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  1. Who else on the current team even remotely qualifies for the award?
  2. It is going to be tough for the next little while, because of who else is in our division. Calgary and Edmonton are both better teams, with better youth cores. Plus they are only going to get better over the next 3 years anyways. The 3 Californian teams are all better.......LA is dropping off now......Anaheim and San Jose are also showing some signs of age, with some bad contracts for older players, but they still have some good years left. Arizona and Vegas will suck for awhile. Leaves the best case scenario for the Canucks fighting for a we can play a division champ first round.
  3. Clean hit and then the Canucks jumped him.......correct penalty call. Lets not be homers
  4. Glad I woke up early......I would be upset if I missed Brock's first game. I have a pair for the Duck game too, now I am going for sure.
  5. Edmonton is on a hot scoring streak. This one could get messy. 6-2 Oilers.
  6. Have you considered going to UBIV? I think they will still be break even next year if you need to sell most. They seem to be much easier to sell than bad times anyways, it's actually much easier to price them, as you just have to compare against other cheap seats.
  7. I would avoid non-drinking seats. Harder to sell, especially for the bigger money weekend games. You also run the risk each time you have to sell them, ending up with someone who gets drunk and makes trouble. But yeah, that's a more realistic price for seats in that area. Overall the price adjustments do make sense......
  8. We need management that understands statistics. Sure a miracle can always happen.....but in business you make decisions based on facts. The Canucks have been out of the playoff race for weeks. Do we really need to get it down to us needing to win all our games and the teams ahead losing all theirs before common sense can be used? Arizona is still in the race too.
  9. They are so incompetent, I called to find out where mine was. Rep said she had been getting calls all day wondering...that I was her 10th person asking......I guess a simple email to solve it is beyond them. These people couldn't run a subway sandwich shop. Having the renew now button take you to a blank page is a great touch
  10. Completely agree that I should get 8 pairs of club seats for early renewal