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  1. Worst commentators ever.

    Despite many who would argue with me, I actually like Chris Cuthbert on TSN (a couple of people seem to be referencing him). Liked him back when he was on CBC as well. It's more the unique sound of his voice than anything, but the quality of his calls aren't bad compared to some other play by play guys in the league (re: the duo doing the Av's games). Also a big fan of Shorthouse (who is by no means bad now, but definitely not the same since Tom got the boot on the radio). Hughson's calls are always great, and I also enjoy listening to Gord Miller. These 4 at least have the stones to correct themselves on the air when they make an obvious mistake like mis-pronouncing a players name. Above all else, they all show either the same, or only slightly less enthusiasm when calling a goal for a team opposing Vancouver (slightly less being Hughson when he was primarily doing Canucks games, and Shorty as well since he still does only Canucks games). I get the opportunity to listen to Rick Jeanneret once in a blue moon, but can definitely tell he has a real passion for the game, and it really doesn't matter who is playing. Always a treat listening to him call games. This post hit on so many things that annoy me about some of the announcers calling NHL games though... well said. I know being in Vancouver has spoiled me in terms of announcers, but listening to some of the other ones around the league keeping in mind the points raised in the post... some of them just annoy me to no end.

    How about we bring back Crowd Chant?
  3. Playing With Fire

    Interesting point about Henrik, although the calls made against him were more of the borderline variety that - personal grudges aside - could have been called on any given night. As another poster above said, the last call against Henrik was embellished a bit, but again it was borderline.