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  1. The true thanks goes to the mystery insider or terrible troll that changed Wikipedia in the first place but I'll take those kudos anytime thank you.
  2. I don't really see how you could spin it that the Canucks are mistreating Eriksson. They gave him a fat contract with big bonuses and gave him multiple opportunities to prove himself despite him struggling since day one. Instead of him taking responsibility for his own play he decides to blame the coach and allows his agent to basically ask for a trade. Bo Horvat has had a revolving door of line mates and most of them 3rd liners at best and has still been able to produce due to his strong work ethic. due to the age difference Eriksson may never be as good as Bo but I'll bet if he had the same work ethic he would be in the top 6.
  3. I think the most likely scenario is he is sent to Utica and hopefully doesn't report so they can terminate his contract but I think he will since he's still owed a lot of money. There is no way another team takes him unless we take on a comparable contract or add one hell of a sweetener. His attitude is becoming toxic and his effort level is completely unacceptable. The irony is he's only hurting himself in the future when he tries to get another team to sign him.
  4. Here comes another future case of rushing another promising young player. My condolences to Broberg's career. Why can't Edmonton just let their prospects develop a bit. Haven't their fan base suffered enough?
  5. Even though you are probably right they could always trade or buyout a couple of guys so it possible.
  6. Benning should call them up and offer Loui for a years supply of rice for the whole team lol
  7. Nope, just saw it. Figure it's a typo but figured I'd see if cdc heard anything
  8. Saw on wiki that Ferland is playing for vancouver. Typo or upcoming signing?
  9. What was the reason for him not being taken in the first round? On paper he seems to have all the tools and the drive to succeed but surely there must be some holes in his game that scared off some scouts. With more are more smaller players making an impact in the league you would think there would be less biased towards the bigger players unless of course skating is an issue.
  10. Does anyone know if Panarin has Vancouver on his list of destinations he's visiting?
  11. Is the case of him dropping due to teams scared that he's only doing well because he's more physically mature than most of his peers? It's kind of ironic that a lot of prospects are held back till they mature physically yet teams are sometimes reluctant to pick players who are already mature. I know there's more to it than being strong but he seems to have the tools to potentially make it, just a matter of how well his skill set translates.
  12. Part of me is kind of bummed that the chances of us going after Panarin are now Almost none. Sure, they could technically still afford him but they still need to upgrade the defence which won't be cheap and they need to be wary of the future with Pettersson and Hughes getting paid.
  13. Don't see all the fuss here, they acquired a top six forward which this team desperately needed. If the Canucks are at least not playoff worthy by 2021 then there's something greatly wrong here. Yes the defense needs work but we will have a full season of Hughes and maybe Juolevi as well. We still have cap to add another defenseman in the free agency and you have to think with the experience the core will get within two seasons should be enough to elevate us to fight for a playoff spot.
  14. If Calgary is looking to move Neal would an Eriksson for Neal swap make more sense? Neal is slightly younger and far less removed from a 25 goal season. He would be slightly cheaper but at longer term. Calgary might be willing to take less term and if Eriksson could rebound a bit, he could still be an effective 3rd liner for them.