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  1. I take it people don't know what a modern chiropractor does or what schooling they get. Take 5-10 minutes and research. I'm not saying that it was right to comment on the play or for The Province for allowing the article to go to print. Just addressing that not all chiropractors conform to the stereotype that is out there. As for EP, thrilled to see that he's back on the ice already. That can only be a good sign. A full and rapid recovery would be amazing!
  2. @~6:50 Some slick hands even though nothing comes of it. @~8:50 Goes for a big hit @~12:50 the nifty moves and his goal He shows some real flashes of brilliance.
  3. Does anyone have a link for the game that is not TSN related? For those of us who can't use the TSN feed. PM if possible.
  4. So... what is the deal with Mr. Nilsson? He's only played a handful of games this year for Utica (7).
  5. Echo Park

    Anton Rodin | RW/LW

    I see what you're saying, and it makes sense. How many goons are/were there, (on average) per team though? One or two? So somewhere between 30-60 players that were designated fighters? Personally, that seems a little high, but for arguments sake lets say there were 45 designated goons in the league in any given year (obviously this is guesswork and inexact). Now, I don't think that the league has gotten rid of all the players that partake in regular tomfoolery, but a rough estimate could be about 50% of them are left. So that would mean about 22-23 players/roster spots are open to non-"goons." Which, is a fair amount. I did a quick check of the player data base for the amount of players that are 6'5" and above, and then counted how many are fighters (given my knowledge of NHL players, the number of fighters may be a little off - it was based off of the player reputation and the amount of PIMs the player had). Number of Players 6'5" and above: 2015: 44 - 3 fighters 2014: 39 - 4 fighters 2013: 45 - 7 fighters 2012: 46 - 6 fighters 2011: 43 - 9 fighters So, with this incredibly un-scientific review, you can see that there has been an increase in big players that are not fighters, but it's not a huge difference. Additionally, a lot of the players barely saw any ice time, so that would tell you that a lot of them aren't full time players, or good enough to play in the NHL consistently as of yet. I realize that my choice of height value was arbitrary (I didn't have a lot of time), and that this isn't particularly illuminating (and is deeply flawed). So do with it what you choose. However the case, I hope that Rodin can pull through his injury, have a good showing at camp and make a positive difference on the Canucks team this year. It would be wonderful if we could have a little more depth of scoring!
  6. Echo Park

    Anton Rodin | RW/LW

    Some awesome person collected data on the heights and weights of NHL players over almost 100 years and then charted them here: It shows that player size in recent years is stagnating, not increasing. If anything, it peaked in the early 2000's and then has been on a slight decline since the 2004 lockout. This trend should bode well for players that are slightly smaller and have skill. Whether Rodin can succeed at the NHL level is up for debate right now, considering he hasn't played here yet, and is recovering from injuries that may set him back from optimal performance at training camp. I realize that this may not directly refute your point that some of the teams around the Canucks are getting bigger, and indeed some of them have. A couple good question to ask could be: What roles are the bigger players on these teams having? (top/bottom 6 fwd? top 4 d?) How much are they on the ice? (are they on long enough to make an impact?) Who are they on the ice with? (are they complimenting smaller players to make room or are they a big bruising line/D-pair?) Skill set? (Big =/= tough or intimidating?) I'm sure there are more questions you could ask, but I've gone off on a tangent, and this is the Rodin thread. Personally, I hope he can make the roster and be a serviceable player for the Canucks, but only time will tell. Expectation beyond that from me seems unproductive.
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