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  1. Echo Park

    Tom Nilsson | D

    So... what is the deal with Mr. Nilsson? He's only played a handful of games this year for Utica (7).
  2. Hey, thanks.

    I just hope they give us free coffee for the late night patrol. :)

  3. Woot! You have the power!

    I look forward to awesomeness that comes with your exra power!

  4. You are pretty much the best Sedin look-a-like ever. :)

  5. oh i didn't even realize. sometimes i accidentally click but thanks i guess. :)

  6. Just returning the favour of a profile view :)

  7. Where have you been? You and Wetcoaster are the reason I joined this board!

  8. Please Come back, you were the reason I joined the board!