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  1. I think I just heard Willie's anguished howl into his 'stache over the missed opportunity.
  2. Sitck with calling them C********ers, then immediately accuse them of being homophobic when they take offense.
  3. Salo could've injured himself in a bubble-wrap factory...
  4. 1 Ref, 2 linesmen on ice, and 1 overhead off ice spotter mic'ed to the on-ice guy. Whether he can call penalties the Ref missed or not is up in the air, but he could advise on shenanigans. Go to Finnish sized rinks. More open ice should lead to less clogging lanes up, and would lead to more emphasis on "skill elements" like passing, shooting, and skating. (Not that roughing, and interfering, without looking like you're interfering with a guy of course, aren't skills too, they're just less 'hockey' than the others I've listed.) I think Olympic sized ice is a little too wide open, and the owners would have utter conniptions over the revenue lost to quite a few less seats.
  5. Burrows vs Kesler would have EPIC potential to it. Someone who's better suited doing play-by-play for a Bake-off?
  6. Daniel Sedin - 10 minute misconduct: intent to injure Keith's elbow! (or Marchand, or Brown, or ...)
  7. That would be the trademarked Burkie Touch.
  8. KB obviously Burr/Lu Jannik/Cory and a Lifetime ban for Good ol' RK17 in game 6 of the finals. EDIT: I'd probably be happiest for Trevor to win it though
  9. Torts knew he was a starter...
  10. Technically 2, unless Sportsnet is going to fold one of theirs once the flagship franchise leaves them. Or, they could just embrace the Dark Side and dedicate one of them to Canucks-hate 24/7. My bad, meant TSN...
  11. Absolutely correct. There will still be a bunch here who don't get that, though. I'm even more impressed by how he was able to keep rolling with his lineups being essentially decimated by our 400ish games worth of call-ups.
  12. I answered that 45 minutes ago: The Green Men! I still hate myself...
  13. Curling and Darts should be ahead of the Jays for all I care. (I'm just still annoyed over the Expos)
  14. Wake me up when September ends, so we can get back to watching the Nux. BREAKING: Vancouver's new assistant coaches have just been named: Yeah, I'm terrible x2