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  1. NHL draft process is broken

    Nobody on the ice is intentionally trying to lose. The players play there ass off every night and coaches make the best plan to win. I think it's ridiculous that people think these guys go on the ice and try to lose, they could care less about a draft pick. Tanking starts with management and ends there to. They decide what they have to put on the ice, But those players and coaches do everything they can to win. 
  2. Name of your first pet and first street you lived on.

    It's boggling to me how many people went along with this and don't realize it's the default security question for like everything online
  3. Brandon Prust interview 1040

    Glad Dorsett doesn't have to be the guy to fight every game now. I'm glad we got Prust but I feel like Kassian should of got us more. He's shown he has the potential to be in the top 6 with his wicked hands and passing but struggled to stick. I think Kassian will still become the player we all thought he was going to be.
  4. Worst Playoff Home Crowd Ever (Game1)

    I was there,and pretty wasted to say the least. picked up 90$ upper bowl seats last minute, the crowd was pretty good a lot more chants and way louder than a regular season game for sure
  5. Bring Back "Holiday" for the Playoffs

    What was the goal song in '94? Might aswell just bring that back to since lindens at the helm..
  6. Empty Net Offence and Radim Vrbata

    Vrbata makes something of those scrubs higgins and bonino. The sedins are playing great with whoever they play with this year vrbatas probably been best but our seconds been garbage so vrbata on the second gives us a more balanced lineup
  7. Can we catch Anaheim for the division title?

    The difference between threads on this board after wins and loses... I'd say the chances of us winning the division and us missing the playoffs are the exact same
  8. Carkners been on the IR all season. Pass on that
  9. Jake Virtanen

    From what Ive seen from Virtanen he holds his ground pretty we'll and he's the guy that's sticking up for his teammates which is great. The guys got the full package of toughness and skill
  10. [Official GDT] Florida Panthers vs Vancouver Canucks - Jan 8
  11. Kinder Morgan pipeline activity and protests

    Right now there's about 60 tankers that come through the burrard inlet a year. If the pipeline expands that'll go up to 480+. Say goodbye to the calm kayaking in deep cove and boating in the ocean close to home. There might not be a spill right away but eventually there will be and you can't clean oil! I was up there last Sunday supporting the protesters and it just happened to be the day David Suzuki was up there.Its a longshot but more people need to stand up to Kinder Morgan. It's not worth risking our environment to boost our economy
  12. Best seats in Rogers arena?

    If you're paying $80 for those you're paying way to much
  13. Sbisa, Edler, Sedins, Jensen on TSN 1040

    Can someone post a summary?