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  1. Why do people think this kid cant play hockey! he would have better progressive numbers at the ahl level if he had played as many games as coho. He would be about 14 behind in the NHl as well and thats on a much worse team! Seriously people do some research and take the homer glasses of. This kid got the shaft in buffalo and deserves much better, he will get tons of opportunity in vancouver and i will even go on a limb and say next season he has a higher point total then coho. Coho is playing with a whole new beast now. He goes into buffalo and will be there 1 or 2 center and get the top d pairings almost every shift. he doesnt have the skillset to deal with them on a consistent basis yet i think otherwise at least kassian can compete with anyone physically in the playoffs and he will go to the corners and dirty areas something cody cant do. If it becomes a 5 on 5 war we need a kassian type. sort it out
  2. Being a vancouver fan is tough sometimes not because of these trades but the dumb reactions from fans that know nothing about anything and just enjoying typing on their computer. Get this straight, zach kassian can be a bertuzzi in his prime type of player but that will fight more. This is a big kid with good hands who wont back down from anyone and will go to the dirty areas something we desperatly need if our pp isnt clicking in the postseason. Yes coho is a great kid, good player but everyone is selling the farm on him and im not buying it. He is achieving good numbers on the third line no question, however he isnt going up against the best d pairings or even solid 2 way centres. Has he had moments of brilliance no doubt about it. To me though getting a kassian type player is great for this franchise we needed that desperatly, now we have 2 good big men in kassian and jensen coming through, schroeder is playing really well right now and looks ready to make the jump next year so its trading an asset for an asset. I wll be watching buffalo for the rest of the year though i really think cody is going to struggle playing against the top pairings in the east in the coming weeks, looks like he will play with vanek and pomminville, regardless if the nucks win the cup nothing else matters, period.