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  1. Baby steps... Realize that every powerplay we don't give up a shorty is a small victory.
  2. GB-DAL is 31-31. I hate both of 'em but it's been a hellavu' game so far.
  3. Yes, you win the internet for the night.
  4. Saying something like that could never start a 5 page flame war on CDC, now could it?
  5. That's about 1 point away from me going back to chirping USA Today and EA mercilessly. (I realize we need 21 or 22 before we "exceed expectations" but those dbags have been asking for it.)
  6. That looked like another PP we were lucky to kill off. Too bad, once again, it was one of ours.
  7. I'm really not trying to get in trouble for being a smart arse here, but can we still type personal, hurtful things about Sutherland?
  8. Of all the players of the past 50 years, Gordie's the only one I could see tough enough to get stitches on his eyeball, and still make it back out onto the ice to start the third.
  9. - Saturday Night (HNIC) Now your list is complete.