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  1. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

    Damn, Boeser was shut down. And Barzal just had a 5 pt game and takes a 4 pt lead on him.
  2. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

    I say Brock Boeser. He's got better hair. And with a cigarette in his mouth!
  3. Argh, Dowd... how do you miss the net from 6 ft out?
  4. Yep, one goal and we're back in it. Hopefully they pick it up in the third. This game is still winnable.
  5. Ottawa and Buffalo losing so far tonight... trying to keep position on us. Edmonton losing too .. trying to 'catch up' to us.
  6. LOL. 10-1 in shots for Caps this period. We're barely testing their backup. And again, we're making a backup look good.
  7. All 3 goals have not been 'good' ones. It must be frustrating and demoralizing for the team especially when it's tough to score even one.
  8. How do these garbage goals keep happening to us?! Jeeeezz!!
  9. Miller.... sigh. Still capable of a .935 save %!
  10. Just wanna see one of our goalies steal a game for a change. When was the last time? Refresh my memory.
  11. Dumb play all around. Refs should've blown the whistle when the net was falling on Markstrom. DZ should've left the net alone. And Markstrom should've kept his focus on the puck.
  12. Easier now that grass has been legalized!
  13. If only they were as smart as us CDCers! Maybe they do study our posts. Look at all the outcry for Edler to PASS IT TO BOESER. And sure enough, last game he did! Maybe we'll see the twins separated too.
  14. Ok, every now and then over the past few seasons, there's a call for the twins to be separated on different lines. I think now, more than ever, they should be. They're both playing a similar game now, trying to set up goals rather than scoring them. Let them be setup guys on separate lines. While they haven't lost their ability to make plays, they are liabilities when they don't have the puck. How many times have we seen them this season left in the dust of opposing forwards when the puck is turned over? They're both at -11 so obviously it's become a serious problem. It would be less of a problem if they each had linemates that could make up for their lack of foot speed. It's not a matter of effort as they are often criticized for here. They've just simply slower due to aging. It happens. And they shouldn't be faulted for that. It's up to the coach to take it into account when deploying them. So tonight we should try: Vanek-Henrik-Boeser Daniel-Gagner-Goldy
  15. And Goldy asks for Brock's stick!