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  1. no, he's not NHL material, at the very best he might be a 2nd pairing dman in the AHL. We tried that, he will get ragged dolled in the NHL
  2. Unfair how he is treated just because of the team he drafted by. A lot of other high picks didn't work either, but their not taking as much heat. Haydn Fleury and Michael Dal Cole are not exactly turning heads either in fact, direct comments from Islander and Hurricanes fans they think those players will bust, when asked who they think will bust in their own organization. The very worst I think Virtanan can still be a 4th line player who skates and hits (Kinda like a Kassian) Plenty of top picks that don't work out.
  3. Did stetcher get hurt ?
  4. I take many good playoff and meaningful playoff runs over one short playoff run resulting in a middle of the pack pick. to make the playoffs in 2015 I personally think it was kinda of a waste. No doubt, I rather have a shot at Connor McDavid over a 6 game playoff run. At some point a tank here or 2 is ok. But really, we really need to stock pile, now I'm not suggesting go through 5 years of tanking. Benning does have some solid pieces, Tryamkin, Stecher, looking good, Baertchi is looking like a legit NHL top 6 foward, not to mention Horvat might be our leading scorer this year, sprinkle in, Demko hopefully a future starter, and Juolevi as our top 2 dman for years to come, and our sniper in Boeser. Hoping Jake Virtanen can turn his skills into at least a player that can help us someway, weither its his physical presence or whatever it is. Icing on the cake might be another top 5 player to hopefully reinforce our decent young core. Lets not forget, our best players players right now... are 2nd and 3rd overall picks.
  5. we can offer up Sven Baertchi who seems to be a superior offensive player to both, at this point. Sven Baertchi for either Duchene or Landeskdog
  6. clean hit also a suicidal pass by his teammate.
  7. did we survive a game reffed by Kelly Sutherland? Well done Vancouver!!!
  8. Dahlin and Juolevi should split. that way, we always have a star dman on the ice.
  9. yea but your a nobody with no scouting background, your not a scout, or have worked in the industry. You also do not have the backing and professional oppinon's of others. Jim Benning was equipped with that, he's seen both players live, and he feels Juolevi is the better pick, so there's that. Your just going by bloody hindsight.
  10. been waiting for 17 years. 18 years to aquire another Pavel Bure like player. Heicher is on top of my list.
  11. it happened to me twice, if he rear ends you he is 100% at fault no matter what you are doing. invest in a dash cam. I assume you live in the lower main land? Its a must. got hit twice, second time, the damage was too much and my beautiful car was a write off that said you have to keep in mind, if you rear end someone, it is 100% your fault. that said have a dash cam.
  12. found some epic videos about how Hischier's game is so similar to Pavel Bure and Patrick Kane, the way he moves his speed, the deadly shooting abilities, of course i am not saying he will be at the level of Patrick Kane or Pavel Bure, but the comparison is amazing. Closes thing to a Pavel Bure might actually be Hischier. I hope we draft this kid.
  13. Baertchi for Landeskog hey... Baertchi has more points and from the same draft year. Tanev and Baertchi for Landeskog and Duchene.
  14. theirs also Jake Wise, who I think a scout thinks he will be the number 1 pick. listed as 5'10, but compared to jack Eichel
  15. 1st 3 players are gauranteed 1st line players. Its not 2015 deep but a good deep.