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  1. It's a leaf thing. Tickets are down considerable in calgary for their game too. Even in Edmonton they are a bit less than last year, and ticket sale there overall are way up from last year. Leaf fans are not happy
  2. I think for games to actually sell out. It has to be a regular game, or maybe regular +. That for whatever reason has high demand. Full priced tickets to some of these games like the Leafs are just way too high,
  3. its true. Same in Edmonton and Calgary at least. First half of december always sucks, second half picks up.
  4. I change my answer. Fansfirst is best...................coming to Vancouver soon
  5. I have used fansfirst for my Flames tickets most of this year. It is way way way way better than stubhub. Its mobile transfer only. No fees for buyers....9% seller fee, they payout by interac sometimes with in hours of you sending tickets, but always by next day. Please check out their site and let them know, we would like them here. This is great news for buyers too.
  6. Hello!Thank you for listing your tickets with FansFirst. We can't express our gratitude enough, but we'll try: THANKS!!!We are expanding into Edmonton and Vancouver in 2020. Do you know anyone that would be interested in listing Oilers and/or Canucks season tickets on FansFirst? There will be a promotional period for each city as an added incentive (reply back for more details).Thanks,Dave & DenThe FansFirst Team
  7. Why so mad Jack? Did you really think the officiating favoured the Canucks this game?
  8. Not really. If both teams make divisional top 3, third round. Lets worry about the western final, once we make the second round
  9. NHL ticket exchange, is probably best this year. With the elimination on pdf stubhub is a pain, higher fees too.
  10. A bit lighter than last year. But remember the demand for the leafs is 100% leaf fans. The canucks performance doesn't have much impact
  11. I think he wants to be in Laval. He wants to raise his kids there.
  12. Burrows isn't as popular as people think it can get a pair for $100, sell the bobbleheads for $30 each outside after the game. $40 pair to see the game.