellies on the ice? or do you think most players will be in decent shape come playoff time? 

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    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i’ve got one of those pot belies. it hasn’t turned into a double boiler yet though. the boys will be fine.

    3. Ghostsof1915


      Yeah but you've earned it Joe. 

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i wish i wore it better. looks like a bad suit now.

  10. Is it safe to say that Loui Eriksson was screwed from the very beginning as a Canuck?


    This video should have been an harbinger of what was to come lol. 



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    2. naslund.is.king


      Is it safe to say that Loui Eriksson sucked from the very beginning as a Canuck?


      Yes.Yes he has

    3. ba;;isticsports


      naslund, - LE sucked in 36 million dollars though

    4. Phil_314


      agreed with @Jimmy McGill, if it wasn't him it would've been one of Ladd/ Lucic/ Backes/ Neal/ Nielsen, that UFA class must've been cursed or something for so many flops.  It made sense though since he worked well with the Twins on Sweden.

  11. There's no way Mayweather is broke.. he has an estimate net worth of over $500 million dollars; unlike other celebrities and athletes his wealth seems authentic compared to the likes of 50 cent and/others.
  12. I wouldn't say RNH is a bust since his numbers have been steadily improving in the last two years.
  13. I am guessing it has do with the fact that both are oppressive regimes masquerading as governments. Both countries become very defensive and aggressive when questioned on their human rights records.