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  1. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Don't worry, Gaunce is going to score in the NHL, it may not be a ton, but he's going to make his mark.
  2. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Hasn't Gaunce been rehabbing some injury this summer? That will really hold him back for the first half of the year
  3. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    It really is sounding like he's taken his opportunity seriously, and although I don't see him being a top 6 player, it's looking like he will have an NHL career at least. Really glad, hate to see kids blow opportunities like he has.
  4. Guessing Horvat's contract extension

    Well.....Great, but you had me thinking Benning might be fired there for a minute, it was like seeing sunlight through the clouds for the first time in years. This Benning era has gone on far too long, I remember that feeling when Brian Burke fired Mike Keenan, or when Aqua fired Nonis, that feeling of your team being in competent hands is one I miss
  5. [Discussion] A great article for the budding GM

    Yes, but that brings to light another problem. We have a GM that REFUSES to take the BPA, he has passed on NHL stars every year he's been in charge, and they weren't HIDDEN stars either, they were rated AHEAD of the guys our GM picked.....it doesn't matter if we get top 5 picks if the guy making them keeps going out of his way to screw up. With Benning it'd like you offer him a choice of two $20 bills or one $100 dollar bill and he says: " I'll take the two twenties because there's more of them than the other kind"
  6. [Discussion] A great article for the budding GM

    Gillis drafted Horvat, won 2 presidents trophies and took us to the final. Benning drafted Boesser, name me one other tangible thing Benning has done to help this franchise? He is the worst drafting GM we've ever had
  7. Guessing Horvat's contract extension

    Are you B.S'ing me, Alf? Are you serious? Because if you're kidding, that's a mean joke. Or do you mean the contract extension? I was hoping you meant they were going to announce Benning's firing next week
  8. Guessing Horvat's contract extension

    heh.....heh......oh you! When this is all said and done PM me with the details, I would love to know how this gig looked from your perspective. Only when it's done of course, and I'm not being facetious either. I find it fascinating. Till then, carry on!
  9. Guessing Horvat's contract extension

    So........ It's Sept 1st..........unless I missed it no Horvat deal Who wants to defend Benning on this one? I can't wait to hear about how this is the best thing that could ever happen to the Canucks and how smart Benning is for having made it happen. Can Aqua PLEASE fire Benning now?! What more proof do you need that this guy is not sufficiently competent to manage an NHL team? I lived through the 90's......Benning is the WORST GM the Canucks have ever had. He needs to go...and go soon
  10. [PTO] Ryan White with Canucks

    Getting a little old to be fighting for a living, But in principle, I don't mind having a few enforcers around, as long as they have the go-ahead to go after real offenders regardless of penalties and don't just have stupid side-show fights
  11. [PTO] Brandon Pirri with Panthers

    For some reason I thought this guy was better than he is............oh well
  12. How is it that people are still thinking this is going to be under 6? Wake up, Bo is getting big money or he isn't coming back, maybe a bridge deal but that would be a BAD idea, as joining another team might be an attractive option in 2 years Especially is Mensa-mind Benning has spent the summer telling him how little he is worth For god sakes Benning....don't screw THIS one up, You may be the leagues worst GM but C'MON!
  13. Now way it's under 6, I'm thinking 6.75 for 8 Worth every penny JUST PAY THE MAN
  14. No, BPA is BPA as ranked by scouting services These players give you the best chance of success, check the history books, it's quite simple actually unless you decide to over-complicate things.
  15. You know how "Off the board" JB rolls, probably would have been some US college guy you've never heard of. But seriously people, think about it, the guy who brought you Virtanen and Joelevi will leaving NHL stars on the board WOULD NOT HAVE PICKED EITHER This team goes nowhere till JB is gone, I hate that it will probably mean Trev goes with him, why did Trev hitch his wagon to this incompetent boob? He can't do the simplest job any GM is required to execute: Take the BPA Seriously, think about it, that guy is running the team, this is as bad as the Keenan era