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  1. [Retirement] The Sedins to retire at the end of the season

    Two amazing players and outstanding young men. It is sad to see them retire. There is going to be two huge holes in the lineup to fill.
  2. [PGT] Vegas Golden Knights vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Virtanen is so much more than a hitter so I would hope that Green let's Jake, be Jake' and doesn't try to pigeon hole him in to a one trick pony.
  3. [PGT] Vegas Golden Knights vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Speed kills and the Canucks are simply not fast enough, Vegas was ahead of the play. The team could have used Jake Virtanen's speed to get in on the forecheck. I guess we have to remember that the Canucks are rebuilding but losing to a startup team like Vegas is painful.
  4. Promote from within and stick to the plan, build through the draft. The next 3 years are really good drafts....if the Canucks can load up like they did last draft, the team will be deep going forward. Now is not the time to be trading Hutton or Juolevi.
  5. Canucks set opening night roster

    Jake Virtanen will answer the bell everytime. How do you figure that Guddy is the only tough guy? Dorsett also.
  6. Nedved was a huge disappointment considering the players that they could have picked....Jagr, Primeau etc. I was at that draft and met Jagr on the street.....I was screaming his name when it was Vancouver's turn to pick....then came the announcement....Petr Nedved....uhhh!
  7. Hopefully the NHL will clean up the Draft Robbery and change it so that when a team moves up, the other team only drops back one position instead of three spots. I also thought that they would pick Glass but I am ok with Pettersson (especially if he can add 20 lbs of muscle). Overall this was a really good draft year for Benning....alochades to him. Agree that we should have another 2 years of drafting top 5,by then some of these picks will be ready to step in and we will improve our standing and draft in the top 10 range for 2-3 years after that.
  8. [GDT] 2017 NHL Entry Draft

    We can always go by the 'nose theory' and pick Vilardi.....big nose equals big goals.
  9. The Canucks should take Glass if he is there when they pick at 5. Does Tanev get traded at the draft for another 1st?
  10. There is going to be a gigantic hole at centre when the Sedins' retire so I don't see us being a solid contender before 2020/21. Another issue is that we have a host of smallish players up front (175-185 lbs)....including Jake Virtanen. JV is weighing in at 195 lbs now so don't expect him to hit like a freight train like he did when he played at 225 lbs. The exception is Bo Horvat. In this years draft, we need a skilled centre with size and skill plus some defensemen with size. I don't expect the Canucks to jump up in the standings for at least 2 more seasons which gives us a shot at winning the lottery for the #1 overall pick.....hopefully we can get an impact player like a Matthews or McD or even a #1 defenseman. Luck is going to play a huge part in the Canucks fortunes.
  11. They could also do away with the lottery and award the 15th team the 1st pick, 14th team the 2nd pick etc,,,,that way there is no incentive to tank, instead you want to play hard in every game and finish as high as possible.
  12. This sucks getting bumped back to 5 but we should still get a good player. Question: does the order from the draft lottery carry over to the later rounds or was the draft lottery only to determine the order for the 1st round? In other words, do the Canuck's have the 2nd overall pick in the other rounds or do they have the 5th?
  13. 5-4-3-2-1 Canucks pick from 1st to 5th!

    If Nolan Patrick drops to Vancouver, you grab him. I will be ecstatic if the Canucks maintain their position at two in the draft lottery and select Nolan Patrick or Hischier (leaning slightly to him as my favorite). This will be only the 2nd time that Vancouver has chosen 2nd in the draft (the other time being Henrik Sedin at 2)....we have never had a 1st overall pick....ouch. The good news, we could win the lottery this year and get that 1st overall pick. Another huge plus of staying in the top 2 is that in the other draft rounds, Las Vegas picks at only the teams picking 1 or 2 are unaffected by the Las Vegas pick in those rounds. I am super excited about this draft....especially after getting bumped down last year....hoping the hockey balls are rolling in our favor this year.
  14. (Poll) Who should be the next head coach of the Vancouver Canucks?

    With all the young players coming on board, I don't think the record is as important as having a coach who can take the young team to the next level. There is no way that this team is going to contend for 2 or 3 years (at best) and all of those new high end draft picks are going to need a patient coach/teacher. The Canucks have already said that they are not wanting to part with the youth and are taking the rebuild model as a way to become a contender again versus past models which drafted players and then traded hem for stop gap players who could barely get them into the playoffs. I believe that Benning/Linden have chosen the correct but painful approach. Hopefully, we will get to watch some high end draft picks develop and don a Canuck jersey for a long time .....and of course, get another shot at Game 7 for the SC.
  15. (Poll) Who should be the next head coach of the Vancouver Canucks?

    I voted for Travis Green because he is a great teacher for the young was Willie Desjardins. I think it would be great if Travis Green moved to head coach for the Canucks and Willie Desjardins took over the head coaching duties in Utica. The Canucks are still 2 to 3 years away from becoming a solid contender....maybe even longer. This is a really young team and as much as the young guys have impressed, they still have a lot to learn plus they have to develop team chemistry and an identity. With a new coach coming in, everyone will be learning a new system and you can be sure that there will be a revolving door for call ups. At least with Green, a lot of the players know what is coming.