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  1. Is John Torterella misusing Alex Edler?

    No, Edler isn't being misused... More like he's being exposed for being over rated... Like they say he's either Bobby Orr or Bambi... Unfortunately for us Canuck fans, more often than not he shows up as Bambi... He frustrates the crap outta me!!!!! He was once touted for being a possible Norris candidate... If he EVER wins that trophy I'll eat my jersey!!!
  2. Jason Garrison so far?

    Almost EVERYTHING is exaggerated on these boards... Most of the posters are school kids it seems thus the reason for panic and chaos that rules supreme here... Garrison is what I expected of him... Good solid defender with a boomer of a shot... Not flashy at all and I'm fine with that!!! I wished AV would keep him on the first unit PP though... I don't understand his refusal to do that!!!
  3. Vancity... One of the most beautiful cities on the planet!!!

  4. Jenna Jameson.... Nummy!!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. 22Sedinery33

      Lol most definitely, Tito Ortiz can have the sloppy seconds.

    3. Kumquats

      Have you seen what she looks like recently? It looks like Tito Ortix ground n pounded her face.

    4. Viking13

      For sure pre face lift... she looks hot in this pic but I've seen some less than flattering ones too... LOL

  5. Jenna Jameson.... Nummy!!!

    1. Luongo

      Dude, grow up. There are plenty of beautiful women, inside and out, out there waiting to be appreciated.

      No need to idolize some porn star as the ideal.

  6. Nice sig!!!! Tori Black is a goddess!!!!

  7. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    playing well right now....
  8. I love visiting your profile ;)

  9. Your sig is too funny!!!! Count Bettman!!! LOL... Made my day.. =)

  10. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Wow... This topic originally started two years ago!!! It's gotta be a record on CDC... This is a prime example of someone who can't handle the drugs he was taking when this was started back on Oct/08... LOL Now onto a real comment, I said that realistically it was going to take him approx five games to get his first one... Tonight's game four for him, but what better place to get his first one of the season!!! Go Burr, get a couple tonight and catch fire!!!!
  11. Who's that getting pounded in you avatar??