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  1. The only way someone puts a bullet in his head and doesn't cause an international incident is if it's from one of his own people but for whatever reason they seem to support him. The only way this ends peacefully is if and when the rest of the world, including NKs allies step in and stop kim. As long as he has allies or thinks he does he will continue this campaign and even if he continued regardless of the intervention of his allies then at least it will be his own undoing and not the rest of the world.
  2. Any fellow Dexter's laboratory watchers? I watch it on you tube occasionally and it's still entertaining. Gone are days of entertaining kid shows, all that's left is these crappy ram the education down your throat shows.
  3. Scooby Doo Recess Loony toons SpongeBob SquarePants ( I still watch it lol)
  4. If I had to choose my best qualities I'd say that I'm very patient and easy going and I don't have a racist or prejudice bone in my body. I'm accepting and don't care about wealth or prestige. However, my bad qualities are that I very stubborn and I am not a good people person. I don't have a problem with people but unless someone starts a conversation that i find interesting then I will rarely be the first to talk. I lack motivation and don't have big goals in my life, I prefer the simple life. All in all like anyone else I have my imperfections but thats what makes us all different. The world would be pretty boring if we were all exactly the same.
  5. The Canucks would have to offer him a guaranteed roster spot for him to even consider van but I highly doubt Benning will do that. A team like Toronto will give in to all his demands and give him all the signing bonuses possible.
  6. I just got one as my previous contract expired and even though I haven't had it long I would say it's a solid phone. The only phone I can compare it to is my previous one which was the Galaxy S4 and overall I'd say they are fairly even. The pixel has a better camera while I liked the screen of the Galaxy better. What I mean by screen is just the overall look and feel of it. The one noticeable feature I like about the pixel is it's much faster and that it has a finger print lock which is quite handy. If I had to choose a con I would say some of the features seem hard to find. For example you have to manually turn on the notification blinking light which took a bit of looking to figure out but like I said I have not had it long. Overall I'd recommend it. Hope that helps.
  7. I have a question here, what's stopping other car insurance companies from setting up shop here? Is there some kind of law or are they afraid to compete with the government? You would think given the insane prices that another insurance company could make a fortune by offering cheaper rates.
  8. Between Reinhart and liljegren I'd take Reinhart honestly. He's more proven and despite the potential some of our center prospects have shown they still could end up not being top 6 material. I'm not suggesting Reinhart is not without risk, he may never be better than he is but I'd wager he's going to improve with enough experience and be a solid second line center and if one or more of the prospects turns out as good as we hope them we have depth to trade for whatever is needed.
  9. I thought I was the only one thinking this. Look, I know being a canuck fan hating Toronto is like a god given right but to suggest a consistent 60 point player who is still in his prime is not worth a great defensively albeit limited in skill and injury prone defenseman is rdiculous. I have the utmost respect for what Tanev brings to the team but I think we are severely over valuing him. That being said I also agree that getting a player like jvr just doesn't make sense. The whole point of people wanting to trade Tanev now is to capalize on his value before he gets too old so getting an older player back who doesn't fit the direction does not make sense. A young defenseman or a collection of draft picks is what they should be targeting. As for the rumors regarding Buffalo and Reinhart they also don't make much sense. Yes Buffalo needs defense and to be competitive but why trade one of their prized young players for a significantly older player? Surely if they are willing to move Reinhart they could find a team willing to part with a younger defenseman with better upside. The only way I see a Reinhart for Tanev deal happen is at the deadline with buffalo looking like they are in a position to make a playoff push and still need that last piece.
  10. Im not against signing players like these. If they have decent seasons then they become assets to move later and If anything has been proven over the last two years it's tanking is not worth being terrible for. I'd rather see a respectable team that has a chance to win every night and is entertaining to watch than a guaranteed loser.
  11. I'm not going to pretend that I know anything about Pettersson, or any of the prospects for that matter, but from what I heard and read I was really hoping to get Glass. Glass just sounded like a more sexy and exciting player which is what this franchise desperately needs but like I said, what do I know? Hopefully the Sedins will stick around long enough to mentor the boy and hopefully his supposed chemistry with Dahlen translates to the NHL. We could be seeing the future 2nd line of the Canucks.
  12. If he signs with the oilers then all I can say is f@ck Foo!
  13. Seabrook might be aging but he's still a solid defenseman with a few good years in him left and even though his contract will eventually become an anchor he still has value on his own. This is not Dipietro were talking so the notion that Chicago is going to sell the farm to move him is ridiculous, they would definitely have to add a sweetner to the deal but not what some people expect. Tanev is a solid defensive defenseman with very limited offence and prone to injury, he won't get a kings ransom by himself and Chicago won't give a kings ransom to move a still solid player. I just don't see how a deal makes sense between these two teams.
  14. Guardians of the galaxy vol 2 7/10 In my opinion the first one had a bit better story while this one focused more on the relationships between the characters while being much more over the top. They did a good job of answering a lot of the questions for the first one and in the end it's obvious what direction the third one will go in.
  15. If that's the case then anyone making 16$ an hour and up essentially get nothing while those who don't work get almost 17k to do nothing. I'm all for a basic income as long as it doesn't benefit those who don't want to work.