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    Love to play hockey,volleyball and golf. I'm a huge movie freak since i have almost 1900 movies on dvd and i do like music. Most of all i love the canucks!!!

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  1. JC2

    Escape rooms

    Did one recently and thought it was fun but it's definitely something you don't do too frequently and make sure you have a few people to make it more interesting. My group was 4 in total and we did not solve it. It definitely feels better if you figure it out.
  2. As sad as it might be that men and women have to get their rocks off by doing a padded piece of plastic would we rather see real people selling themselves? Nobody is getting hurt and the dolls certainly ain't going to complain.
  3. I think if they are then they are making a mistake in my opinion. Last year was a Cinderella story with almost the whole team having career years and Fleury standing on his head. They should be using this time to build some organizational depth instead of squandering the few good prospects they have
  4. The one stroke of genius that Trump has done since the begining, by his design or by another, is that he has surrounded himself with people who are just as corrupt, stupid and easily manipulated as he is which he is using as a shield himself. Eventually he will run out of scapegoats and human shields and might even get impeached if the world is lucky but sadly he will get the benefit of going back to being a full-time billionaire while whoever takes over will have one hell of a mess to clean up.
  5. JC2

    Romantic Love - fate or choice?

    I believe that love is a choice and one you have to make everyday. I think some people spend too much time looking for "the one" like there is that perfect person just for them but there's no such thing as perfection. We all have flaws, quirks, bad habits and idiosyncrasies that separate us and I believe we have to choose to accept those in the person we love. Me and my girlfriend are almost totally opposites about everything and our differences cause us to clash now and then but we choose to see the good in each other even though sometimes its hard.
  6. JC2

    Jonah Gadjovich | LW

    I think the difference between the AHL and NHL is the expectations. In the NHL you have to produce and making mistakes can cost you ice time while playing in the AHL is mostly about development so mistakes are forgivable.
  7. You are probably right but I don't think they will get what they want for him in the end. I'm assuming he has a NTC and a NMC so he dictates where he goes which drives his price down plus he's disgruntled in Ottawa and he's on his last year of his contract. We all know other Gms will use whatever means and excuse to get the player they want cheaper. The next contract he gets will be likely rivaling what Taveras got so whoever gets him has to have the cap as well. In my opinion if you add it all up I just don't see as many trading partners as it appears but who knows.
  8. Karlsson is Ottawa's last big trading chip so you just know they will not settle for anything less than an enormous offer. However, they don't want exactly have the luxury of time so I'm thinking they are in danger of holding out too long and are forced to accept way less than they expected. Regardless of who gets him I know it won't be the Canucks, he just doesn't make sense given where the team is at right now.
  9. Taveras definitely makes them better now but the precident they just set with that contact could potentially gut them down the road. Imagine how much marner and Mathews will want if they put the same numbers as Taveras. They better go all out for the cup now because they are going to become like Tampa Bay back when they won their last cup.
  10. JC2

    Artyom Manukyan | RW

    The one question I have is have the Canucks reached out to him to see if he even has any desire to play in the NHL? I know typically there is dialogue but in this case it seems like they are hoping he's willing to come over.
  11. JC2

    Artyom Manukyan | RW

    He fits the bill for what they are looking for being highly skilled and fast and he's such a long shot just based on his draft position alone so what the hell. It's more interesting than drafting a bunch of hopeful plugs.
  12. When Benning acquired Baertschi and Grandlind they didn't really have anyone from the farm challenging for a spot so all Benning could do is be patient and hope they turned out but now theres a surplus and neither of them have really solidified their spot as key players in that time. Injuries or not they have both been average and with there being so much hungry talent coming they have to start proving they can elevate their games or be replaced by someone who can. Needless to say, it's going to be a very interesting camp.
  13. I'm in the dry goods side and I typically do 100% or slightly better like 102% but that's because I don't typically go to fast right off the bat. Some people can do 120% daily but they are in the minority. I personally focus on making a good story pallet rather than throwing it together but that's just me.
  14. I currently work at ev logistics and I don't think it's too bad. When I read 120 cases an hour being a hardship I have to assume their system is much different because we get on average an hour and a half to do 260+ cases and it's not that hard. But then again if they are on foot I can see it being difficult since I use a machine to get around.
  15. JC2

    Hollywood sucks these days

    There was a time when I hated old movies, and when I say old movies I mean movies from the 40s, 50s and 60s but I now appreciate them for their story's and characters even if the special effects can be terrible. You can guarantee each year that 99% of the movies released are either garbage or at least watchable with the 1% being actual quality. Mind you, I still love watching movies. Even with the same story being reused over and over again I find them to be a nice distraction from the world.