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  1. Now I know the Rothschilds and Rockerfellers would like the public to believe they're just petty millionaires/billionaires. Except the Rothschilds alone are trillionaires whose family invented the modern banking/finance system we all use today. This family has its hands in almost every major aspect of our lives in terms of monetary value. They control Central Banks, Corporations, Political parties etc.. Same could be said about the Rockerfellers but at a lesser extent as they're basically relegated to the US. So no the Rothschilds and Rockerfellers are more wealthier.. I wouldn't be surprised if the Catholic Church was somehow controlled or influenced by these families.
  2. Reminder than Nolan Baumgartner was a 10th overall pick 
    1. Ghostsof1915


      Past 3 years the #10 player looks to be pretty good. 


      Luc Bourdon. What could have been. RIP Luc. 

    2. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      personal computers were barely a thing in 1994. Thankfully we have much more to work with now to assess talent. 

    3. Gäz


      ... And look at him now!

  3. 4. Drugs 5. Surrey Jacks I thought I would add on to the list.
  4. I always thought of trading cards as a waste of money? unless you had some rare card... After all they're just pieces of cardboard with pictures on them.
  5. As much as I like GK I don't want to see them in the finals again.. like I will literally start to cringe lol. I am hoping the same for the Caps. I was really cheering for SJ but year after year they always blow perfect opportunities.. just like the Canucks
  6. Man how weak is the West compared to the East?.. I can see Ovi and the caps steam rolling through the east and winning the cup.. now that Pitts and the lightning are gone there doesn't seem much hope for anybody else winning. 

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    2. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      If you are in the East you are certainly licking your chops thinking about going all the way now where you may have not been 24 hours ago

    3. Vanuckles


      Isles, CBJ and whoever wins the laughs/Bruins series all have a shot. Caps might run into trouble with any of those teams so it's not such as an easy road for them. In the West, VGK are the only team who I think have a real shot. I thought the Sharks would give them more of a fight but they seem overwhelmed. You're right in that the East is looking like the better conference, but VGK have a legit chance of going all the way. That team with Gallant behind the bench are looking scary.

    4. bree2


      the jets have a  chance, hope vegas loses, but I know they won't, just hope they don't go all the way

  7. Glad Rachel Notley was defeated she was nothing but an evil witch.. raising the prices of fuel in BC, but I don't know how I feel about ultra conservative Kenny?
  8. IMO he wasted his talents and career by going to Mediocre/bad teams..
  9. Oh man Raffi Torres was a bowling ball out there lol.. I'm pretty sure he stopped caring near the tail end of his career. Some of his suspension related hits lol..
  10. Anybody annoyed of those stupid cruise ship commercials? 



  11. I highly doubt it.. if the team keeps playing "Golden" the name will not be dropped anytime soon. Also the name is "Golden" because the state of Nevada is the number 1 producer of Gold.
  12. Strange seeing two Russian comrades fighting each other... you never see countrymen fight each other like that.
  13. Do the Lightning even know how to play hockey anymore lol?



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    2. Rick Blight

      Rick Blight

      Tampa did not face a lot of adversity during the regular season and don't seem capable of matching Columbus' level of intensity and desperation. The regular season just might have been too easy for them.

    3. SabreFan1


      I suppose that's as good an explanation as any. 

    4. coastal.view


      i'll say this much for the tampas

      they are becoming a team of world class whiners

      not sure anyone will be awarding a cup for that achievement though

      hedman "talking" to the bj bench last game

      just shows how badly the pressure is getting to him

      and kuch and his dirty tactics.. man he is cracking

      i'm losing respect for this team

  14. Just stay in the EU, but adjust the migrant and immigration quota.. especially from Eastern Europe (Balkans). Also demand more autonomy from Brussels and demand better diplomacy.