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  1. I would trade for him at a discounted rate. B prospect and a 2nd maybe, but more than that would not be worth the risk IMO. He's 24.... Just about at the age where he can't get away with doing this dumb stuff anymore... I think he will eventually turn the corner and grow up, so I would take a shot at him if the price was reasonable.
  2. Predict your roster for next year

    Right, I guess I just meant those would be the next guys for me on the outside looking in, Pedan or Gaunce could be in Utica. Does Gaunce need waivers this year? I know Pedan does.
  3. Predict your roster for next year

    Sedin Sedin Eriksson Rodin Sutter Hansen Baertschi Horvat Virtanen Etem Granlund Dorsett Burrows Gaunce Edler Tanev Hutton Gudbranson Sbisa Larsen Tryamkin Pedan that's my best guess for opening night, but I see a ton of movement in those lines... hansen could be with the twins 5 on 5 with Eriksson on the Sutter line, burr and Gaunce could easily be in the lineup over Etem and Granlund, and who knows where Rodin will eventually fit. I think Virt will be on the team all year though, unless he comes into camp out of shape or something.
  4. I don't think they got it

    I feel like the thing that the people clamouring for a complete tear down rebuild are missing is that we don't have the prospects ready to play yet. if we had some young guys ready to go but aren't getting a chance because of aging vets then I would get it, but look at our pipeline, Brock's a year away at least, Virt and Bo and Hutton are already on the team... Who else is ready to step up and play significant minutes without damaging their development? Subban, olli, brisebois, zhukenov, Jasek... I don't think that would be best for them. JB is patiently drafting well and making room for prospects as they prove they are ready, it's not the quickest or most satisfying way for fans, but I don't really see many other options.
  5. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    I expect Shink will have a good showing in camp, and be one of the last guys to be sent down to Utica. Where he will play top line minutes and be one of the first options for call ups.
  6. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    LOL, typical Canucks fans supporting our own prospects? Do you think we should be supporting other teams prospects instead?
  7. Cole Cassels | C

    Did I miss his suspension being reduced? Or is he just allowed to play in the pre tourney games?
  8. Bo Horvat Talk

    I bet he only hits 10 if gets some special team play...maybe PK?
  9. Bo Horvat Talk

    And really, who cares if we burn a year off his ELC, it's not like he's projected to be a prolific scorer and will end up burning us on his next contract.
  10. Bo Horvat Talk

    Yup, it will be interesting to watch him. I think a year where he get 9 games in the NHL, a key role in the WJC, the balance of junior, and possibly a playoff run in the A would be great development. Keep him with the big team until Christmas, even if he's not playing every game.
  11. Bo Horvat Talk

    Maybe, but all 3 of those can move up and down to the big club with ease... Horvat is all or nothing, that's why there's even a conversation. Plus he's the only one of those players currently playing C.
  12. Bo Horvat Talk

    We've been surprisingly healthy to start the season, atleast on F. I'm sure once a guy or two get banged up it will be a lot easier to slide Horvat into the lineup.
  13. Bo Horvat Talk

    Official for now, I'd say. If he sticks after the 9 games than you could officially say he's made the team.
  14. Bo Horvat Talk

    The way I see it, if Bo plays well enough to be considered the first C call up for this team, then we should keep him up. If we send him down then we are just hurting ourselves when a C goes down with an injury this season.
  15. Bo Horvat Talk

    Thanks, I wonder if they only plan on giving him 9 games if they will sit him for 5 or 6 games to let him be around the team and practice with them longer before sending him back.