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  1. This tells me that Chia's next job will probably be...wherever 2010's 3rd overall ended up...
  2. Let me explain how the braintrust we have at CDC operates... nvm, it's waaay too depressing.
  3. Yeah, he stabbed a man in the heart. with a trident.
  4. Yep, it and Hungarian are the weird ones. I've got a friend in Helsinki who can speak about 6 or 7 languages and half of her group just uses Swed-glish so everyone can understand each other.
  5. I'm sure Jarkko could've talked for about 15 hrs straight in 3 or 4 different languages.
  6. Vancouver Canucks will be picking 30th because Jim did some talkin'?
  7. You just lack desi's hockey acumen... Nope, couldn't manage that one with a straight face!
  8. -Niki, why does your puck have a bite out of it? - Smiles sheepishly...
  9. Miller and Markie just trying to keep pace with each other. EDIT: Advantage Miller! and there's the 10 goals...
  10. Fed our dog Tandoori chicken once! (neon poops, lots and lots of neon poops)
  11. He's so got the vampire name. Do you think Count Bettman would start swinging things our way in a solidarity-type thing?
  12. Do NOT ask about the rice krispies!
  13. Combined? or against?