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  1. apparently 6 survivors, which is beyond my expectations of zero. but very sad news... this team made it to the "finals" or something like that, in their league. very sad news, a lot of sad news in the past 3 weeks. very tough time.
  2. still polling for this kid. NOt sure why everyone around the hockey world is talking about him. If he was drafted by the Islanders he wouldn't be making such negative news. Ironically is that they avoid talking about Boeser or Juolevi, but are stickly laser beemed focus on one of our struggling prospects.
  3. I feel bad for you.. they hire all aspects..... they will hire you for something suited for your role... their are mall security's that are girls that are 5'4 maybe 26 years old and skinny..... if your into lost prevention were you are the guys that are undercover working at malls, that are scouting guys that might be potential thiefs.... of course they won't be hiring a 5'4 Skinny girl for that typel.. maybe someone who is 6'0 and stronger..... sometimes if your 5'5 and a girl you might be stationed at at the control centre just watching security footage all day.... sometimes, one of the supervisors, is a 60 year old, who is maybe 5'11, he won't be the ones confronting trouble makers, as that will be handled by a 6'1 younger person... it all depends.... it really depends... you will also see one gaurd, that is just standing looking out at a construction site the entire time, this guy probably doesn't even speak any english... I will advise staying away from Banks.... if you don't like anything boring I recommend maybe getting into a "mobile" were you are driving from one site to another. it's a pretty easy industry to get into, lots of positions, wouldn't consider it a career for me, its just something I can always go back too, if one day my life doesn't turn out as a last ditch effort. Of course the last time I ever did security was back in 2006.
  4. Pavel Bure truly one of a kind, and his "first step" was by far the deadliest in NHL history. Pavel Bure never won any speed skating competitions. At the time Tony Amonte and Petr Bondra were the fastest, but Pavel Bure like Connor Mcdavid had the "talent" to time it perfectly to destroy anyone he has a 1st step on. now this Hicher guy is something special, after seeing guys like Ehlers doing well, he will be on the Radar, he's not small, at 6'1 and 175 lbs, he does have some room to grow and its not like he is "short"
  5. Ive done security as one of my 1st jobs. It's totally fine if you have no experience. I was able to obtain my bst 1 and 2 for like 75 dollars. Stable hours, but your looking at crappy hours such as evenings or grave yards if your starting out. but I warn ya... its a broad industry from, stationary security work, to bike patrol, mobile patrol, it gets lonely if your working grave yards by yourself. Quite an adventure.
  6. Jakob Markstrom for Duclare?
  7. so who the hell is part of our new core? Bo Horvat a future 2nd line player, Boeser maybe a 1st line winger, Virtanen hopefully a 2nd line winger?? shoot were are our 1st line players???~!!!
  8. its willies Fault for giving him soo much ice time in the 1st place. Should have made the call and put him back in Junior last year, and start this year off in the AHL. Make him take the route of a goalie you know what I mean?
  9. their 3rd rink since the relocation.
  10. As far as I know linden is no quitter, and the same here. He will not step down or quit not a bloody chance, Elliot Friedman should be sued by the aqulinis for such accusation.
  11. It was actually Peca along with Mike Wilson who was our 1st rounder in 93 and a 1st rounder in 95. MIke Peca the following years turned out to be a more effective player, with exception of the 96 season, after that, he just became a regular goal scoring guy who didn't score goals, Meanwhile Peca turned out to be one of the best 2 way players in the game for the next 11 years, making his way onto team Canada in 2002, and almost winning the cup in 2006.
  12. no one is calling about Jake??
  13. I want him to flatten Nylander ,Mathews or Marner, just so the the Toronto Media and bitch and cry about it.
  14. ohhh boy, you will need everything, for facial protection is up to you if you want to go with visor, or cage, or none at all, but its required for ice hockey to be fully geared up. Hockey is an expensive sport buddy, decent pair of skates is 200 bucks, a decent stick is 150, if your strong enough, you might be able to pull up a 90 dollar stick. if your in Vancouver, theres a place called cheapskates or something like that, where its used equipment.... but if your not interested in used gear, sportchek is your best bet for deals on equipment. Do you know ANYONE at work, a friend that plays hockey? I originally started because I knew someone that ran drop ins on friday, and I too started in my early 20's. feel free to join those trainning programs, I never actually joinnned any trainning program, kinda learned on my way. Not a great player, but I am for some reason a talented skater, which really helped .