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  1. LOL, they both have to wear 1990 era equipment to keep it fair
  2. Yes to both. The sport advances over the ages, but not that much in 9 years. They would coast into the playoffs and at least be in the top 2-3 in the west. which would give them as good a chance as any to make the finals. Would the 2020 Senators beat the 1960 Canadiens in a best of 7?
  3. Every team in the league has a couple players that end up as the fans whipping boy. We are down to one right now. I guess maybe Schaller too
  4. I got some too. Just hope they don't cancel the sales. I wish ticket exchange was working yesterday.
  5. If he would do 5x5 it would have already been done, this reporter is clueless
  6. I think your average ticket price is high. $125 is like $165 canadian.
  7. I don't want to brag, but my estimate for his contract was only over by $25K Glad he is coming back.
  8. Calgary should make the playoffs, unless Talbot is just dreadful. SJ is hard to tell, they still need to fill a roster. They should be worse. Vegas still needs to manage their roster. They should be worse. Arizona....with kessel who knows. They should be around the same or some improvement. Canucks. should be a better team than last year. Oilers, anything is possible. Anaheim and LA both gonna suck.
  9. Well I guess it's pretty clear the Oilers are up to something tomorrow. Sekera is decent when not injured, he will be signed elsewhere, I don't see him going for super cheap.