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  1. ..but who cares? There are 6 spots on the team for defence. Ehrohoff takes one and Bieksa takes one, you still need four more to ice a game lineup. Ehrhoff and Bieksa are different style players. Bieksa would destroy him in a tilt. Ehrhoff might score a little more. You need both.
  2. I so laughed at someone's post, "Singlehandedly cost them many games last year." Huh? Please, get over yourself. KB's just fine. All the haters here act like he's making 7 mil a year or something. He's paid just right for what he can and will bring to the table. Occasional offensive ability, big play capable, decent fighter, 3-5 D-Man depending on team depth. The KB bashers need to move on. Sillyness.
  3. Bieksa is not a major problem on this team. I'm not sure why so many here continually make threads like this against him. He is not going to be a Norris Trophy winning D-Man, but not many are. He's just there. A reasonably solid d-man who is better than 5-6 but not quite 1-2 in rank. These guys all make close to that money in the league. He has some upside to bang home some goals and win a fight or three. Big deal. Move on.
  4. Who drop's the gloves when Hank or Danny get gooned?? No real tough guys there. AV will not play that lineup without someone to drop the mitts.