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  1. I don't really see myself as a bandwagon fan even though on paper I would be considered one. watching a hockey game is like watching a murder mystery, it's all about the ending. knowing the outcome even before the start just ruins it and with the canucks not having the most exciting style it just doesn't make sense to waste 3 hours. I always keep up to date on my news and scores, I am always on cdc every day and support management. It's very rare I get to see a live game due to my schedule and the high prices, i also live outside vancouver which makes it even more expensive. I still watch games when I can and watch the highlights. I would bet there is a lot of fans like me that contributes to the overall down turn.
  2. As far as I'm concerned there isn't a clear cut text book way to rebuild. complete tear downs vs on the fly both have advantages and disadvantages but in the end it really boils down to the drafting. Toronto, along with Edmonton, have been focusing primarily on their forward depth while Vancouver has focused on defense and goaltending. now in my opinion goaltending and defence take a lot more work and patience but is far more rewarding in the end. Elite goaltending and defense are more valuable while forwards are much easier to acquire. Toronto will likely be competitive faster than vancouver but they have also been rebuilding for a lot longer.
  3. Willie Is trying to save his job. He knows he's on the hot seat so he's icing what he thinks is the most competitive line up. management wants to win so he won't give ice time to players he doesn't trust. if management was smart they would tell him to focus more on the young players and less on trying to win with the vets. willie has his mistakes but it's not his fault that he was given an inferior line up and asked to be playoff worthy. He likely will get fired but until some real talent gets put into the line up I doubt any coach will make a big difference.
  4. I wouldn't be against Griffith, I mean he can't make the teams offence any worse.
  5. No ownership will tolerate a losing environment, regardless if a team is rebuilding or not the goal is to be competitive. I may be in the minority but I don't think ownership is as involved as many claim they are. They are definitely involved as all ownership is but I highly doubt Aquillini is dictating moves. He owns the Canucks, they are his product and he is the one losing out when the team is bad and the canuck fan base has proven that they will not tolerate and pay to watch a losing team which is why he wants to win. a rebuild will happen and is happening it's just going to be a very slow process so we had better get used to losing for a while.
  6. There is no player or coach that I can say I truly hate but there are some that I lost respect for due to various reasons. 1. Anson Carter. Carter was a great surprise when he ripped it up with the Sedins so my issue is not with his play. I lost respect for him when he was offered a fair short contract to prove his great season was not a fluke but he chose instead a shorter term deal to cash in for slightly more money. 2. Ryan Kesler. In his prime with the canucks he was one of my favourite players, a true warrior but the way he handcuffed the team when he demanded a trade left a sour taste in my mouth. I understand it was his right to request a trade and choose his team but he could have been more respectful and at least given Benning more time to get better value. 3. Mark Messier. OK, admittedly I don't much remember his time with Vancouver so his inclusion to my list is purely based off what I have been told by others but even listening to how much he screwed up the team is worthy of disrespect. He not only mailed in his performance, and for a large salary, he also dismantled what made the team strong and put himself on top. 4. Matthew Schneider. At the time of the signing Schneider seemed like a great addition. Even at his age he still possessed the skill and experience to be a solid top 4 defenseman. His attitude quickly deteriorated by demanding top ice time and pp duties which drove him off the team in a short amount of time. No matter how much experience you have you have to earn your ice time which he clearly didn't intend to do. 5. Cody Hodgson. I remember screaming at the tv when they said Hodgson had been traded for Kassian. He was the first prospect in a long time who looked as if he might live up to his hype. To hear about all the whining and meddling from his family made me lose all respect for him. He had such promise only to throw it all away due to ego. No matter how great a player, it's a gift to play in the NHL not a right. Too bad he didn't learn that sooner.
  7. As far as I'm concerned Benning is no better nor worse than almost all gms, he has his successes and his failures just like any other. I can accept a deal that makes sense even when it doesn't always pan out and the only one that I don't think makes sense was the shinkaruk trade. He traded one of the few truly gifted offensive prospects away when this team is desperate for goal scorers for another redundant two way center. All of the other trades made sense at the time. Linden Vey was acquired to fill the need for a young nhl ready center since they didn't have a sure bet, Horvat was not expected to make the team when he did. I could go on about the others but everything I have to say about them has already been said countless times. Benning will contine to make some good moves and have some bad ones and whoever his eventual replacement will do the same.
  8. Even though it would likely bite the canucks in the butt at some point I think offer sheeting would benefit the NHL if it were more common. It would give more power to the players to opt out of a bad situation and would force hardball gms like Yzerman to make a play without dragging it out. Of course the drawbacks is that a team that's rich in young talent like Edmonton or Winnepeg could make themselves stronger without losing any immediate help but it would eliminate them from being able to offer sheet for a while depending on how much they gave up for said player.
  9. I agree with this, if it were just Tanev and a pick I would be all for it. Tanev is a very solid defenseman and I think he is definitely underrated for what he does but to think he could get landeskog is wishful thinking. The Avs would probably want Horvat or virtanen plus a high pick thrown in and that is just too much. I'd rather be patient and wait one more year for Boeser and whoever else hits the free agent market.
  10. Is it possible that a woman assistant or head coach will ever be in the NHL? If so how long from now? Personally I see it happening at some point, maybe not in the near near future but eventually. Women do play the game at a professional level and the principles of the game are the same although the men play more physical.
  11. At this point I could care less if he signs with the comets, I'm tired of the endless speculation. Hudler is a good player but by no means a game changer so I don't why he is holding out but I doubt there is a major bidding war so FFS just pick a damn team already!
  12. As a matter of fact I would say the same thing because it is still unfair to judge a situation when you don't have all the information. In the case you are referring to there is actual evidence to prove the cops killed the man after being subdued. In this situation we know the man was groping people, the police were called and shortly after the cops tackled him and hit him but we don't know what caused the police to use the force they did. Maybe he brandished a knife or some kind of weapon or tried to assault the police. The point is that until anyone should be judged all the information should be known. And for the record I hate cops who abuse their power and believe they should be held accountable for their actions in the same light as anyone else. If a cop commits murder then he should be tried and convicted the same sentence as anyone else.
  13. Both sides of the story should be told before any judgement is passed about the conduct of the officers use of force. I'm not suggesting that officers don't use excessive force but I find it hard to believe that the man was being completely "gentle" for the police to subdue him in the way they did. It's tragic that the man died but sometimes force is needed to incapacitate people, even if it seems excessive. I don't know the facts and it's possible and likely excessive force was used but I will reserve judgement until all the facts are made.
  14. I hate that that too much is made about who wins in a trade, it should be about wether the player coming back makes the team better for the present and future. Gudbranson fills a greater need than Mcann does and as of now is the better player. Mcann will likely be the better player in the future but Gudbranson will still be fulfilling his duty which will leave more room to replace Mcann.
  15. I feel like the Sutter trade might as well just happened since he barely played last year so it should be interesting to see how much of a difference having some center depth for a change. Gudbranson is the type of defenseman every team wants but doesn't want to pay for. His skill set is not sexy but very important, especially during the playoffs. The team is only a few pieces and better seasons from the young guns away from being a playoff team and the Sutter and Gudbranson deals will be a big part of that.