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  1. With such lovely spring weather, I decided to go see this game. It's pretty much do or die now. So I'm expecting a playoff atmosphere at the game tonight, in the stands and the play................just joking. But it should be a great game, both teams really need this one....them even more than us.
  2. Ticket sales in the aftermarket were good for this game. It's a lot of the lower bowl that they can't sell.
  3. LMAO. As expected, the posters here are expecting way too much in return. It would just be nice if we could get anything. Nice for Burrows to get one last chance at a cup, even as a 4th liner.
  4. It's hard to argue a clear stick to the face. These were all pretty black and white calls, Flyers are just playing stupid.
  5. I think in the years to come, the trade deadline will become less and less of a thing. But yeah, don't see us doing anything. Buying or selling.
  6. We had 27 blocked shots too......can't do this again.
  7. It's going to be a tough one tonight. If we give up shots like that again we will lose 4-0 tonight. Flames are going to come out very hard in the first.
  8. Good lord. The team would better off if Linden went on tv to call Bettman a homosexual.
  9. Goal. Without PK they are going to struggle anyways. Who would have thought in summer both wildcard could come from the pacific.
  10. If we win tonight, and especially both games. Its pretty much a tie in the standing between Flames, Kings, Predators, and Canucks fighting for the 2 wildcard. Calgary and Vancouver are both playing the best. I would love if all 3 western Canadian teams made it this year
  11. Preds are losing.....a win and we are seriously in the race.