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  1. The Edmonton Oilers.
  2. Correct. As soon as the regular season ends teams can trade but those newly acquired players aren't allowed to play until the start of next season
  3. Jason T ‏@5JasonT15h @botchford Is there any truth to the rumour about Messier getting interviewed by Gillis? I sure hope not. That would be insanity. Expand 45] Jason Botchford ‏@botchford14h @5JasonT I never heard that one Breathe out fellows... our nightmares haven't come true.
  4. @NoCupForOvie

    Yes, officially today Shaw has announced they are hosting Rogers Sportsnet One. Check in my posts :)

  5. Any updates on whether Shaw has obtained the rights to carry Sportsnet One?

  6. still has not set their status

  7. Love the kesler sig :D. only kesler would do that ahahha. loVE that guy.

  8. Arnold Schwarzenegger


    Mikael Samuelsson

    Makold Schwarzuelsson

    I'd love you forever!