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  1. Bang on!!
  2. Signed by Buffalo 3 days ago to 2 way contract. Good Luck, would like to have seen you play a few with Canucks
  3. Please edit the title if possible, respect dude
  4. ditto, well said
  5. Seriously? you are delusional
  6. OK, so here we are, Lack gone, Marky taking over back up duty, Juice is on the way out the door, Rookie Dmen looking to make the team. In my opinion our defense looks suspect for next year. What happened to Ryan Stanton? IMHO, I think Bobby Sang could make this team out of main camp, sign to 1 year deal and see how he does. If he sucks, send him on waivers. Or could someone in management please provide an explanation as to why the Canucks have no interest in him? He was lights out, 1st or 2nd best Dman on Utica. my 2 cents
  7. HaHa Malkin for Juice Seriously though, Hansen not going anywhere, you just cant replace what he brings for the buck. Agree with your post other than that
  8. No, he is not that guy
  9. Toews is amazing Agree with what you say, but a few paragraphs or line spaces sure makes it easier for us old farts to read Go Canucks Go
  10. a speculative Oxymoron!! Bravo, Magnificent!!!
  11. the big picture is the TEAM, they want to win.
  12. even in PM's you wanna be Nazi you, give it a rest, enjoy the game, Go Comets go!
  13. ADHD? take some meds
  14. Lack, Corrado and Matthias are young................................
  15. Sure Move HANSEN, and why? 16g 17a 33 pts , for 1.5 mill, 2.5 next season and 3.0 mill till 17/18 season His second best season in the NHL Great chemistry with Bo and Ronnie Versatile moving up when injuries hit has the coaches trust and respect speed and grit Hansen, "do we really need him" I say yes, arguably one of the best 4th liners and a pretty decent 3rd