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  1. How is this still a thread lol..every non playoff team has a chance..
  2. lol. Thanks for leaving that comment. I agree, those are one of the most amazing drawings I have EVER seen!

  3. "GloveSaveLuongo has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?"

    It told me to say hi, so hi :D You can't disobey what it says, righ?

  4. But even if its a girl, u could name her Alex (Alexandria or Alexandra).
  5. Nice story. And welcome to the Canucks board! This will be a memorable day for sure! Congrats on having your baby!
  6. Ya. They would have to close some of the streets, for all of the fans lol...
  7. wow. 10:00! I cant imagine waiting 4 hours. And I thought waiting 2 and a half hours was long, at the Best Buy signing last week!
  8. Hope its Ehroff lol...
  9. Really? I didnt think they did signings in April. But if thats true, I hope I can go
  10. For me, Ehroff is next. From other members, I have heard that Ehroff is just as nice as Burr.
  11. The autograph looks really good! Does anyone else have anymore pics?
  12. Big fan of your videos! Congrats on meeting Linden.