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  1. How was Luongo tonight?

  2. Luongo makes 5.33m a year. Derp.

  3. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Wow I can't even believe I am responding to a post that is clearly posted by some flames fan who wishes he was on the flamers...28 goals last year, on pace to break that this year. All heart, effort, drive, plays the PK (if you look at his points most are even strength - little pp time vs somoene like Raymond who has fewer goals and 8 on the PP - as much as I love Raymond). Guy makes 2mil a year and is a steal and a big part of the character of this team. You clearly no nothing about hockey son. Guy makes it to the NHL from the ECHL and is a core part of a young talented contender and makes 2 mil a year...every GM in the league is drooling over this guy next to the Sedins and Kesler. There's a reason he name was mentioned as a longshot for team Canada last year. Give your head a shake