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  1. Unfortunately the Canucks don't really have the pieces to make the deal, at least expendable pieces. Hamhuis is the only defenseman that makes sense from our perspective but at his age and being a Free agent he's just not worth it for a young top 4 guy and losing Tanev would be a mistake, we need to add not subtract. Vrbata is the same story as Hamhuis and giving up one of Horvat, Mcann or Virtanen should not an option. One way or another the Canucks are going to have to overpay if they want a top 4 defenseman and I would rather overpay on the free agent market next year than squandering assets.
  2. Horvat or McCann

    In the long run Mcann will likely be the better offensive player but Horvat will be the better all around player but both will be equally important. Mcann has the advantage of being one of the new kids on the block and doesn't have the same expectations or match ups Horvat has to face. Horvat has been struggling offensively a bit but he's doing the right things so eventually the points will come. No matter what the outcome of this season is it's reassuring to see the team finally has some soiid players ready to take over soon and who knows what next the draft will bring.
  3. Canucks Recall Biega and Gaunce

    It's a shame to lose Hamhuis and Prust but it comforting to have able bodies to fill in, plus it's a bonus to finally see Gaunce on the team.
  4. Discussion: Baertschi losing favour with Willie

    I think saying Baertschi losing favour with Willie is putting it quite strongly, it's only been 4 games and with 2 other rookies auditioning for full time jobs there's going to be a lot of lineup juggling until the roster is set. Baertschi will be get his chances, more so than others because of his waiver eligability so I expect to see him here till the end but it's up to him how much he will play and where. I bet there's a lot of good players not looking too good in their first few games.
  5. So you think that Gaunce or Mcann will be perfect if they make it, that they will not make many mistakes? If every team gave up on their rookies for making mistakes or for their weaknesses after one season then there wouldn't be many young players left in the league. You cannot expect a rookie to play like a seasoned pro after one year. Vey has paid his dues in the AHL, more so than Gaunce and already has a decent NHL season under his belt so why does he not deserve to build on it. You mentioned Kassian and all his chances he had, he wasn't given one season he was given several and not just by this team. Vey needs a chance to show he can learn from his mistakes and he can't do that if he isn't given that chance. Virtanen, Gaunce, Mcann or any other rookie are all the same they deserve their chance to make the mistakes at the NHL level and to build on them and you don't do that in one season. Ask any vet how they got where they are, it wasn't by being perfect.
  6. Wow, the hate for vey is strong on this forum. I don't have a problem with criticizing the players as long as it's constructive and unfortunately it seems there's not too many people who understand what that means. Vey didn't set the hockey world on fire last season but he definitely had a solid rookie season and he deserves a chance to build on that wether it's with this team or another. The number one problem with Vey is that he is the victim of the depth chart just like L.A, he's not going to to produce playing on the 4th line with players like Prust or Dorsett but unless major injuries occur he won't see much time in the top six where he needs to be in order to produce. I believe Vey will be on this team and when given the chance I hope he proves everyone wrong.
  7. First off, I have been working in "low skill" jobs for the past 5 years now and let me tell you the jobs concept may not be hard to grasp but that doesn't mean the people working them don't work hard and/or don't deserve a liveable wage. That being said I don't think simply raising the minimum wage to said amount would really change anything. Whenever wages go up jobs become more scarce, hours get cut and the price of everything goes up so it ends up being no different then it was before.
  8. If he does indeed get a 5 year 4m+ deal then it would be very similar to the Kessler deal, pay more now for a discount down the road, the only question is if he can produce better. Bonino might be on a bargain contract now but he will command a big pay raise too, potentially more since he will likely score more due to being in the east and on a much more offensive team.
  9. Unfortunately raising minimum wage doesn't really battle poverty since businesses will just hike prices, cut hours and lay off staff resulting in a higher unemployment rate. There should be incentive for small and large businesses to keep their imployees and prices the same, maybe tax breaks or some sort of compensation to pay their employees better. We all know that won't happen though and at this point living on welfare is better for some people.
  10. What is the best name in hockey?

    Ruslan Fedotenko
  11. (Article) Mike Burnstein fired!

    Don't see all the fuss, it's too bad to see someone lose their job but it's not like they are going to replace him with someone working for Jenny Craig. Maybe the old boys club is starting to get dismantled?, maybe Burnstein was more friend than trainer? Who knows but it's not the end of the world and certainly no reason to spew even more BS hate that's already been spread.
  12. Explain Your Reasoning

    I chose to go with surrounding younger players with vets with character. I think we need the young players to take on more prominent roles and have the vets be their support and I think this is where the team is heading in the long run. At the moment we still do not have the players to completely replace the vets but if we continue to give more spots to the young ones and let them earn their minutes then they will eventually become the leaders. Horvat is on the right track and I think this season we will see a few more emerge as well.