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  1. It would be better if the team would play with the lead but the 3 wins are great. How about WD....he is 3-0, maybe that will silence the critics. Way to go Canucks!
  2. Bear - Horvat - Rodin this line. I hope Rodin makes the team....good player, good hands.
  3. Then you suck it up because Tanev and Hutton are the future defense. It takes more of an investment in development for a defenceman....that's why you don't trade them. If you do, sure as a duck can fly, CDC will be debating trading one of our young forwards for defence. We are a few parts short to be competitive, the way to build a winner is not by trading young players that are capable of establishing a new core.....we have to draft those parts unless we luck into a dump by another team. Canuck fans have to embrace the process or we will be making the same stop gap moves that has stopped this team from winning the SC......just making the playoffs shouldn't be the have strive to be the best unless you want a middle of the pack team for another 40+ years.
  4. It would be a dumb move to trade Hutton or Tanev. I can see a trade involving Biega or Pedan plus picks or Sbisa
  5. No one knows Virtanen's ceiling because he has been on a line in that position on a consistent basis. I can see Nylander getting pushed around a lot more that Jake. I am happy that Virtanen is a Canuck.
  6. Dan Hamhuis and B Morrison bought a resort in Tofino. Who doesn't want to go fishing with Brendan Morrison...
  7. We have to hang on to Sbisa because we have to expose one defenceman in the expansion draft.
  8. A big part of how the Canucks do this year is based on how they stack up against a much better Edmonton team and a better Calgary team that is now going to be better in goal. The Canucks look better this year but I can see them getting pushed around a lot. Gudbranson and Virtanen should help in that department but our lineup is going to be pushed around by Lucic, Brown, Kopitar, Getzlaf and Perry. I will wait and see how the young guys go this year....that will make or break our season plus we have to remain healthy.
  9. Sutter will be the 2nd line centre and Markstrom/ Miller will split the games down the middle if both of them stay healthy. Dorsett could be gone in the expansion draft.
  10. Vancouver missed out on a lot of points last year by losing all those 1 goal games. Maybe a sniper can help us collect those missing points. Vrbata was supposed to do that job last year but spent his year sulking about not playing with the Sedins. I like this signing.
  11. BDA

    Out of the top 5, Tkachuk worried me (even though I was pretty high on him at one point). Are his numbers inflated from playing with Marner and Dvorek or was he an equal part of their success? When CBJ took Dubois, I figured Edmonton would take a D and that the hockey gods had let Puljijarvi fall to Vancouver. When that didn't happen because of Edmonton taking Puljijarvi, I was happy to see Vancouver take the safer route and choose a D....thought it would be Sergachev but Juolevi has a huge upside. We can't win without defense plus we will probably lose a D in the expansion good timing. We sure didn't have an easy road to this draft....losing the lottery, bad season, Benning getting whacked on the hands for trying to get a trade going our way plus not being able to get more picks....but it worked out and we drafted a very good D.
  12. That would be a huge overpayment for PK.
  13. Are you saying that Gudbranson is not worth a 2nd round pick?
  14. Good points other than the trade was with Florida, not Arizona.
  15. The trade is fair....a slight overpayment by including this years 2nd round pick ( although the 2nd round pick is a crapshoot). We needed a RHD more than a prospect centre who needs some time in the AHL and needs to get stronger. McCann will probably be a good NHL player eventually but seriously....we did not just trade Cam Neely.