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  1. Michael Jackson was essential a white female.
  2. I guess we should start getting our Panthers' shopping list ready...
  3. Burrows neck is stiff after getting boarded last night.
  4. Patrick O'Sullivan was unavailable
  5. I'll see that, and raise you a pair of flip-flops.
  6. Shouldn't we be discussing something much more important than this? I mean think of the horrorshow of chemicals in the plastic bottles themselves! We should start a petition to only use safer bottles like glass or nalgene! Oh the HUGE MANATEE! (plus, the refs would be too afraid to make any more bad calls due to players being armed) ps: if the players filled their bottles with beverages that are organic and life-sustaining like 151 or grain alcohol like I do, they're nearly ready made molotovs! ((Admit it, for all the people already complaining about trap hockey being boorrring, viewing an occasional fire-bombing on the ice would certainly ramp up the excitement levels.)) pps: don't drink grain alcohol.
  7. I can't wait for the backpedaling from USA Today/EA/the Toronto Sports Network when we're still in first after the American Thanksgiving!
  8. WE SCORED ALL THE GOALS!!! in half of our games
  9. You're now qualified to ref in the NHL?
  10. as long as we win 100 percent of them, I'm okay giving up the shutouts.
  11. Pretty sure Edler is our back up goalie after tonight
  12. That was a pretty solid attempt to put out his lights at the end of the second though.