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  1. Keep dreaming. Expect one of podkolzin, hoglander, basically any of our top 3 prospects to go the other way. Tanev alone aint going to cut it, by a loooooooooooong shot
  2. 50/50 Theres a chance China ponies up whatever the NHL demands are, insurance, travel expenses etc. to get the NHL players on board. The Summer games in Beijing, China as CGIed a lot of their fireworks display and edited some footage to make their event look like a spectacle the world hasn't seen. My point is China having the games, they want to have the best or LOOK like they have the best, so I would think they would try to get the NHL on board. Unless of course if this corona virus stuff is still going on or another epidemic arises, Id give the olympics the bird
  3. If Boeser gets healthy, oh man, that 2nd line with Pearson, Toffoli, Horvat can do some damage with dirty goals and keeping the opposing team hemmed in their own zone as all 3 guys are fantastic down low and in the corners, absolutely perfect for playoff hockey. Another bonus of Toffoli being on the team which I don't think anybody has mentioned, he'll add some juice on PP2. Not too often we can trot out a proven goal scorer in the 2nd unit
  4. LOL when I saw this, I was like "Sanderson was here during Keenan(Burke?) era" then I remembered he had TWO stints with the Canucks. That guy was a goal scoring machine with Andrew Cassels when they were with the Whalers
  5. Yes and collecting abundant of prospects and draft picks but making the playoffs once in 10 years like the Blue Jackets is the way to go. Thats a sure way to get the fan base excited!
  6. I hope we get another D-man like a Luke Schenn type, low salary, competent. Our forwards depth in the farm is fairly decent (for now) with McEwen, Bailey, Baertchi, to a lesser extent Goldy and Boucher. One injury in the top 4 and we're hooped, I'd like to see that depth shored up. You can hide forwards depending on the matchup but its extremely tough to hide D-men
  7. The more I think about it, Im really really liking the trade for Toffoli. I know Madden is going to be a good player, I get that, but as stated by many people, he isn't going to be overtaking taking any of the 1st to 3rd line centre spots, and probably has 2-3 years before you can say Madden is a full timer in this league. I know we didn't expect it but the window for us to win has opened half way and you have to take chance to make some noise with a weak western division. Also, look at the team we have right now, we have 3 top-4 calibre Dmen ( I know theyve been suspect as of late) and 1 superstar on the blueline, one of the best goalies this year so far. There is absolutely NO guarantee in 2-3 years that will have that depth in the blueline and in goal as I don't think Woo, Juolevi etc. are going to contributors to the extent of Tanev and Edler are right now. This team is good enough to make noise, especially if Brock comes back hopefully in mid-April.
  8. He'd have to clear waivers which is very very unlikely to happen
  9. Yeah his skating and just the number of bodies we have in the roster and in the system. Virtanen, Leivo, McEwen, Pearson, Lind, Podz, Im not sure how he overtakes those guys unless moves are made by management. He could have a job though if were to grab 4th line spot and he'd look really good as the net front guy on the PP. Like you said though, his skating has improved, he's defintely ahead of Gauncer at the same age
  10. I sure hope so, because some of the radio guys have said that there is interest for McEwens services and would be snatched up if he were to hit the waiver wire. I think theres upside there and an untapped mean streak
  11. Schaller or Leivo. Id be keen on keeping Motte. He may not show up on the stat sheet but at least he does something every shift and his effort is never in question.
  12. filthycanuck

    NFL thread

    Are those "billion" people contributing to the revenues of the cricket world cup? Nope they aren't Say what you want about the NFL, but the NFL is a money making juggernaut, only European soccer rivals them, and Im not even sure thats true. To put in perspective, the NHL's tv deal with I think Rogers? is 2 billion in 10 years (200 mill per). The NFL's tv deals are about 5 Billion$ annually (i think its more) and they are only short term as they constantly renegotiate since they know there is a rabid demand for their product. Thats JUST tv, thats not including the gambling side, attendance, merchandise, sponsors, fantasy football, the list goes on and on. The NFL could go on strike, and have 0 attendance on all their stadiums, and the owners would still make money.
  13. filthycanuck

    NFL thread

    That stop and start fluff also makes more money in one year than the NHL does in 10 years