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  1. Yeah oleds are so delicate, i have both qled and oled and the latter is awesome but im just really careful with it. With a qled theres no worry for burn in. It seems oleds tend to have more problems than qled in a the long run. Im lucky mine hasnt had any but i know a few people that had banding or their screens have off colors. Samsungs have dependability
  2. If youre getting one, dont settle for anything less than qled or oled. Anything below those are irrelevant. Its not just the resolution youre going for but picture quality as well. Colors are more vibrant
  3. and yet Canucks fans have all the patience in the world for Lazy Jake. 2 seasons ago, Brock was the toast of the town and practically untouchable, now everybody wants to him out of city
  4. The Panthers wouldn't entertain that offer unless a significant young roster player is going there, IE Boeser . I wouldn't do that deal but Id be interested in the offer sheet route. A lot of teams will be in a cap crunch and wont be able to qualify some of their young players with the cap staying flat and most teams having a lower working budget
  5. Different situation, they couldn't move Luongo so they had to do the next best thing. Don't automatically expect the same kind of results, it coudlve been easily been Schneider - Nikushkin
  6. Its very tough especially not only is the cap going to be flat for at least 2-3 years but working budgets for some teams are going to be lower since theres little revenue coming in.
  7. I wouldn't worry about the Alberta teams. The Oilers have cap problems of their own especially when they paid an AHL calible goalie Koskinen 4 million. Flames I think are set, goaltending wasn't the biggest issue with their team, its the whole make up in general. I'd prefer Marky going to the east which is a very likely scenario
  8. absolutely right. Its Marky's turn to take care of good ol #1 which is himself, he deserves it. NHL careers are so finite that they need to cash in at some point, and after the 3 years Marky's shown, hes going to get maximum value and security whether its here which I doubt or somewhere else. I really do think he ends up in Carolina. Almost a mirror image of this team in terms of talent and where they are in their development. Only difference is they have the cap room and he's not looking over his shoulder for the foreeable future. If I was his agent, anything less than 6 - 6.5 and less than 5 years, Im hanging up the phone
  9. Holtby would go for at least 5 mill, he's got the resume that says so and would get some sort of security. The only guys we'll be getting backing up Demko are goalies that know they are 2nd fiddle, ie: James Reimer, that sort of deal. Reimer makes a lot of sense too if the dollar amount is right, his wife and her family is from here I believe
  10. filthycanuck

    NFL thread

    Pretty good game too. Waller was like a man amongst boys out there, B!tch slapping DBs and LBs covering him. Jacobs did a great job killing the clock and it was obvious M.Thomas was sorely missed. From what Ive seen so far, Ruggs hasn't looked very impressive
  11. filthycanuck

    NFL thread

    Yess sir, almost single handedly lost the game right there on that 3rd and 1. As if Russ needed to pad his stats some more
  12. filthycanuck

    NFL thread

    Yup. No one plays with more consistency than Russ. Best deep ball thrower in the league, he's making mediocre WRs look good. You can be blindfolded, stick your hands out and run in a straight line and Wilson can probably put it right on the money. Its incredible how he can throw the ball with different trajectories and be on target, full stride
  13. I gotta do what I gotta do! I just want my PS5 and perhaps even the new xbox (hopefully) Still debating on which to keep though, the digital ps5 or the disc one
  14. How much of a jump do you think SHLL is going to do once the merge happens? You think it will get low 90s like NKLA when the merge happened?
  15. filthycanuck

    NFL thread

    Mixon did better though last night. I don't understand why the coaching staff seem to love Bernard on passing downs. Joe can catch the ball and the guy is electric when he's in space