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  1. The fact that Pouliot, and Gudrbanson aren't here should equate to 4 more wins. I would think Myers and Benn are a massive upgrade over those 2. Just like someone mentioned, the loss of Pavelski is HUGE, defintely will affect them
  2. I think Baertchi still has value if they were to trade him even with the injuries. When healthy he produces. He'd probably fetch a decent prospect/project prospect from a team that a has a surplus in a position. Personally I wouldn't trade him unless you get offered a homerun deal, if not, might as well see what he can do healthy and deal with it at TDL or next season
  3. Is it just me or the way he skates, looks very similar to Gaudette
  4. I wouldn't go that far, but I wouldn't do it. One franchise player can't carry you to the playoffs ie: McDavid
  5. Wheres this stat that Sutter makes the team better? Last I checked we haven't been to the playoffs since he's been a Canuck the last 4 years. Enlighten us if you think you're so damn smart If you want stats, Gauds played double the games and he's a -8. Sutter was a -12. Even statistically he's already outpaced Sutter. I don't give a rats ass if you're a moderator.
  6. I watched every game this season, and I wasn't the only one that noticed that. Cheech, Shorty, and the radio guys Hirch and Batch echoed the same sentiment. Is it due to his injury? Could be. Either way, he was way worse defensively, couldn't get to loose pucks quick enough or get to pucks offensively. Stats aren't everything. There is a clear CLEAR upgrade in just flow of play when Gaudette was on ice in comparison to Sutter
  7. The problem is no teams won't. Im pretty sure Jim has tried getting something for Sutter just to unload his salary, even a 5th or 6th and still no takers. Sutter with his injury history, his salary, and his lack of production is nothing but an albatross to this team
  8. Incorrect, the Brandon Sutter of this past season was not strong on defence at all, he looked like he was a step behind on every shift. Add to the fact that the offence pretty much dries up when the puck hits his stick, the guy is borderline useless. He doesnt have a place in this lineup, even without his salary. Gaudette is better than Sutter in every way and hes going to get better
  9. You mean TWO Vezina calibre goalies! I don't think theres many teams in NHL history that can trot out their backup goalie against any team, and still have stellar goaltending. That team won the Jennings, Art Ross, Hart, Selke and Jack Adams all on the same year. Incredible
  10. filthycanuck

    NFL thread

    Jonah Williams a huge loss, guaranteed starter right there, done for the year. Im not a fan of John Ross coming out of college. He's a one trick pony, basically Mike Wallace in his Steeler days with crappier hands
  11. filthycanuck

    NFL thread

    I like that rule. Heads called in a coin toss 3/4 of the time guarantees you he ball. Most net yards or least net yards allowed
  12. Indeed, that 2011 was top 2-3 in every team statistical category, goals for, goals against, faceoffs, PK, PP, etc. Just absolutely dominant. Game 4 of the Sharks series summed it up how the team was. They were getting outplayed by the Sharks pretty much all game, and then Salo blasts a few PP goals in succession, game over. They were almost 80's Oiler-esque, not so much the amount of goals obviously, but how they get their wins. They can have an off game for 2 periods and put the pedal to the metal in the 3rd and just win games. Other than having a sparsely playing 4th line (which probably couldve helped them when it came to the finals), that team basically had no weaknesses. Grit, scoring, goaltending, they can win run and gun or down and dirty
  13. In the immediate short term, Leafs win, but long term, the Avalanche. Barrie is almost guaranteed to be a one-year rental player. Of course if the Leafs win the cup *barf , then obviously its a win regardless. Long term, Colorado . Kadri can provide secondary scoring and like you said, grit and be that jerk which is gonna be useful in the playoffs. What tips the scales long term is Rossen, who I think can play in the bigs. Rossen wont get a lot of points but might be able to muster double digit goals as a PP2 guy if the Avs play him there. System wise, he is a fit for how Colorado plays
  14. What, and you think Schaller wasn't benched just as much? Pouliot was a project player when he got here and he fetched a 4th rounder and a low end prospect. Schaller wouldn't even get a back of pucks, let alone a project player like Honka. Theres a big difference between a 28 year old reject that couldn't even crack the 4th line on opening night one of the worst teams in league, than a 23 year old 1st round pick Dman thats still has a chance of being a regular. You know what project player means right? A guy with upside, which Schaller unfortunately doesn't. Actually, when a player gets drafted in the 1st round, thats 23 and has already played in the NHL, it actually means something, VALUE. As little as it seems, Honka is actually worth something. Honka's played less than a 100 games in the NHL, someone will take a chance on him. The trade offers proposed by the smarter people on this site (thats not you by the way) have included Goldobin + +, and you think Schaller whos value is absolutely nothing can be traded for Honka? What are you smoking Troy Stetcher is smaller than Honka, so by your idiotic line of thinking, if Stetcher doesn't score, hes not doing nothing for the team. Try watching the games rather than thinking you're analysis holds weight which it doesn't "LOL" damn, so witty.
  15. Good point, rather have a player thats more confident and developed, than just there like you said, keeping his head above water. Bubbleman stage in Megaman 2 has one of the best soundtracks of all of video game history