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  1. I honestly do not see how a Bure Gretz Mogilny line could even function in the dead puck era, Who the hell would dig the puck out? Who would fight for a 50/50 puck? Who would back check? You would have a center hanging around at the blue line waiting, while two wingers hung out at the Red-line....waiting All the while Dana Murzyn and Frank Kuciera are going 5 on 2 in our defensive zone, and if they did by some miracle, get possession of the puck? We would be dependant on the legendary, two-ply ass-wipe soft hands of the same Mr. Murzyn to tickle one of his supple sweet first passes to the great one in order to get anyone on that line involved in the play I'd say that sounds worse than the Messier years. butI don't think that is scientifically possible. Gretz would have been good with Trev and Momesso on the wing, and Ronning was always fine with Bure....mogilny was always bitching about not having a center. Probably still exchanges chistmas cards with Mike Ridley
  2. Unless you were a party to the negotiations I don't see how you would know that,
  3. ..........(sniffle)........I miss him already
  4. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! "The Benning Factor" I believe, will be synonymous with something FAR different than what you've linked it with here.
  5. What the hell are you talking about? Isn't his only pick playing in the league Virtanen? t You can search high and low for one reputable hockey persona who thought Jake belonged in the NHL last year, you won't find one, The general consensus is that Jake will be lucky to survive the damage done by JB rushing him into the NHL. Virt was an offensive star who has played very little hockey, due to being drafted young and he spent all of last year as a 4th liner in training, so unless the exact guy we need is a regular healthy scratch and never scores when he does play I'm not sure what you are basing your high opinion of JB's drafting on? McCann? Maybe he'll be what FLA needs......BTW most hockey people are still laughing at us for that trade, try looking up some opinions of people who aren't connected to the Canucks. What else? Are you going to tell me Demko and Bosser are blue chip can't mis prospects? Nobody outside Vancouver and the schools they go to have even heard of them, I know the hype is that they are high end prospects but it's a lie, they aren't. When have you EVER heard of another team trying to acquire them? or even MENTION them? Never, they aren't on the radar. I suggest you start getting some info that hasn't been filtered through the Canucks PR department. Unless........YOU ARE the Canucks PR department, I'm thinking that must be it, because what you posted was straight up fantasy. JB has proved NOTHING via his drafting record so far.........ZERO. Wel, maybe he's proved one thing, that he does not have the kind of "Brian Burke" balls that it takes to pick a team out of the gutter, For two years nor we COULD have taken a major risk and vaulted into the top three, We could have gambled big the way winners do, instead we sheepishly had our targeted player snatched up by a more focused and aggressive GM, or balked at giving up assets that we are currently losing with for a chance at REAL first tier building block for the years to come. Instead we get "Meh" much like during the Nonis era, "Meh" is NEVER going to to get us a cup, and neither is JB's half-ass managerial style. Those who have been around for a while have had this bill of goods sold to them before and can spot BS when they see it. What you are seeing is not JB's grand vision, it is Aquillini stubbornly grasping at the playoff revenue he no longer receives, he needs a round or two for the Canucks to pay for themselves.And that is what you are seeing. The Canucks, trying to get "a round or two" worth of revenue, this year's pick was based on their believing this kid has the smarts to step in next year and contribute to that. Mark my words, earn it or not, he will be in the opening line up.
  6. Yep, unfortunately true
  7. THANK YOU! This!!!!!
  8. They did In this day and age when word on the street is that Defensemen are truly hard to acquire and when one is available, a good one, everyone swarms. The fact is that NHL GM's don't think Gudbranson is that great. Why did they make this trade? Because FLA did not think Gudbranson was a very important part of thier teams success going forward. I.E FLA did not think Gudbranson was all that great. Notice a pattern of opinion starting to form here? Among professional evaluators of NHL talent?
  9. The denial and delusion is unbelievable. 3 quarters for a dollar! NO Two! NO we ROBBED FLA!! Is that why every hockey writer not on the Canucks payroll is saying we were violated on this deal? Where are all the people who were all over the Flames prior to their starting on what has become one of the best rebuilds I have ever seen? Got news folks, WE ARE THE FLAMES OF A FEW YEARS BACK, that wouldn't move on from Iginla, Kipper, Regier and Phanuef and the whole crew that took them to the '04 final. Patching leaks on the Titanic while pretending they were only a few moves away from finishing what they started in '04. Our owner does not want or is not able to withstand the financial pressures of a rebuild, he has DEMANDED that this team earn playoff revenue. Gudbranson Erikkson these acquisitions make ZERO sense. Ya dat sure werked for de Coilerz! You say? That is the exception, not the rule. This years cup champ Penguins were built the EXACT same way as the Oilers, last years champion Hawks were built EXACTLY the same way as the Oilers, I could go on but you get the point. We are treading water to stay a float, but if we don't stop thrashing our arms we can't grab the life preserver. Gudbranson is just more dead weight dragging us to the bottom. Send the Sedins the Vegas for their first rounder. Send Edler to the minors until he accepts whatever trade can be made. Send Hanson and Sutter to a playoff team at the deadline, Tanev's worth will never be higher, trade him NOW and whatever else is necessary to acquire the possibility of an offensive center. Y'know, do what Burke would have done,
  10. Hmm, maybe this kid will be an impact player of some kind after all, Just wish he played center And JB if your listening, this guy =good! I pay to see, Evander Kane = Douche,! you no get my money, Only time you'll see me is when the Calgary Vey's are in town
  11. Interesting argument, thanks for putting some thought into what you post, Not that I don't love all the: "J,b iz GAWD NegaTIVE NAnCIES SHUTUPP!!" and "GUBWBASON NoRIss ThiS Year Or NEXXT?" ...threads, but it's nice to hear from a non-idiot once in a while. I see that many who responded are not going to afford you that courtesy .
  12. You are correct, People forget that they HAD to move Gudbranson, they were the motivated party, it's not like they targeted McCann This was a classic case of one GM out negotiating the other. Looking at this deal from the outside FLA was the more desperate of the two. And it's not like anyone was beating down FLA's door demanding Gudbranson, I suspect that if we hadn't overpaid the way we did we would have seen him moved for much less, perhaps to us!
  13. It's called the Anabolic Bible, You used to be able to get it "unofficially" at gyms I would suspect it's on the net now, so Tanev, Lou and Sutter should have no trouble finding it
  14. The kind of mayo you inject into either ass-cheek?
  15. What an idiot With his 19 year old metabolism daily pro athletic training it's impossible to put on that kind of weight unless: 1. He has given up cardio altogether and is power lifting between trips to Mc Donald's (Even then it's improbable) 2. He's on the gas If #2 is the truth and I would bet that it is he should be doing everything in his power to get attention of his massive sudden weight gain. On the other hand, if he gets away with it.........look out......we may be in for some seller's remorse.