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  1. Thanks, in that case I guess the best option is sportsnet but either way blackouts suck lol.
  2. I'm thinking about ordering NHL Live but know they have blackouts so can anyone tell me how many Canuck games will be available? And if it's not worth it is there any other better streaming service to watch Canuck games?
  3. I have a contract idea, what do you think? 8 year deal worth 60 million cap hit of 7.5 million ( assuming it's still calculated by average) first 2 years would be 6 million, next 2 are 7 million followed by 8 million then by 9 million in the last 2 years.
  4. Sounds like he could develop into a solid 3rd pairing defenseman. He sounds like Tanev, makes safe defensive plays, not the biggest player and has a weak wrister but accurate. Hopefully he is a little more durable.
  5. I agree with you but like I said they all get paid in the end. In my opinion what Boeser gets is irrelevant because Petey's agent will just use someone else's contract as an example. Unfortunately overpaying is inevitable. Even if the Canucks decided to trade Boeser instead the player, who had better be of equal Calibre, will eventually demand the same money. I don't like the system but that's the way it is and I don't see players taking any sort of discounts in the foreseeable future.
  6. I'm in the camp that says screw it and try to sign him for more now but long term, like 8 x 8. Is it a gamble? Absolutely. Is it an overpayment based on his production thus far? Definitely. The system sucks but it is what it is. Finding players of his Calibre are not easy by way of trade or the draft and sooner or later they always get paid. I'd be willing to gamble that Boeser will be at the very least a consistent 30g scorer just based on who he will be playing with. We might overpay now but in the end it would be a bargain. Don't forget inflation as well. It seems contracts will keep getting more expensive over time so 8 mill a season could be a steal in 5 years time.
  7. The long-term health of the team is the biggest question mark this year just like has been every year. It seems the Canucks manage to stay competitive up until Christmas and then it all falls apart, largely due to injuries and not having the depth to overcome them. On paper we have better depth than last year but that extra depth is already on the roster so what about the farm team depth? Hopefully some of our prospects in Utica manage to take a big step forward in their development this year and are capable producing when called up or else the results will likely be the same as always.
  8. There's nothing wrong with a healthy debate, pointing out flaws or simply being optimistic but can we not all at least wait till he actually plays before passing final judgement? He's not old and he's not a bust but no doubt he has a lot of ground to cover to live up to his draft position. I for one choose to be optimistic but cautious. I see him being an NHL player but it's a matter of him being a top 2, 4 or bottom 6.
  9. The true thanks goes to the mystery insider or terrible troll that changed Wikipedia in the first place but I'll take those kudos anytime thank you.
  10. I don't really see how you could spin it that the Canucks are mistreating Eriksson. They gave him a fat contract with big bonuses and gave him multiple opportunities to prove himself despite him struggling since day one. Instead of him taking responsibility for his own play he decides to blame the coach and allows his agent to basically ask for a trade. Bo Horvat has had a revolving door of line mates and most of them 3rd liners at best and has still been able to produce due to his strong work ethic. due to the age difference Eriksson may never be as good as Bo but I'll bet if he had the same work ethic he would be in the top 6.
  11. I think the most likely scenario is he is sent to Utica and hopefully doesn't report so they can terminate his contract but I think he will since he's still owed a lot of money. There is no way another team takes him unless we take on a comparable contract or add one hell of a sweetener. His attitude is becoming toxic and his effort level is completely unacceptable. The irony is he's only hurting himself in the future when he tries to get another team to sign him.
  12. Here comes another future case of rushing another promising young player. My condolences to Broberg's career. Why can't Edmonton just let their prospects develop a bit. Haven't their fan base suffered enough?
  13. Even though you are probably right they could always trade or buyout a couple of guys so it possible.
  14. Benning should call them up and offer Loui for a years supply of rice for the whole team lol