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  1. they actually already have a air base in Syria. But at least if they lose that base (which I really don't think that will happen) at least they have another base near by. Speznaz are probably secretly deployed to Syria anyways. If they are not happy about it, when they didn't they react to the ISIS situation? Isn't nato a milatery alliance of the 40 modernized milateries in the world including Britain France, Germany, USA, Turkey? including smaller armies but beyond capable, like Canada, Denmark Norway, etc etc? nothing to complain about.
  2. well for sure its no secret. vice news actually filmed the air crafts... that said, as far as we know the the planes are meant to do bombing raids in Syria to take out Syria??? Meanwhile USA's bases are just in position to attack any body at anytime? no? double standard is hilarious. I'm not a fan of Russia with the crap they did to Ukrane, but cmon..... thread shouldn't even exist.
  3. Doesn't USA have bases in... Japan... Korea... Phillipines... Great Britain... Poland... Saudi Arabia... Afganistan... Iraq... countless European countries.... But its a problem if Russia has a base in Iran...?? seriously??? cmon guys...... Russia doesn't really have the economic power to do much. Sure milatery wise is dandy. China does not get involved in anything milatery.
  4. fyi richmond is already below sea level that said, its rising 2 centimeters per year, unless were a 3rd world country which we are not, this might not be a problem for at least maybe another century and even then, we just have to build the seawall maybe 1 meter higher. no comment about the middle east.
  5. You are more then good enough for division 2. If i'm not mistaken division 2 meaning the 2nd highest division and 1 is the highest then yes....
  6. in VIHL, one of the teams in my div had an ex BCHLer. In their line up. like wtf. also we once had Brad Hunt suit up for us. My god was it hilarious. we were facing the number 1 seeded team in our div, and gave em a run, it was hilarious.
  7. the Canucks could have made this offer 5 months ago and it will be turned down. Dale Tallon had no business in trading him away. Mike Gilis attempted to trade for him 3 years ago. Jim Benning attempted to trade for him again. Talon said no but but but we lose, because we also forked up a 2nd rounder. 2nd rounders are the savior of franchises.
  8. ... hmmm sounds like bandwagon content, as in, (everyone else seems to have Vancouver near the bottom, we better stay safe and go with the flow" garbage. We have a strong team next year, no doubt. Sure there are fans out there who don't agree with a retool and rather a rebuild, but lets not be stupid here like the clowns out East, we have a pretty strong team.
  9. ??? seriously? Pysyk was a 5th defender on Buffalo, McCann had the worst anaylytics if we look at that since he had more turn overs then Virtanen much more while averaging the same amount of ice time, not to mention of turn overs of handing puck over to defenders and or, being stripped off the puck. Keith Yandle Rangers fans couldn't wait to get rid of him. sounds like your someone that came out of and refusing to except the fact Tom Rowe is a moron, or interesting since they had money to blow on Yandle, and Demers but not younger captain material like Gudbranson? head scratching moves. Sure maybe he didn't want Gudbranson, t he price we payed for him just wow.
  10. 2 thumbs up. He's actually not a bad player, and can hold his own. can be a weapon on our second line, and a mentor. Has a Stanley cup ring, and plays a game similar to the Twins, so I think it's all good. He can get it done.
  11. he's going to have lots of ice time, now, being one of the best players on the team. NO Dvorak and Marner, interesting to see what his stats will look like.
  12. the problem right now is because Chinese buyers are just throwing money at any property with the hopes of laundering their cash and hiding it away from their governent. Back in the day, yes, people will buy a property before completion , then sell it out when its complete for a profit, most likely sold to someone locally. We all completed a census recently, no? 10 000 empty homes!
  13. might be pissed that, Canada beat USA in the gold medal game.
  14. apparently Navy Seals and British S.A.S units are already fighting an active war, against ISIS, with behind the scene attacks, picking them off either by day or by night, through secret missions and slowly wearing them out, either by nightly raids on targets, assassinations of targets, kill and run tactics, and so for, using all means of intelligence, and secret mission style to take out, ISIS. A land invasion will give ISIS an opportunity for more recruits by the excuse of their land being invaded. Stealth war against these guys and slowly wearing them out is the best option right now. I do not know if the JTF2 is actively fighting, but I belive ISIS needs to be eradicated for good. Countries like Iraq, really need to have an army ready for this type of threat, (as this was started in Iraq, their useless army to scared to right)
  15. I didn't know vice got into the sporting business. wow... just wow... its like a bunch of kids, that went to, lets see what the trend is, and unfortantley the trend is "The Canucks are shooting themselves in the foot for not trying to tank" so they are literally repeating what those idiots are saying.