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  1. Yep, the same team of rookies and AHL players who just beat a pretty good team in Minnesota. Here's hoping the Jets make the same mistake!
  2. LOL. Brock of Ages! The Jets took a look at our lineup and figured they won't need those two. Big mistake!
  3. Personally, I hope he gets a break today and plays Tuesday at home vs Ducks. I'm going to the game. Otherwise, 4.5 games in 5 days would do him in and risk getting him injured!
  4. Hilarious GDT! I just inhaled my morning coffee through my nose when I saw that Dr. Evil pic. That was priceless and perfect! I know TS just used the same lineup as yesterday's game. Most likely Miller's back in the net today though. I see Boeser used sparingly today. Here's hoping for another energetic game from the kids. They'll be pumped to go up against Laine and Ehlers. 3-1 Nux. Horvat with 2.
  5. Well it must've been said before but .. Reid Boucher could really pass as Kyle Wellwood's little bro!
  6. B - b- b .... baby, you ain't seen nothin' yet! (that should be their goal song!)
  7. Oh man, the young guns are putting on a show! The Boeser effect! Oh and, here's the Canucks 'B' team: Boeser-Bo-Baert Brenden-brandon-Boucher Ben-Biega Bachman
  8. Wow, I think having Boeser in this game has got the competitive juices going with the other young guns. Boucher is showing he's a pretty good 'B' player too!
  9. So pumped to see the debut of the B-line. They could very well be our top line for years to come. When was the last time we had such a skilled, high tempo line that would make a bee line to the net?!
  10. Best case scenario... lose in OT. We preserve the tank. And we get one point to break 65 and prove the experts wrong. LOL.
  11. He must've eaten one of Sbisa's pizzas!
  12. Megna cum lousy.