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  1. Kesler is a clutch player. He's proved it. He's a Selke winner and Nominee year after year. He's needed on this team as much as the Sedins. We need to add forwards not remove them. D-Man to be moved.......IMO
  2. I picked Rafalski too and I'm sticking with him. His point production is worth hanging on to him. He scores more than your avg. Dman. If you need to trade take a look at Bufuglien. He plays in front of the net on the power play but is still a Dman this year.
  3. Of course we want him. He's the biggest bargin in the league and he's such a hard worker on the ice. He's the exact type of player Gillis always talks about. Such a Cinderella story getting to where he is. Gives him that extra edge over others. There's no way you're going to bring him down.
  4. CoHo has been injured since being drafted. Let's hope he gets better and makes a full recovery to lead us into the future. Schroeder will be a stud but a winger not a centre. He will be on the wing with CoHo IMO.
  5. Don't be so concerned. The reason he wasn't picked 14th was because of his size. Throughout the sporting world people have always said certain players were too small. Examples of hockey players in OP. Then there was Mugsy the Mailman for the NBA. Roy Keane for Soccer etc. etc. If he's as good as they say he is he will be a great pick up by Gillis. Even MG said he was surprised that they had the chance to get him so late in the picks. He will be a NHL player for the Canucks if his quality is as good as they say. Size won't matter
  6. He'll stay. Word is he ihimself is yet to be involved in negotiations. He will take Vancouvers offer as he will be getting a minimum $4m a year. He can prove his worth over the next contract and if he progresses he can look for $6m a year when he's shown his improvement. Kesler has a chance to win a Stanley Cup if he takes the $m and allow the Canucks more room to get that one player that can put us over the edge in the coming years.
  7. hi, anyone who has irish in their name has to be a stand-up guy. welcome to cdc.....hope to read your posts. cheers