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  1. Benning is a superb scout not a good GM. Hopefully he can just get better with time.
  2. They have to be new. He is still a +20 goal scorer.
  3. Colorado is shopping Duchene for sure. Good fit for Kerfoot.
  4. Can we just get rid of Eriksonn? At this point I'll take a bag of pucks for him. He is taking a roster spot for one of our young stars.
  5. 5 years @ 5.5 avg
  6. You should probably sell it in the black market.... it will go for millions.
  7. Secretariat
  8. Raymond+Ballard+3rd for Pastrnak
  9. Virtanen-Gaudette-Boeser
  10. Don't forget Demko . Haters are going to hate.
  11. I rather give Yakupov a chance than seeing Chaput or Megna in the lineup.
  12. Trade Tanev to Toronto now!!
  13. Ty Rattie comes to mind.
  14. It pisses me off that we lost Tryamkin... I don't think we can afford losing Tanev now unless we get a good D prospect in return.