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  1. 2016 Training Camp - Whistler Sep 22nd-26th

    Just spitballing here but would assume fitness day on the 22nd, 23rd & 24th camp broken into 3 am groups, 25th intra squad game for the kiddies of Whistler and 26th am skate then on the road for preseason . Kind of how it played out last time they were in Whistler
  2. 2016 Training Camp - Whistler Sep 22nd-26th

    Excited to see the new kids and Gudbranson
  3. Agreed. Primary goal is to defend in that position. Offence is a bonus. Subban for example can electrify you with his offence one shift and cough up the puck next for an opposing scoring chance. Depends how you like to gamble ! Juloevi is smart first, flash second
  4. Las Vegas team name ideas (for fun)

    Las Vegas Sorrow! Outside of the strip the place is gross
  5. [SIGNING] Radulov Back to KHL

    you have to show up to get 30-40 goals in the NHL. Collecting your paycheque bi weekly is not showing up. Enjoy the Ruble Radulov!
  6. I remember hearing Granlund plays wing as well. better than center at that!
  7. Matthews is going to be a bust!

    Someone needs to hit that guy!
  8. interesting trend back towards isolationism and xenophobic nationalism. Fear seems to be the new fuel in making policy and/or decisions. A very slippery slope
  9. Predict who the Canucks draft

    Feeling the Puljujarvi vibe. Would be blown away if he falls but stranger things have happened
  10. the Moneyed and pro economics always vote for safety. Obviously the rural voter had a stronger voice. Will be interesting to see what comes of this!
  11. Jim Benning June 23rd

    What say we hypothetically trade Hamhuis's rights for Lucic's rights? Keeps Hammer on the west coast close to family, thus more likely to waive, and gives them and us a window to negotiate? win win! Assuming Lucic is the target
  12. ScareCenter sounds like a spooky place to get your draft day news
  13. ScareCenter sounds like a spooky place to get your draft day news
  14. Air BnB is a big part of it. Especially in the condo market. We see it up here in Whistler where locals and transients are choked off by people removing properties from long term rentals to quick for profit short term rentals. Unfortunately our zoning has allowed his to happen with nightly and weekly rentals being a huge selling feature in our market. Vacancy tax may help but how do you enforce it? Better to enforce citizenship restrictions on ownership and stiffer for fines for zoning violations, especially regarding AirBnB
  15. Henrik Sedin wins 2016 King Clancy Award

    Dark times they were. Thank you Burke for drafting these beauties!