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  1. Quick question: Who would you rather have on your team, Setoguchi or MacArthur? Setoguchi is younger, but has been a disappointment for a few years. He's starting on a line with Cullen and Granlund. MacArthur is coming off a disappointing season after the surprising 60+ he put up. Lots of leafs fans speculate he has been bumped on the depth chart and will be a third liner. Either way, which one would you rather have in your hockey pool?
  2. Attn: Invalid Sources

    Your analogy makes very little sense, if any. And no, on trade deadline day, sportsnet knows they will have a high rating irregardless of who is on the show. The reason they chose to include Eklund was to have another individual with resources, with the hopes of breaking news sooner than other stations. To prove how Eklund swayed the ratings minimally, my friends and I all watched TSN throughout the day despite Eklund being on sportsnet.