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  1. Gentleman Jim Benning: "Hey, guys, thanks for joining me on the conference call. Just an hour to go before the cut-off, and I haven't heard back from any of y'all on Burrows, Miller or Hansen. Here, I'm just sent out email blasts with photos taken of our entire team just before a game against Calgary two weeks back. Don't they all look healthy!? Good lads, all. .... Hello? Hello? ... %!!*$*##@&!!"
  2. Better mobility than some of our current vets. Sign them to PTOs!
  4. And Thornton would catch the remaining residue. Burrows lining up next to Pavelski: "Christ, woke up this morning with these red lumps all over my body. And coughing up phlegm. But hey, our team's protected since we've all got it by now, anyway."
  5. Some media wag said he talked to Miller earlier in the year, and the goalie said he hates to move in general. I doubt he expands his list to play outside Calif or wherever the other 2 teams are. I'd love a deal, but I'd wager he stays. Willie D, at least, will get a woody.
  6. My point was that Vancouver has always been a fair-weather sports city. Starting last year, with just 2 out of 3 seasons missing the playoffs, attendance took a noticeable dip. This, after an incredibly successful run this century. And often with an exciting product. And the fans that remain have the enthusiasm of mourners at a wake for a war hero. (No surprise that our last pro rink was nicknamed "Pacific Mausoleum".) Aquilini is aware of this. He's also the polar opposite of John McCaw, who showed up to watch 1 or 2 games a year, and treated the franchise like a faceless commodity. Aquilini, by contrast, was partying all night with fans after Bieksa's improbable goal against SJ vaulted us into the Finals. It's not just money. He's a rabid fan, and like all rabid fans, wants his views on the team known. The Aquilinis have other business interests, of course, but he's not just in this for charity and good will. A long-term rebuild isn't sexy, for him as a fan or for his pockets. We'll never know the extent of any interference, but rumours in the past regarding pressure on actual personnel decisions from the owners are troubling. The Coyotes are in no way comparable to Vancouver. Bettman should have pulled the plug on that basket case a decade ago, but doing so would have him admitting that his great Southern experiment wasn't the exclusively genius, visionary plan he'd made it out to be.
  7. Yep. I've seen this brain-dead argument on this forum here before with other players in past years. It tells every player, player agent, and GM in the league that this franchise treats their players like garbage. There are a lot of posters who hate Edler on these forums. I'm not one of them. But even were he a liability now, Edler's been a good soldier for us for about a decade now. He has every right to stay put if he wants. I imagine he left money on the table, last contract, in order to get that NTC.
  8. Two problems with your assertions: We aren't the Toronto Maple Leafs. We need bandwagon fans to keep this franchise going. Without Quinn's big trade and the '94 playoff run, this team could've folded. Attendance often at 8K - 10K during the late 80s, early 90s. And sure, Aquilini would probably lower ticket prices for a lesser product. But it means revenue is affected with less $$ in gate, from which Aquilini is more likely to not spend to the cap -- Catch 22. I agree we need to sell, sell, sell this week. In a very rare circumstance, I've been hoping the Canucks lose the past two weeks because you know if they were closer to a playoff spot, the owners would be telling Benning not just to stand pat, but to actually buy. People rag on Benning all the time, but I believe he's caught trying to please two incompatible masters -- Aquilini's lust for immediate playoff glory (and gate), and the long-term success for the franchise.
  9. I don't think Benning wants to cancel out what looks to be two winning trades, and by doing so, to say goodbye to the possibility that one or both of them will continue to progress. The Canucks need picks and prospects to eventually score, of course, but they also need some of their current young roster players to get better. It doesn't make sense, in the Canucks present development curve, to expose either Granlund or Baertschi, both of whom could continue to develop into solid 2nd liners. And Hansen, being the asset we would get the most back for either now or before the actual expansion draft, would be scooped for nothing by Vegas if he isn't moved.
  10. If Vern one-goal-in-45-games Fiddler can garner a 4th rounder, I'm sure Burrows will fetch more than that.
  11. Easily your #1, losing game 7 in 2011. (I've followed the Canucks since their Western League days.) We were the Presidents Cup winners in '11 whereas in '94 we finished (I believe) 7th in the conference. And in '82, we beat lesser teams all the way to the Finals, in a bizarre match-up quirk. And of course, in '11 the Cupless streak had lengthened, and who knows when we'll even be in that position again. I remember being in a bar when the place went nuts after Burrows goal which gave us the 2-0 series lead, and thinking "finally!". Alas ....
  12. Sutter should definitely be exposed before Baertschi or Granlund. We already know what Sutter is -- an average NHLer. He has no upside at this point. The other two, however, still have room to grow. Granlund, in his 1st full season no less, is on pace for 20 goals on a team with poor offensive support. And Baertschi has an even higher ceiling. More importantly, the Canucks desperately need to come up with a few surprises -- mild or otherwise -- in the goal-scoring dep't. Our depth sucks, and the more possibilities we have in players for potential, the better. Sutter doesn't fit that need.
  13. "Make plays"? That's one of Sutter's biggest deficiencies. He doesn't create for his linemates. All one has to do is check out his career assists totals -- low for a centre. I can't believe how overrated Sutter is on these boards. He doesn't set up his wingers, has limited offensive creativity, doesn't hit much (or hard), and has a poor career Corsi. (One decent year last year, but that was a small sample size. And one other year in Pitts where he just squeaked above the 50% threshold). Look, Sutter has some value. But if he's -- as Benning calls him -- a "core" player for many more years, we're in trouble. That said, I wouldn't expose him. Canucks should trade Hansen so they don't lose him for nothing in the expansion draft-- preferably this week, but off-season could work -- and our forwards are then set.