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  1. Clean. House. Garbage management. Garbage coaches. Garbage players save for like 3. Tank this year and let's try this again next year?! Nah, we'll probably suck in that one too. And the one after that, and the next one, and the nex.....
  2. True. But Boeser should be held at a different and higher standard than most of our players. He is part of that core group of 4. We want him to be great and not take nights off like he does a lot of the time. EP, Hughes, Horvat all work hard and are give an honest effort every shift. Boeser appears to be happy doing the bare minimum and collecting a few apples and the odd goal here and there.
  3. I understand. It's hard to recognize the flaws of your favourite players sometimes. Love the relevant pic too.
  4. I agree. You see flashes of him working hard and skating, but it's never consistent, which leads me to believe he CAN but is just a lazy player/doesn't want to commit to it. Bridging him was definitely the right move. If this is the player he is, we should look to move him while he still has perceived value.
  5. Take the rose-coloured glasses off. He's a lazy player who thinks getting his points is all he needs to do. Love the gif btw.
  6. Green suck and that 7-game winning streak hadn’t convinced me and others otherwise, but it’s good to see him hold Boeser accountable by demoting him. There’s an elephant in the room in terms of Boeser’s effort level and overall play. He doesn’t have great IQ, makes poor decisions when pressured (watch him on the PP), doesn’t have that great shot he once had, etc. This would all be forgiven/forgotten to an extent if he showed he was really trying hard/skating, but he doesn’t do that. He floats worse than Kyle Wellwood. He’s always upright, stick on his knees, waiting for EP or Miller to do all the heavy work. Because he’s in that core group of 4 (EP, Hughes, Horvat), everyone gives him a free pass. Hopefully Green stays sticks with these lineups when it's game time so the message can get across.
  7. Benning does not get 3 coaches. He should be fired, along with Green. Benning's mediocre drafting doesn't offset his crappy pro-scouting, poor management of the farm team, player contracts (imagine Myers two years from now), and general intelligent foresight to plan ahead.
  8. This is good. Now, instead of making it trend on twitter, the fans need to chant it in rogers arena like they did for Gillis.
  9. My Lord. 2 more years after this at 3m for what exactly? Bench-warming? Keeping the bench door safely shut? Cuz it can't be for veteran leadership/mentorship reasons judging by our record.
  10. You don't think it would be for the overpaid, garbage bottom six we have? Or our current cap situation being maxed out with our two best players still on their rookie deals? Or the fact that the team has to rely on a rookie, 20 yr old dman to play 25+ minutes a night because he has done jack to improve that area since he became GM? Holding onto Green is like #50 on the list of Benning's blunders.
  11. Jim Benning, thank you giving us arguably the worst era of Canucks hockey. Fire this idiot before the moron coach please.
  12. Welp. It's not even Christmas and I'm starting to scoreboard watch to see if any of the teams below us in the standings win. This another failure of a season will be worth it if both Benning and Green are gonzo at the end of the season.
  13. Wow this team is bad. We're getting close to the dark days of the WD era.
  14. Vegas plays beautiful, entertaining hockey. Too bad we suck AND don't play entertaining hockey.
  15. This game and the next two are huge. Lose those and we're most likely saying the all too familiar Vancouver Canucks proverb that seems to be a recurring theme with Benning in charge: "There's always next year..."