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  1. If they charged even $6-7 for that volume they would make a killing and would probably get more business, especially considering how big of a spaxce they have to work with
  2. Heard from someone today that they charge like $8 a sleeve. Hope thats not the case, because if it is they are going to have some freshness problems, would certainly keep me from going there often.
  3. Craft Beer Market opens today, with 140 taps. Here's a list of what they offer: Ales Pub Cream Ales Light - Toasted - Creamy Scottish Ales Smoky - Malty - Floral White Ales Orange - Citrus - Coriander Blonde Ales Sweet - Spicy Fruit - Effervescent Amber & Red Ales Malty - Balanced - Caramel Black & Brown Ales Malted - Roasted - Nutty Bitter Ales and ESBs Rich - Balanced Hops & Malt Pale Ales Hoppy - Floral - Aromatic India Pale Ales (IPA's) Hoppy Bitterness - Piney - Floral Trappist Sweet - Strong - Spicy Strong Ales Complex - Spiced - Fruity Finish Stouts & Porters Hearty - Fully Roasted - Creamy Lagers Pale Lagers Clean - Dry - Refreshing Pilsners Crisp - Dry - Tangy Bite Amber & Dark Lagers Malty - Balanced - Crisp Anomolies Gluten Free Unique - Bottled Fruit/Lambic/Specialties Full - Fresh Fruit - Flavour Cider Fruity - Sparkling - Sweet Rotating Handles Seasonals & Unique Brews Beer Flights Our 6 pack samplers Beer Blends The best of two worlds Really excited to check it out, though I doubt ill ever get around to trying everything.
  4. Preachy? Just sharing that one of my favourite beers is back on shelves for the winter.
  5. Its that time of year again.
  6. Does anyone know how playoff positions are going to be decided this year? Especially given that there are more teams in the east now.
  7. That's a tough one Kyle, This time of year most of the longer overnight hikes will have a lot of snow and won't be doable unless you're into snowshoeing and winter camping. You'll probably need to look at something that has a long hike, but with limited elevation change. Something I've been wanting to do is to kayak from deep cove up Indian arm and camp at the various sites they have over a couple of days.
  8. really hope he's not dead.
  9. kind of a tradition in this city long before Luongo got here
  10. oops didn't even realize.
  11. Where did this Dr. Recchi thing start?