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  1. I know it's not a huge difference but Edler made his NHL debut as a 20, Oli Juolevi literally just turned 22 couple months and maybe would have made his NHL debut as a 21 year old? who knows, i'm glad the coach is confident in him. HIs 18 games all of last year in the AHL was a huge development slow down and it was all played in 2018.
  2. so Juolevi gets drawn in, in one of the biggest games of the season as his first game in the NHL? huge confidence booster for him glad he did ok with the 6 tiny minutes.
  3. fyi guys unless we make it to the 3rd round or higher we will be giving the Devils the 19th pick as of today. With the Rangers winning the lottery today, have we not made it past the Qualifier the Canucks would have been picking 11th.
  4. I hope Joulevi plays. He has a history of playing well in big games, 2016 gold medal game 2016 Memorial cup game. 2017 playoffs, was his team best skater, he was better then Mete and out played Sergechev in their first round. Top 3 scorer in the playoffs for his team in the playoffs Finnish league.
  5. we will put Ferland on LTIR next season to free up the 3.5 million cap room.
  6. If your business is on Main and Hastings i'm not interested.
  7. Jake is going to his worth. This is the type of game he is built for and why was a higher pick then Nylander and Ehlers. He's really going to lay the body on their dmans. I know it. He's born for that.
  8. they could have easily lost game 4 too when they where down 3-0. Luckily for them Werenski was out for the game, and Columbus had to play one dman down and they still the Jackets nearly won the game in regulation. Joke of a team has no business being in the playoffs. Hope they don't win the 1st pick though.
  9. $&!#ty leafs team have too many individuals who don't play with heart, Nylander, Matthews is gonna jet to Arizona the first chance he gets in UFA, Marner is just a weakling, no heart, gg Columbus.
  10. gonna puke in my mouth 1 in 4 chance Laf ends up with Edmonton or Toronto. WTF screw you Bettman. LOL also Pittsburgh who was a top 7 team might get him too, you're such a joke Bettman.
  11. there was no going back when we beat the wild. I was team tank, and making the playoffs was the outcome we all wanted because of the Miller trade. Regardless the team is at war now. Lets see how this groom our young guys into heroes.