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  1. If we get lucky in the 2018 draft with Dahlin ... wow! Imagine a top 2 pairing in a few years of Juolevi-Dahlin. BTW, thanks for getting it right with 'complementary' in an earlier post. 'Complimentary' means 'free', and we know NHL players... especially 'best' ones... don't come free!
  2. Sigh... Edler, the Karlsson we hoped for but never had. But there's hope. Karlsson was drafted #15. We could hit a home run with Liljegren at #5.
  3. Disagree with this. I don't begrudge a bar trying to drum(stick) up business, esp when the local team is not in the playoffs. It's better than having a bar that goes bankrupt. So this makes perfect business sense. The only misstep is not also offering Canuck nuggets too in the promotion.
  4. That's a very good lineup IF all those players develop as we hope. But I doubt that our lineup would be made up of only players in our current system. We'll likely draft 2 or 3 more high picks, at least one of whom could be a more impactful player than anyone we currently have. Who knows, we might finally win that elusive #1 pick and get a generational player in the next year or two. Then there's the fact that the Sedins and their big salaries would be off the books, which opens the possibility of our acquiring an impactful free agent. I think it's highly possible that we'd be back in contention by 2020, never mind 2025. But I don't think the team would be led by Horvat. Love Horvat, but it'll be guy with a higher skill set. But we haven't met him yet.
  5. So the Nucks pick him gleefully. And he retires from hockey with chronic injuries after half a season. That's Nuck luck for ya!
  6. Well, there IS a glass ceiling for a player that young (18)!
  7. Well... I'd rather embrace Kelly. But failing that, I'd embrace anything that comes our way.
  8. Ha! Hey, he bluffed with 2 shutouts and first star in another win ... but it wasn't enough to win the series.
  9. Damn tough if you're dealt a bad hand. 8 goals in 7 games just doesn't cut it. Do the math.
  10. So we can ask ourselves 'what if' for another 47 years? Think Perrault instead of Tallon.
  11. My sentiments exactly. Used to love Kesler... I only wore HIS jersey. But he ruined it for me not by leaving, but by the WAY he did. Then he rubbed our noses in it with his classless antics when he came back. Yeah, some of our fans were classless too, but he should've taken the high road ... if he was a classy guy. This thread is too painful to read ... because we were SO close to winning it all. I've waited since day one of the Canucks. In 2011 the team had it all. The best in almost all categories. What is lost on a lot of fans is that by the end of the series, that was not the Art Ross winning team. It was a team decimated by injuries. The list of players out or playing hurt is too long. And anyone who doesn't realize the impact ... and just blame Luongo's 'meltdowns' ... just doesn't understand hockey completely.
  12. I agree he was a fan favourite and was an alternate captain the year that Luongo was made captain. My suggestion is that he was underrated and underappreciated by management, who did not re-sign him mainly because of his injury history. Mitchell himself said he was disappointed in leaving the Canucks but was looking forward to going to a team that was 'really passionate about having me there.'
  13. Nah, Salo and his balls were not underrated. Just underinflated.
  14. Willie Mitchell. Tough, honest hardworking player. I miss his big heart and his long stick. He was underappreciated here and not re-signed He goes to LA and wins two cups. We sure could've used him on our cup run!
  15. Naw... Bo's at least a second liner now. A '3rd liner on most other teams' does not have 20 goals and 52 pts, and a faceoff % of 50. To compare... even Kesler, the second highest scorer on a great team, has only 22 goals and 58 pts. And as you say, Bo's still young, so it's very possible that he'll end up a legitimate top liner.