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  1. Why are you bringing this up? The kids don't need to hear about it and us old timers are trying to forget The Canucks draft record is a true hall of shame, you really get the feeling they didn't scout and just randomly picked names while hungover at the draft table
  2. Yeah, where did that come from? Insulting strangers on the internet is really odd I do agree with him about JB and the draft however, JB's drafting skills are all smoke and mirrors so far, I could have done a better job than him if Trev had called me up a couple of years ago and said: "Hey why don't you make our picks for the next couple of years Just text us when our pick is up." then Canucks would be a much better team right now, I have never had anything to do with pro hockey in my life, I play a little rec league that's it. Why am I a better drafter than our GM?
  3. speaking of Griff, What would it cost to pluck him out of EDM's dungeon as a reclamation project?
  4. Looking at the list right now it seems obvious that Erikson should be left unprotected, It seems he will have an average season, not one even close to worth the contract though, If they leave him unprotected they can keep another forward, if he's taken they are rid of the contract, if he isn't then fine, moving right along That was a golden parachute deal from J.B to L.E and everyone knows it so it won't make Vancouver look bad to potential free agents, Erickson was blessed to get the contract and I doubt he would be peeved much by having to take his millions of dollars to Vegas for a 6-year vacation. He's the solution to keeping Gaunce Whether Gaunce is worth keeping is another topic altogether, the thing that concerns me about him is that games go by, then I'll read a boxscore, see his name and say" "Was he in the line-up?" Gaunce is one of the most invisible players I have ever tried to watch
  5. I mean it Aqua, I followed this team through the Messier years, one of the few paying customers who didn't bail but if you bring Kane here, I will not invest a single dollar in this team, even if they go all the way to a cup and he is the playoff MVP If you want to reward people for making this world a worse place for everyone then go right ahead, but if he's in my season's tickets are out You want to trade for someone? trade for Byfuglien, that is a guy who can play hockey AND has a zero tolerance policy for douche bags, he's someone people can respect, he's someone I would cheer for. and pay to see win or lose I doubt I'm the only one who isn't willing to be part of telling people like Kane that what they do is ok with us, I think it's time to start asking who would be in for the Kane Boycott
  6. Uhh......didn't Gudbransson get dropped? I mean he waws right back up, but if you had to call a winner, it looked like Martin, sorry but that's the truth. Doesn't matter though, those two could fight 10 times and it would probably be 5-5 and had any of those bombs really connected it would have been lights out for Martin or anyone else, That is legitimate deterrent
  7. Oh goddamn poor guy, I really hope he's ok UGH he has to hang out in Newark for a while, you can't fly post-concussion for a while Well, happy B-day Phil. Tell those stingey-a$$ doctors to quit holding out and break out the good drugs ASAP
  8. When was the last time board of directors for a large company, let's say Mc Donald's, decided to put their entire corporation at risk for the thrill of screwing with a single restaurant. a restaurant that makes THEM money and bt the way Marty Mc Sorley was essentially thrown out of the NHL for a dangerous play on a Canuck player, it is one of the harshest disciplinary rulings they have ever made that was because he went clearly "over the line" when he went head hunting with his stick, it wasn't a "heat of the moment" thing, he decided to do it and had malice of fore thought what Taylor Hall did was not "over the line" Hockey = violence, some people may not want to accept that but controlled violence is a big party of the game, and anyone who steps on the ice needs to understand that this type of thing is going to happen. It is indivisible from the game. Hall shouldn't be suspended, The only person who should be suspended is whomever was responsible for Larsson not being trained to avoid that type of hit. It was his job to avoid it, not Halls's to make a pros and cons list prior to delivering it but who cares....this is all just entertainment , the only issue is whether Larson will be OK, that is a real life issue
  9. god,damn I really hope he's ok
  10. OMG.......you guys wit5h the conspiracy s@#t again? The league and Bettman have much better things to do than risk their entire business by consistently screwing with one team. Has it happened a few times in the spirit of keeping larger market teams in the playoffs? yes, once or twice, it has happened to other teams too, get over it, we are not singled out, and as they say, the calls even out over time. It is NOT something this team deals with on a daily basis, maybe twice in a decade and I repeat, other teams deal with it too. You all sound like crybabies when you go on and on about this
  11. HONESTLY WHO GIVES A S#$T ABOUT SUSPENSIONS? Is Larsson f#$ing OK? What his health status?
  12. and so the Jagr love fest continues, funny how all a guy has to do is play a few more hockey games all of a sudden he's a great dude. there is a reason Rick Tochett punched Jagr out in practice during his rookie season (they were teammates) Jagr has been the picture of selfishness his whole career Whether it's bragging about his contract to 4th in guys, taking a break just cause he felt like it during a Stanley cup semi-final OT, absolutely giving half effort for record-setting pay with the Washington capitals to the point where the team couldn't wait to give him away to thew Rangers Any of you stop to think why he's booed in PITTS to this day? Jagr can play hockey because he has tremendous talent and is physically gifted, but that's where the compliments should stop go ask the Russian mob, gambling debts are the only reason he's still playing
  13. What does Ed have 3 points? How does that evn happen
  14. If he ends up taking over as a legit #1 then it will be one of the most fortuitous things to happen to this franchise either way a lot of people. nearly everyone around here owes Gillis an apology, I recall this trade beeing universally disliked back then. Me? I thought the trade was great and exactly what needed to be done, but I had a synergistic thing with Gillis, nearly;y EVERY move he made made sence to me even if it didn't work out. There is no other GM this team has had I can say that about, not even Pat Quin. With Gillis I always felt like "yep, that's what I would have tried to do" To me it was simple, we needed to start finding the next generation, and everything starts at center ice, so I thought this made total sense, although once3w I learned about Bo the skating thing made me uneasy, my expectations dropped and I started to wonder if Gillis had made the right move, but gotten the wrong player, I am shocked by what Bo seems to be developing into