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  1. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    LOL You kidding me? McCann is on the cusp of breaking out for the Panthers and is ahead of Virtanen in terms of development, plus we gave up a pick. Gudbranson has done F-all since hes been a Canuck. Big but doesnt hit, couldnt catch up to a pylon in a race, cant score, can't pass, oh and you sneeze at him, he gets injured
  2. They were our 3rd line
  3. [Signing] Coyotes re-sign Kevin Connauton

    Hes a got a decent slapshot, but his wrister is his main weapon, seems to find the net all the time. I was hoping for Connauton to be one of the targets for us. At the very least, hes a mobile bottom 4 guy that can help with the PP. Better version of Hutton
  4. Artyom Manukyan | RW

    Out of all the guys we drafted, this is Manukyan is the guy Im most intrigued by since hes such an unknown and a curiousity. If that guy even makes it to Utica and be an option as a call up, thats already a win for the organization
  5. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Calgary did well in the draft today LOL
  6. Bouchard vs. Dobson - The Athletic's in-depth analysis

    I disagree, Boqvuist probably has the least chance of being a franchise D-man compared to Dobson or Bouchard. Bovquist, the kid is an absolute wiz offensively, great shot, can pretty much unleash that bad boy anywhere blue line in, but defensively is a bit worrysome and someone brought up the concussions, that is a HUGE strike on him. He may pan out, may not but hes a less safer pick than most of the D-men around where hes ranked. If we are swinging for the fences,my gosh if Ryan Merkley gets his head straight, he could IMO even surpass Dahlin offensively . I saw 2 games and the kid was absolutely electric in the offensive zone, you can't tear your eyes of him the way he plays, just plays with just a reckless abandon its nuts.
  7. Lets assume the + is Granlund. I'll do that deal if its guaranteed that either Dobson, Bouchard, Walhstrom or Tkachuk are available at 9th which could be a possibilty. The Kotekemi (whatever his name is) going higher seems to be gaining traction. I'd only stay at 7th if by for some strange turn of events, needle in a haystack chance that Zadina is there at 7th
  8. Bouchard vs. Dobson - The Athletic's in-depth analysis

    Ive been watching some Brady Tkachuk videos the last few days, I know we are in need of a D-man, but could you imagine a line of Gaudette with Tkachuk and Virtanen on the wings? That line will strike fear in the Pacific Div for the next decade
  9. Bouchard vs. Dobson - The Athletic's in-depth analysis

    Ive seen a few games (more than 5) games for both players and heres my take If you want a guaranteed top 4 D-man, Hughes is the guy. His smarts, and most of all his skating will keep him in that role. Offensively, hes more than good enough to QB a power play, but he wont scaring goalies away with his shot, and defensively he might have to be sheltered in the beginning but he'll be a solid player for any team, kind of like Ryan Ellis. Anybody think a team wouldn't mind a Ryan Ellis in a top 4? Upside, Dobson defintely, has all the tools, if he puts it together, could be not only a top pairing D-man, he could be one of those guys that gets nominated for a Norris sometime in his career. I just don't think hes got the IQ and skating of Hughes but if he develops, he'll surpass him definetly because the physical attributes, and skating is there. Diamond that just needs a bit of polishing. Bouchard is pretty much a finished product, I see him more being a Keith Yandle type, offensively good, holds his own defensively, but he isn't gonna wow a lot of people. That being said, I think all 3 guys will make it to the league, its just a matter of being patient if youre picking Dobson, but if you want someone to come in right away in year 2 I think Hughes and Bouchard are the pick. Just my 2 cents
  10. Nope, Eastern. A lot of people like to go listen to sports talk radio at 4am over here
  11. Send them Markstrom for a 2nd or a B level prospect and sign a goalie through UFA. We all know this is Demkos team
  12. I like Grabner, but Im not sure where he fits in the team Boeser Horvat Baertchi Virtanen Petterson Goldobin Erickson Gaudette Gagner Leipsic Sutter Granlund Archie Gaunce? I don't know what kind of look that they are looking for but if the Canucks want all 4 lines to score, sure could be done. If Grabs comes here, its almost certain Granlund is gonna be the one shipped out of town for a draft pick or Baertchi flipped for a D-man. It would make no sense to keep Granlund and have Baertchi replaced with Grabs, Sven is creeping towards his prime and has improved every year since he's been a Canuck
  13. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Im not sure about Kotkaniemi rising THAT much, but I wouldn't be suprised if Zadina slips, Dobson really helped his cause during the memorial cup and defensemen being a premium position. Im not sure Zadina dalls that far but I can see Tkachuk tumbling