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  1. He has a point. He's sticking with the big time, but he's barely playing. If he's not ready they might as well put him in Utica were he will get huge ice time. I'm sure they can use a guy like him right about now.
  2. 100% agreed. Even the Kings were not dicking around as much when Gudbranson was out there. Its when the Sbisa and Larsen line is out there, and to some extent the Sedins, with Baertchi, (guys that will absolutley not fight back) they try to take liberties at them). Jake Virtanen will fight back too, but of course he was more often on the bench. Didn't Tryamkin take on 2 Ducks last year? Yes, we should definelty have Tryamkin in place of Sbisa on the Larsen line.
  3. Team agreed to the terms of a one way contract. If Jb had a issue with this don't sign him to a one way deal.
  4. . It's a slap to The face to the sedin twins to work so hard their entire lives only only tank so quickly. I was team tank by mid December. This is also not the best year to tank. Top pick will be an impact player, but still not as good as laine or Mathews. last year was top 6 pick guaranteed you a very good player, this the odds are limited to the 1st 2 picks. No to tank. Ask 50 games in, Amd if we are not hammered with injuries.
  5. Bo is probably a future C, Brock is a A, I hope one day Jake plays his way onto an A role too.
  6. after he call Obama, (son of a whore) yea... you bet..... what a guy..... allying with China, its not like Russia and China have an alliance But not a bad choice, since the future is "China"
  7. I personally thought he is losing out his job to Lucas Sbisa. Larsen is needed for his offence, so it would make sense to have 6'8 Trymamkin stay at home dman play with Larsen as he will be that lines offensive driver. Its just that Lucas Sbisa has been pretty much spot on the last 2 games, (very good).
  8. seems like a theme for a dental or medical office. what a joke. I thought it was a joke, it's actually not a joke. that said, it's ok, they won't be there for long, (someone on posted a long list of failed sports team that went throught Vegas)
  9. Chris Levesque got paid. So will he.
  10. yeeeeeup. Seems like one of those (all over the place) draft. Which means it not a very strong draft. bad year to tank. its top 2 or pretty or bust. 2-12 is like the next tier. We might as well just try to make the playoffs, since the 16th pick is possibility as good as the 3rd pick.
  11. I loved how that clown Michael Ferland decided to try to pick fights with the Sbisa, Larsen pairing (obvious players that are not fighters) but did not dare to do jack when the Gudbranson pairing is out. Props for Sbisa for stepping up for himself. What a bunch of goons. (Flames)
  12. according to some jackets at he wasn't very good, tried to do the "right" thing one too many times, very tentative in the way he plays and was driving the play, they went on to even say, "maybe its best he plays left wing" type of comments.
  13. sounds like this years logan brown. I am looking at 7 different mocks, the highest hes ranked is 9 to as low as 28, 25th (hockey prospect) 27 (Craig Button) future 28 (future considerations) 9th (ISS) rankings will narrow down as the season goes down, but wouldn't mind adding another BC boy to go to war for Vancouver.
  14. I can understand both of the arguement. Tank crowd believes the higher the pick, the (better) the player can be, the higher chance they will become a franchise player or a "pillar" of any team. Of course one can also argue that top 5 picks can bust, we can go about this forever in any argument, but the fact is, the highest percentage of franchise players are among the top 5, so I understand the tank crowd in regards to a pro tank stradegy moving foward. Now if you look at the last 5 stanely cup winners, all of them have a top 5 player in their line up, starting from Chicago who had Toews and Kane. To Boston who had Nathan Horton and Seguin, L.A Kings with Drew Doughty and Marion Gaborik. Heck the even the Vancouver Canucks had the Sedins ,Luongo, Torres (although he doesn't really count as a top 5 he is a top 5 pick) Pittsburgh Penguins With Sidney, and Malkin, so really..... to this part of the argument.... yes.... lol every team that has won the cup the past 7 years has a top 5 pick in their line up. Stanley cup finalists San Jose, has Marleau and Thorton in the line up Pro tank crowd believes the very least we can hopefully pick up a top 5 pick, in hopes of course landing the very least a top line player, or a franchice player, this year happens to be more of a questionable draft with Patrick who might have been a top 5 last year. So in that manner there is that benifit of finishing last, although not exactly the an honorable thing to do to "lose on purpose" now are they going to do it? probably not, seeing them deploy Chris Tanev out there in our last 4 games of the season when we are well out of the playoffs, one can argue look at how the tank worked out for Edmonton, you sure as hell can say that. personally I think that is a rare case but really, in the end I think we all want one thing in common, is to see the Vancouver Canucks win the Stanley cup. Down the road, in 5 years from now, we would have been better off losing it all the way with hopes of a top 4 pick, rather then barely missing the playoffs with a 13th or 14 pick. I do believe Nolan Patrick can be a future 1st line player, but that's just my rant. seems a guy that's been constantly ranked anywhere from 5-10. I know snyper made a post of him.
  15. Harsh words when he said "it's not like he's not a top 5 pick in other drafts" when referring to Nolan Patrick. Kinda speaks for what's available in this draft.