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  1. Dark! Guinness extra stout please!
  2. LOL. Wise guy. I am serious. With a healthy team, we do have all the right ingredients for the STANLEY cup: Top two lines with elite scorers, a gritty and dangerous two-way third line, a great checking line, strength on the draw, upper tier pp and pk, experience mixed with youthful energy, an MVP quality goalie, a mobile defense that can both defend and attack, and last but not least... depth throughout the lineup.
  3. Yes, we really need the ring of honour!
  4. Ah, right. Forgot the teams with 71 games already might have to play teams without. So the number of games would still be uneven. Well, it looks to me that point percentage would make the most sense then.
  5. I don't like the 'rollback to 68 games' idea because it wouldn't be fair to take away wins that teams have earned. I think it's more fair to have all teams play 71 games, which is the most that teams have played. The season could resume in August. All teams have a one week training camp. Then teams that haven't played 71 games would play their games in the following week. That would be either 1, 2, or 3 games. Playoffs could start in mid August with each series shortened to best of 5. The 4 rounds could take 2 months, ending somewhere in mid October. Start the new season in November, which would be about a two week break. Play a shortened season which would end at the normal time of the year. There have already been two lockout seasons when teams played only 48 regular season games. They could do it again.
  6. I think we should just scrap the rest of this season and go straight to the Stanley cup parade in Vancouver in July.
  7. IMO, that would be a tossup between Hughes and Miller.
  8. No disrespect at all. It's more a case of respect for Edler. PS. This is all a matter of opinion. No need to disrespect those you don't agree with.
  9. I believe Edler IS the best overall player in that position. He has most of the qualities that you describe. And of course you have to emphasis DEFENSE. He has a way better plus minus than Hughes (+13 vs -10). He has 108 hits vs 8 for Hughes, and 162 blocks vs 46 for Hughes. He's definitely better than Hughes at DEFENDING. Not taking anything away from Hughes. He's phenomenal. After this season he'll be a well rounded DEFENSEMAN.
  10. This was my thinking... I'm putting the emphasis on DEFENSE. Edler has had a solid season on D. He has a +13 plus/minus vs -10 for Hughes. He has contributed 33 pts in 59 games and was missed when he was injured. Of course Hughes has had a huge impact on the team. But he's not the best Dman.... yet.