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  1. [Report] Luca Sbisa to test free agency

    Sbisa was making 3.6 million the past 3 seasons, he's 28, and in his world hasn't declined. It will be hard for him to swallow a pay cut let a lone teams are probably offering him contract level of a bottom paring dman which he is. so the reason why he's probably not signed is because he doesn't want such a huge pay cut. I understand it will be hard for him to stomach such a huge cut, he was probably offered something around 1 million, which is exactly he should be getting, 1.5 is generous. so no, he needs to except reality and accept whatever the best was offered to him.
  2. Romantic Love - fate or choice?

    It can be choice, it in the end it's fate. the person you are destined to be with. It can be good and it can be a bad. It's also karmic I have friends that... one... marry guys because of status. two... are in arranged marriages, (a lot of East Indian do this style and they are ok with it) 3 (some of my muslim friends are ok with arranged marrages too) 4 marry because of love. 5, some marry only because they have no choice, and don't want to bother looking. example 1. My good friends, close friend, Let's call him john, 6'0 tall Chinese guy athletic, plays hockey, very good player. but suffered a injury which prevented him from playing and working out do this day, he still looks good, tall and handsome, but is dating a bitch, that treats him like sh!t. why is he staying with her? who knows. we've told him to move on, but he uses the excuse no one else wants to date him, because of his back problem. b.s. its his choice but he's not in love. shes a true bitch. 2. more of a friend use to be, was in the reserves dated this girl who controlled him to a point were he can't see his friends unfriended his friends, guy friends even. tried to break up with her but the girl will threaten suicide. she will get jealous if he was hanging out with his guy friends bitch is messed up. 3. my close friend, met a guy online, dated he is a good decent guy, she has no attraction for him. has his own business, very stable guy, agreed to marry him in the end. 4 I have a guy friend and a female friend, in my circle of friends, those 2 married each other not for love but for the sake of it. Pretty sad actually.
  3. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    that wrister my gawd.......
  4. Ed Willes: Canucks' Linden revamp left in the dust by Leafs' Shana-plan

    2018 playoffs. everyone knows that including their own fans. like cmon man.
  5. Ed Willes: Canucks' Linden revamp left in the dust by Leafs' Shana-plan

    some people here just don't get it. Toronto had a 7 year head start, of course they are ahead of us in a rebuild, wtf, Shanahan took over the leafs is equal the stage of the CAnucks after the 2016 draft. and there is nothing to be proud about to say they are ahead, we might as well stick a fork to them and say Winnipeg is beating them to a rebuild, they sucked even longer (including their Atlanta days) and now the Jets have won more rounds then the laffs did in the past 18 years.
  6. Artyom Manukyan | RW

    didn't know he was already playing pro, dude is on the right track.
  7. Quinn Hughes | D

    they lost 3 core players apparently this off season, this was their best chance.
  8. Ed Willes: Canucks' Linden revamp left in the dust by Leafs' Shana-plan

    gonna chime in on this epic b.s. at the times when Linden and Shanny took over both franchices were at a different point. When Linden took over, a little over a year ago, the team just won a division title, 2 seasons ago Presidents trophy winners, and of course 3 years earlier we were stanley cup finalists. If you want to look even further, Linden inhereted a team that had the core players that helped this team win 5 division titles 2 President trophies and a Western conference title. Although at the end of 2014 the Canucks missed the playoffs, I thought it was a one off, and I think the team can still make noise a year later for 2015, Benning and Linden saw this, and they were not wrong, the Canucks had 102 points the following year. Meanwhile when Shanny took over the laffs, with exception of making a fluke playoff run in 2013, their franchise have been utter garbage for the past 8 seasons. Not only that, they stalled their very own rebuild by trading 2011 and their 2010 1st rounders in exchange for Phil Kessel. even then, Shanny still had a top 23 year old Nazm Kadri who was a top 9 pick just 5 seasons ago, and 2 seasons ago they have a top 2 pick, not to mention, they have a up and coming top 10 pick (7th overall) no division titles in who knows how long, no series wins, no team accomplishment but utter failure for at least 8 seasons. So when Shanny took over the team, they already have to vital pieces in place, in Kadri and Morgan Reiley a top 5 pick. When Linden took over not the same. We didn't have any of that, sure we had Horvat. so no, it is very normal for the Canucks to be behind the Laffs in terms of their rebuild, since technically speaking, the Leafs have a 8 years head start, if we want to start counting the years they officially miss the playoffs which was 2007. the Canucks offically sucked in 2016. but since stupid Toronto and Vancouver Media wants to do when both guys took office, ok, they had a 7 year head start, and now bragging about how the Canucks are lagging behind, give me a break.
  9. 2019 NHL Entry Draft in Vancouver, BC

    I will love to go. it was fun in 2006 and it's a rare opportunity since Vancouver doesn't get to host all the time. you guys should go if you can.
  10. Quinn Hughes | D

    because he's too small and can get derailed. Just more people talking out of their asses. ignore em
  11. We have a stronger group then Philly and Arizona bar none. even their own fan base (Philly and Arizona) doesn't think their prospects pool are that strong. Calgary and Toronto have no business being in the top 10, and yes even Leafs fans admit this. none the less a decent write up on the Canucks. With have 3 MVP's in our pool, Dhalen and Pettersson got MVP honours for their leauges, the same with Gaudette in college, not to mention a goalie that was voted best goalie in his league,
  12. [Signing] Oilers re-sign Ryan Strome

    Without him means they still have hall and probably be a playoff team.
  13. [Signing] Oilers re-sign Ryan Strome

    Sven baertchi out performed him the past 3 seasons.
  14. Quinn Hughes | D

    nothing to lose if he goes back to college for one year, he can focus on strength and conditioning, he will play one last time with his brother, and we can tank for his bro.
  15. Skytrain Manners - What bugs You?

    Just came back from Taiwan and recently went to Singapore, let me tell you, I cringe when people say Vancouver people are so friendly. In those regions, the courtesy seats are literally meant for them. In crowded Taiwan and Sinagpore people literally give up their seats for a person in need unlike the jackasses in Vancouver. In Taiwan some people don't even bother sitting because they know they will enter another station where people will need the seat. entering in and out, in Taiwan and Singapore they have a area for people to exit, but nope, Vancouver assholes just charge right in. out right disgusting.