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  1. filthycanuck

    NFL thread

    They were already doing RPOs and screens in Carolina (see McCaffreys reception numbers). WRs are getting open, easy looks mean nothing if he can't make the throw. Like Ive said, Ive seen a lot, A LOT of gimme throws that Cam missed. All the shoulder surgeries took its toll, its almost as if he has no control of where the ball is going when he releases it. Panthers O-line was ok, its more of Cam holding the ball too long hence him being clobbered,its not the O-lines fault. Pats can't make Cam a pocket passer like what the Panthers have tried doing the last few years. They are gonna have to just let Cam be Cam, tuck it and run if no ones open. He can still run, but its just the willingness to take the punishment is whats going to be a questionmark, Pats don't need to protect him like what the Panthers did. My prediction for the Pats, win 9-10 games, they'll be a playoff team, just wont go very far. Stidham I believe will keep the boat afloat kind of like Matt Cassell did years ago
  2. Indeed a fine day today, almost doubled my investment on IBIO, SHLL
  3. filthycanuck

    NFL thread

    Ive seen pretty much seen every throw he's made when he's healthy the last 2 seasons (Cmac was in my fantasy team so I caught practically every quarter of Panthers games) Cam would sail easy throws to WRs that were low level flag football league open. Thats how bad Cam was. Its damning that a nobody like Kyle Allen would be able to replace Newton so easily. His one year contract doesn't necessarily means hes going to start, and you're right he's not going to run the same offence Brady does. The only way I see Cam being successful is if they have a run heavy scheme like the Ravens, first read, pitch it to the RB or run. Carolina was trying to too hard to get Cam to be a pocket passer for his safety since he's the franchise , not so much in NE. If he ends up playing, they'll run Newton to the ground as they are no way committed to him.
  4. filthycanuck

    NFL thread

    Cam is such a bad fit for the Patriots. I don't even think hes going to beat out Stidham for the starting job. The patriots offense relies so much on accuracy and timing, which Cam has none of. He's pretty much one bad season to being out of the job
  5. If it goes under $2.5, i might go back in, albeit, a smaller position that I did before. I think it should recover before the end of the summer, theres some upside to it like what you mentioned. I just want to cry everytime I see Novavax climb =(
  6. filthycanuck

    NFL thread

    Not sure how I feel about Antonio Brown being a Raven, but Jamal Adams would be a nice fit
  7. Gabriel Landeskog clone. When the he makes it to the highlights its just pure effort and will. Im not sure if he's going to be a 30-40 goal guy ( I hope Im wrong!) but man, that kind of motor and offensive upside, very exciting. He can play with any centre on our team in top 3 lines and contribute. He'll have a letter on his jersey somewhere in his tenure here, guaranteed
  8. If they take Sutter and a guy thats low in the prospect totem pole like a Gadjovich, Id take a flyer, but I just don't see it happening if its going to take our top assets. His 2-way game is already going to be filled with our boy Podz and centre is pretty much carved in stone the next 5 years.
  9. Marky I don't think will be part of this team in the near future, his salary demands are going to be very high and term attached to it. The term being the biggest hurdle. The goalie market is very saturated and theres probably a good goalie in UFA to be a stop gap if you pay him enough ie: Robin Lehner. Its Markstroms time to cash in and get security, right fully so, he deserves it. The team is very high on Demko and Dipietro
  10. Im still hoping that MARK pops. Theres really some potential with all the casino reopenings and venues that would need their thermal imaging products
  11. filthycanuck

    NFL thread

    Forgot to add too, I think its already known that Greg Olsen who just became a seahawk, if going to transition to broadcasting. I got to catch some his analysis, he's going to be a good one. I think he's going to be part of the FOX broadcast team
  12. filthycanuck

    NFL thread

    Other than the look like hes made for tv, his analysis has a bit more meat to the bone, so to speak. Its like he can give you fancy football jargon, but its enough that novice football audiences can take it in. Like for example " the chiefs are playing a 2 deep zone and theres a linebacker on julian edelman. Thats where the ball is going to go". Its not like that moron Trent Dilfer talking about release points and all that garbage. Kurt Warner is a good listen but I think he's just sometimes too technical which is good for a lot of us fanatics, but a bit much for a social watcher. Romo has the credentials to back it up, a one time MVP candidate but overall a decent career (depends who you talk to), Dilfer was an absolutely atrocious QB. For him to give harsh criticism to a guy like Tim Tebow absolutely baffled me
  13. Patting myself on the back on that one. Took my 40% profit yesterday. Phew!
  14. XSPA wow premarket! UGH I knew I should've bought in =(
  15. Not so good. I wished I sold higher on NKLA but was afraid that I might lose out on the spike during their presentation. Probably sell off if it keeps dropping, stop limit at 58 which is still pretty decent, a sliver less than doubled my money try to buy back in. Other than my "no touch" holdings, pretty much a crappy day across the board, far cry from Monday where every trade was turning gold! Just waiting for the 15th to see whats goin on with GNUS and waiting for a MARK bounce