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  1. [Article] 3 NHL coaches already on the hot seat

    Fire the Sedins
  2. Second round starting before the first is over m

    I don't like it. Teams should be rewarded with rest for closing up a series quickly
  3. How about Hamhuis + Hansen for Pouliout + Plotnikov. Makes it a bit more enticing for Pittsburgh
  4. 2016-17 Season Tickets Thread

    Been on the waitlist for 5 years now and been offered tickets for the past 2 seasons. Decided to get off the list this time around, money is way better spent elsewhere. Getting out to downtown every other night after work just seems like such a burden to, I'd rather relax on the comfort of a couch with cheap beer
  5. NHL draft process is broken

    Nobody on the ice is intentionally trying to lose. The players play there ass off every night and coaches make the best plan to win. I think it's ridiculous that people think these guys go on the ice and try to lose, they could care less about a draft pick. Tanking starts with management and ends there to. They decide what they have to put on the ice, But those players and coaches do everything they can to win.
  6. Name of your first pet and first street you lived on.

    It's boggling to me how many people went along with this and don't realize it's the default security question for like everything online
  7. Unwritten rules of attending a hockey game (Article)

    If it's a children's game don't pay those outrageous prices and go watch your kids that can barely skate play