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  1. Is it possible that a woman assistant or head coach will ever be in the NHL? If so how long from now? Personally I see it happening at some point, maybe not in the near near future but eventually. Women do play the game at a professional level and the principles of the game are the same although the men play more physical.
  2. At this point I could care less if he signs with the comets, I'm tired of the endless speculation. Hudler is a good player but by no means a game changer so I don't why he is holding out but I doubt there is a major bidding war so FFS just pick a damn team already!
  3. As a matter of fact I would say the same thing because it is still unfair to judge a situation when you don't have all the information. In the case you are referring to there is actual evidence to prove the cops killed the man after being subdued. In this situation we know the man was groping people, the police were called and shortly after the cops tackled him and hit him but we don't know what caused the police to use the force they did. Maybe he brandished a knife or some kind of weapon or tried to assault the police. The point is that until anyone should be judged all the information should be known. And for the record I hate cops who abuse their power and believe they should be held accountable for their actions in the same light as anyone else. If a cop commits murder then he should be tried and convicted the same sentence as anyone else.
  4. Both sides of the story should be told before any judgement is passed about the conduct of the officers use of force. I'm not suggesting that officers don't use excessive force but I find it hard to believe that the man was being completely "gentle" for the police to subdue him in the way they did. It's tragic that the man died but sometimes force is needed to incapacitate people, even if it seems excessive. I don't know the facts and it's possible and likely excessive force was used but I will reserve judgement until all the facts are made.
  5. I hate that that too much is made about who wins in a trade, it should be about wether the player coming back makes the team better for the present and future. Gudbranson fills a greater need than Mcann does and as of now is the better player. Mcann will likely be the better player in the future but Gudbranson will still be fulfilling his duty which will leave more room to replace Mcann.
  6. I feel like the Sutter trade might as well just happened since he barely played last year so it should be interesting to see how much of a difference having some center depth for a change. Gudbranson is the type of defenseman every team wants but doesn't want to pay for. His skill set is not sexy but very important, especially during the playoffs. The team is only a few pieces and better seasons from the young guns away from being a playoff team and the Sutter and Gudbranson deals will be a big part of that.
  7. It all comes down to price for me. If a deal could be made not involving significant assets then I'd take a chance on him. I would not give up any young players or high draft picks, maybe the Tortorella pick, but Buffalo will still try to salvage something for him so he still won't come cheap.
  8. As far as I'm concerned Edmonton got better today. They definitely overpaid with Hall but with Puljujärvi and possibly Lucic coming into the lineup losing Hall will not be such a big loss offensively. The price for young top 4 Dmen just went up even more today so just imagine what Juolevi will be worth if he becomes a top 2 or better. Larsson will no doubt benefit from playing with all the elite talent but the oilers need defense not more offense so if they are smart they will let Larsson play to his strengths.
  9. I know nothing about Larsson so I can't fairly criticise this trade but above all else I'll give Chiarelli props for making a bold move that should have been done a long time ago. Larsson is an unknown to a lot of people because he has been stuck in a terrible market. It will be interesting to see if he has been pulled down by mediocrity or has been contributing to it.
  10. No I wouldn't say go full rebuild because this draft just proves there's no guarantee that rebuilding and going full tank, as far as I'm concerned they are the same thing, are going to result in getting a top 3 pick. I still want to see Benning and Linden target more offense but I don't think it really matters who it is out of the choices there are. I'm not getting hyped by whoever they sign, I'm more looking forward to the progress of the young guns and the potential surprises that may get called up this year.
  11. I don't really care one way or another at this point. There isn't one player on the market that will solve the offensives woes. The only player that could make an impact is Stamkos but signing him is a pipe dream. The rest are just more bandaid solutions. Until the canucks draft some more top offensive prospects or make a deal for some young scorers, which will cost more than they are worth, it will be the same story every year.
  12. He will sign in Edmonton. Every time Vancouver is a front runner with Edmonton being one too, they always choose Edmonton. The only good thing about that is it usually does Edmonton more harm than good.
  13. I agree that it's a good thing Benning and Linden have stuck to their game plan and continue to build their identity. Gillis made the mistake of trying to copy the winning model at the time but as far as I'm concerned there isn't one style to rule them all. It takes a combination of different skill sets and personalities plus the right amount of luck to win. I don't see the point in putting a rating on the draft at this point because outside the first round all the players are essentially nobody's and nobody knows who will turn out to be what. Some of the greatest players were later picks and biggest busts were top picks so it makes sense to wait a few years before we deem this draft a success or not.
  14. For some reason I never got excited about the possibility of drafting Tkachuk, maybe because up till now is was always between him and PLD who I was higher on. Tkachuk will no doubt be a good player and I would have been happy to have him but nobody can doubt his stats were inflated. I dont think we will see Juolevi for a couple of seasons so it's really going to suck watching him rack up points in Calgary, his stats will get inflated again playing with Gaudreau and Monahan. I just really hope Juolevi becomes a top 2 defenseman to make up for the inevitable whining that will ensue shortly.
  15. My initial reaction was disappointment and honestly I still am to a certain degree. After finally coming to terms with losing out on the top 3 and getting excited about getting PLD or MT, the kind of forwards the Canucks need, the pick was bit of a shocker and it doesn't help seeing the damn oilers get rewarded yet again for sucking hard. That being said, I have little insight on Juolevi and I do trust Bennings judgement so I'm going to be as optimistic as I can. If Juolevi reaches his potential or at least close to it then the canucks will have a player teams would bend over to trade for. The drawback to defenseman is they take longer to develop so it sucks that we likely won't see him for a long time, kind of like a shiny new toy your parents put away till your older.