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  1. What gets me every time is when they try to care about other peoples problems while lining their pockets full of money and power.. Just bunch of pawns funded by the establishment..
  2. I wonder if these scumbags will try to sneak into the US? I can't see these people escape the authorities for too long...
  3. For what is worth this site has an interesting take on these murders and other world events. No conspiracy theorist intended.. but if someone is into clues and puzzles. http://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2019/07/20-25-34-38-79-83-97-two-64-169-lb.html Look up gematria, talmud, and freemasonry..
  4. On a side note why anybody would want to be homeless in East Van or any ghetto is beyond me.. There are plenty of nice areas in the lower mainland where one could be homeless, and I am sure they would have better support services and accommodation.
  5. I have always wondered after Seattle joins the NHL how long before CDC judges the team? Will they receive the same amount of hate and ridicule like the coilers or semi respected like VGK. 


    The rivalry will be certainly fierce with this one.

    1. 6string


      Seattle gets to help themselves to Dmen from Colorado, Carolina, Boston etc....They are gonna be good in their first year with bonafide forwards and NHL calibre goaltending, the Vegas love kinda thing will stop dead in its tracks! The playoff race is on in year one!!!

  6. Nice to see the price of Bitcoin and others rapidly raising.. glad I didn't panic sell. But I think this time I will withhold from investing anymore money.
  7. The Coyotes cap situation is a mess.. they have literally no cap space and are paying Marian Hossa 5 million for the next two years. A player who has never played for them.. and people in Vancouver are pissed about Luongo's recapture hit. 


    But on a side note nice to see Grabner still playing. 

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    2. Alflives


      Add to the insanity that is the Coyotes the knowledge we Canuck’s fans (who just got slapped in the face by the league with the Luongo ruling) are subsidizing that team.  Our dollars are going to help them exist.  It’s like the league could care less about us, even though they need us to keep spending our dollars on our team.  

    3. Ghostsof1915


      They would do better if they moved to:

      1. Portland

      2. Houston

      3. Kansas City. 




      We have been subsidizing that stupid club for years along with the league helping them time and time again.

      The hot bed of hockey ARIZONA,why do we continue to keep this team in the desert.

  8. Underrated goaltender like ben bishop and company..
  9. I find it interesting how his career side-tracked.. he went from being a future Toronto captain lol and Burkie pumping his tires to 300% to barely cracking the lineup with the Canucks.. Whereas his younger brother is already a Stanley Cup winner.. Unfair expectations are the worst..
  10. Interesting how war can dramatically change political landscapes.. I wonder how long this version of China will last? Their polices of territorial expansion are slowly mimicking the former Japanese Empire.
  11. Seems like the only govt in the world where the whole population could protest and nothing would change... The regime is literally turning China into a mass surveillance state like 1984..
  12. IMO the main problem is in the middle class and their incompetence in wealth acclamation or earning potential.... The mindset of most of not all rich people is to try to amass as much assets as possible usually working in different fields/and or jobs; where as middle class plebs are entering fields that might have a good job title, but earn less than say a bus driver or some other blue collar field.. For example people would rather work as an accountant and be paid much less than say a janitor or other blue collar worker (plumber etc..) who could be paid more. I know someone personally who earns more money as a janitor than as a bank teller at the bank.. I blame the school system for brainwashing middle class children and parents into thinking being a doctors or engineer is the only option in life..
  13. So apparently there is a 1TB micro SD Card out now... :shock:



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    2. SabreFan1


      The only reason to have that much memory on a phone is if you are a professional photographer/videographer/Youtuber.

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Music in FLAC can add up.  Best use will be to put movies/TV onto my tablet though.

    4. Western Red

      Western Red

      Audiobooks, Spotify songs, Pics/Vids, Podcasts.


      Sounds good, keeping the phone memory clear is important for battery life. Apps have to be saved to phone memory right?

  14. I still can't understand how Doug Wilson acquires high profile players year after year even when the team always fails to meet expectations.. IMO Doug Wilson is the best GM in FA signings/Trades.