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  1. 5 years is pretty damn good. Cap hit is alright. Overall, not bad by Benning's standards. I guess Benning really wants to keep his job.
  2. Can't wait to count down the days/months/years until the end of another astute, overpaid free agent signing.
  3. The only winner that comes out of this is Chicago. They blocked our path to the Cup twice when we were prime to make deep runs, are cap free from Hossa, are on the upswing from a successful retool, and, lastly, bestowed the greatest nickname a player could have. Thanks for the amazing memories, 7uongo!
  4. Still hate it. Tampa was the desperate team yet this feels like Benning was the one that caved/got outplayed. I don't see why we couldn't continue to draft and develop like we had been doing since the Boeser pick. Let the players organically figure it out, keep drafting high, and when there is tangible proof that the team has turned the corner, make this type of deal. We are still a bottom 10 team and Aquilini's comment saying "the dark are over" indicates this team thinks the rebuild is over after 2-3 years when it clearly is not.
  5. The final nail was the Gudbranson trade. If Gillis doesn’t get fired in 2014, we have Larkin instead of Virtanen. The whole complexion of the team changes and we likely aren’t the worst team these past 4 years that trades first round picks as if were playoff contenders.
  6. It’s starting to feel like Benning just isn’t smart or savvy enough to pull off these kinds of deals. We’ve been begging/waiting for him to relieve cap for teams in exchange for picks for years now and he hasn’t delivered.
  7. Man, Gillis would have never let this happen. Sure, he probably would’ve drafted a dud with the first pick, but he never got owned like Benning does every trade/FA signing.
  8. It’s so disheartening; seeing well-run teams like Tampa and Carolina being proactive and improving their team by acquiring draft picks even when they are perennial or soon to be perennial Cup contenders. Meanwhile, this directionless, cluster $&@? of an org can’t seemingly get a first round draft pick, let alone an extra 2nd or 3rd, unless only on the grounds a player demands for a trade or a coach gets hired by another team.
  9. Aquilini should’ve let Gillis see through his plan/rebuild. We would have had Larkin instead of Virtanen. Brackett would still have had his guys he favoured (Boeser, Demko, Gaudette, Madden), and Gradin the same with EP. Firing Gillis has literally cost us 10 years and soon to be 15-20.
  10. How the f$&@ does Tampa, a top team for a decade, get a first rounder, and the Canucks, the worst team in almost 5 years that should be rebuilding, get ZERO extra draft picks. FIRE BENNING
  11. Wow this is truly awful. Benning literally had to do nothing and these past two days would’ve been a success. I hate this so much.
  12. Pride. Right. Where's the pride been these past 4 seasons? This team is composed of so much unlikable trash. I hate it.
  13. Not panicking. Frustrated that we are winning games at the expense of EP getting targeted/hurt without a response in these mean nothing games.