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  1. [Report] Torts to have in person hearing Mon

    i am guess to start off with, will be a $25000 fine, and i would guess a 5 games. or $50000 and no games...
  2. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    well i think another village has lost there idiot... seriously though. for anyone who actually watches the canucks, they would know that you don't.. you complaints are baseless, lack fact... and i am pretty sure your just trolling...anyway..
  3. Jannik Hansen

  4. I've got Gloria!!

  5. your like a horse dressed in a man suit!!

    1. Two one one
    2. Newsflash


      yeah, it's pretty big

  6. try www.channelsurfing.net

  7. i have been accused of trolling and all i said was trade ehrhoff instead of bieksa. i guess you are only entitled to your own opinion if its following all the other sheep