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  1. Why don't we wait until draft before freaking out.
  2. ah, I'll wait to hear it from a more reliable source. I doubt Shaw would ever be traded... Will wait and see in the next few weeks.
  3. huh? How do we know this? And I assume you mean Shaw OR TT
  4. We should be doing backflips if we got any of these kinds of returns, the only realistic one is Anaheim, sorta.
  5. Build a statue if Benning can get a return of that measure.........
  6. [rumor] benning wants reinhart

    Most scouts peg Ekblad as someone who will play very soon and play a long time but he isn't slated to become a number 1 franchise defense. Reinhart has more possible upside IMO
  7. [rumor] benning wants reinhart

    Kinda feel like we're getting hosed a bit. idk.
  8. Read my post again, I said Brian Burke traded the first overall pick. It was (TBL) and moved it to Atlanta.
  9. I think they're trying to make the most of Luongo and they desperately need butts in seats. Winning games will do that.
  10. I dont have the exact source but in history 5 first overall picks have been dealt, the panthers being the team that has dealt 3 of the 5. I believe Vancouver is one (with the Sedin trade) with the Thrashers pick.
  11. That would work except the cost of getting potential lottery tickets next year isn't going to be cheap. Buffalo and co will be either saying they're not trading at all or asking for a kings ransom.
  12. You know it's kind of funny and ironic you specifically mention Tavares, Stamkos, and Crosby... Reinhart actually out produces Stamkos, and is .1 PPG behind Tavares. (.96 PPG behind Crosby) Take a read, it's an interesting article.
  13. [rumor] benning wants reinhart

    Technically it'd be Ekblad / Fleury for Kesler + Tanev + Hansen. I mean I get that we already have the 6th, but we used the 10th instead to trade rather than our 6th.
  14. [rumor] benning wants reinhart

    So you're expecting the draft to go something like FLA: Ekblad BUF: Reinhart EDM: Bennett CGY: Dal Colle NYI: Nylander/Ehlers/Ritchie VAN: Draisaitl or FLA: Ekblad BUF: Reinhart EDM: Draisaitl CGY: Dal Colle NYI: Nylander/Ehlers/Ritchie VAN: Bennett or FLA: Ekblad BUF: Reinhart EDM: Draisaitl CGY: Bennett NYI: Nylander/Ehlers/Ritchie VAN: Dal Colle the Dal Colle option is the most likely of the three, the rest are far fetches. If we pick at 6, I am guessing 80% chance Virtanen 10% Dal Colle 5% Ehlers 5% Nylander
  15. “There isn’t a team in the league that wouldn’t have its hand up for the opportunity to have an Alex Edler. It’s not in our consideration. We want to work with Alex; we have to get his game back, and I know he’s committed to doing that.” I think that, for all intents and purposes, means he won't be asking Edler to waive this season at least, they want to try reclaim him.