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  1. I don't actually watch Podz play and rely on those who actually do for updates but what seems to be so common in those updates is how many grade A set ups his linemates miss and people complain about lack of IQ and production. I get the impression that if he had linemates who had better finish he would have much more appealing stats. He sounds more like a playmaker than a goal scorer which is fine because we have lots of shooters and potentially hogs on the way too.
  2. I remember years ago back when the past regime was at their peak, just before 2011, one of the Canuck players in an interview said that sometimes the team got complacent during the game because they assumed that their superior skill would take over so they wouldn't put as much effort in. I can't remember who said it but it reminds me of how Toronto is playing right now.
  3. In my opinion they have too many chiefs and not enough indians. Because of their abundance of high scoring forwards its like they all think the other guy is going to score so I don't have to worry. They need do drop the caviar and get a little of bit meat and potatoes
  4. Horvat is first player that comes to mind for me as well. Horvat has above average skill but elite work ethic and a as long as Podz keeps his motor always running he will find a way to get his points just like Bo, they might not always be pretty but they will count all the same.
  5. I don't see him leaving early honestly, unless the Canucks guarantee him a spot on the roster. Like previous posters have said, getting a degree from Harvard is like finding the golden ticket and almost guarantees a lucrative career in the real world while making the NHL full time is a long shot even if a player is skilled enough.
  6. When is he going to graduate? It feels like Rathebone has been in the system forever.
  7. It's a gamble. Every team has just set their roster and there is a very long list of players waived to go through. If he gets claimed then they get cap space to potentially be able to take on more cap in a trade or at least have some wiggle room. If he's not then they can recall him immediately if they want or wait till an injury occurs which won't take long. He's not in there long term plans anyways so as disappointed as I am I can accept it.
  8. If Baertschi is indeed waived count me amongst the disappointed and shocked but I always knew he was not going to be apart of the core going forward. We all knew he was a placeholder until better talent came along and add his injury history into the fold giving him another lucrative contract would not make sense. Having said that, there are other short term players I'd waive before him. No need to mention them because we all Know who they are.
  9. Thanks, in that case I guess the best option is sportsnet but either way blackouts suck lol.
  10. I'm thinking about ordering NHL Live but know they have blackouts so can anyone tell me how many Canuck games will be available? And if it's not worth it is there any other better streaming service to watch Canuck games?
  11. I have a contract idea, what do you think? 8 year deal worth 60 million cap hit of 7.5 million ( assuming it's still calculated by average) first 2 years would be 6 million, next 2 are 7 million followed by 8 million then by 9 million in the last 2 years.
  12. Sounds like he could develop into a solid 3rd pairing defenseman. He sounds like Tanev, makes safe defensive plays, not the biggest player and has a weak wrister but accurate. Hopefully he is a little more durable.
  13. I agree with you but like I said they all get paid in the end. In my opinion what Boeser gets is irrelevant because Petey's agent will just use someone else's contract as an example. Unfortunately overpaying is inevitable. Even if the Canucks decided to trade Boeser instead the player, who had better be of equal Calibre, will eventually demand the same money. I don't like the system but that's the way it is and I don't see players taking any sort of discounts in the foreseeable future.
  14. I'm in the camp that says screw it and try to sign him for more now but long term, like 8 x 8. Is it a gamble? Absolutely. Is it an overpayment based on his production thus far? Definitely. The system sucks but it is what it is. Finding players of his Calibre are not easy by way of trade or the draft and sooner or later they always get paid. I'd be willing to gamble that Boeser will be at the very least a consistent 30g scorer just based on who he will be playing with. We might overpay now but in the end it would be a bargain. Don't forget inflation as well. It seems contracts will keep getting more expensive over time so 8 mill a season could be a steal in 5 years time.