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  1. I am looking to buy a new smartphone.... any recommendations? Aside from iPhones etc..

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    2. peaches5


      If you want an Iphone wait until the end of the year and the 12 comes out so you get a 5g version. Samsung has 5g versions out now if you don't want to wait and don't care what type of phone you get.


      @-AJ- If the phone is unlocked and takes a sim card you can be with any provider that uses a sim card. The brand of the phone doesn't matter. 

    3. Heretic


      I upgraded from a Samsung S5 to a Samsung S10 in January.  


      Why did I wait so long to upgrade? 

      Nothing wrong with my S5 - only upgraded because of work as I needed to be running the latest version of Android.  



    4. Dazzle




      I bought the Nokia over Amazon.ca, but there's cheaper options available elsewhere I think. Yes, it is/was in Canada.